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Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai – 7: DERP Telecommunications

D-don’t get me w-wrong okay?!

I-i-it’s not as if I like doing stitched pictures of Sena okay?!

When there’s nothing interesting about this character as of yet, you tend to look at the fap-ability of it.

I need to ascertain this androgynous character’s ambiguous gender first before telling myself, I can fap to this.

Cos this is looking a bit too delicious. I like how AIC compensates for a rather languid episode by pouring in time and dedication to animation and illustration. Lots of razor-sharp illustrations this time, reminiscent of the first episode.

Without going into too much detail over what actually happened, it’s more fun to deduce what transpired in this scenario.

We are treated to sexually suggestive images of poor Maria being force-fed with protein in order to grow up big and strong.

Close-ups of Sena’s bosom appeared in an unusual number of instances.

Well, as they say, too much of a good thing is a GOOD thing.

Or as Chris Rock put it, “40-year old titties? Your man’s titties! 20-year old titties? Community titties!”

Short and succinct. More Sena for everybody to love.

Everybody starts whipping out their phones as they needed an effective way to communicate between club members.

But look at Sena in the background…

…she’s doing the same thing that Kodaka did way back in Episode 3!

Which is the ‘Cum on my hand’ routine as developed by Shinji Ikari of Neon Genesis Evangelion fame!

I have full faith that Kobato will grow up to become just like Sena. Physically.

That’s because the difference lies in Kobato’s unwavering adoration of her brother, lowering the possibility of growing up to become a tsundere.

Minor distraction aside, it seems that I have finally diagnosed the conditions of these two mental patients here, Herp and Derp.

Apparently, they have been cut off from the social world for a couple of years, deprived of knowing about technological advancements and social networking that extends beyond the immediate family.

Not knowing that the handphone could be used as a handphone might have been a major determinant in deducing the capabilities of these two individuals to foster friendships.

This was hilarious. As Kodaka rightly put, Yozora knows exactly what buttons to push to piss Sena off. Mocking her sorry state of not having a handphone by inserting the word MEAT into her sentences while talking to Kodaka through the phone when within touching distance, really triggers Sena’s latent masochistic tendencies of taking pleasure from punishment. Just look at her gununu~ face. She’s enjoying it.

Not a misspelling when put into the context of the sentence uttered by Yozora.

Though the homonym of that word is more likely to be employed by a guy when face to face with these plentiful assets of Sena.

Rika that damn tease, assaulting Kodaka with mentally stimulating images via phone messages.

Vote Rika as “The person most likely to Rule 34 everything and find it fappable”.

The relationship dynamics are finally becoming a bit more clear-cut.

It’s quite obvious that she is inexorably and unknowingly attracted to Kodaka, which could’ve been sparked off by the pool incident.

It’s also quite obvious that Sena looks fabulous in anything she wears. Especially when her dress code at home is more glamourous than her outside wear.

She’s not as simple as she appears to be, that Rika.

To make Yozora go blue with fear is arguably quite a feat, considering that she’s unfazed by most things, including exploding molten thermite and rubber duckies. And cake.

So Sena got the exact handphone of the same colour and make as Kodaka. Kodaka, this is, while not universal, a sign that Sena is ready for some SEXYTIME with you.

Yozora, out of jealousy perhaps, spammed Sena with…spam, but it ultimately backfired on her.


This episode has reinforced my determination to scour the internet for Yozora x Sena doujin, cos their relationship is so…STIMULATING. ME GUSTA.

Anybody with good recommendations should relay them to me, and I shall bestow anybody who brings forth a Yozora x Sena doujin with a cubic metre of fresh air. From my closet, which is totally not musty.

  1. Tyler Junky
    November 25, 2011 at 9:47 am

    I honestly laughed at Yozora and Kodaka on this one. I knew the two were a bit odd. But being technology retarded totally takes it to a new level of hilarity with me. The two remind me of my grand parents. XD By the way my Usagi Drop review is posted: http://tylerjunkyanime.wordpress.com/2011/11/16/review-of-usagi-drop-anime/

    • November 25, 2011 at 10:24 pm

      How these two can live without technology is beyond me. If I’m deprived of access to the internet for just one day, I’m not sure how I’ll turn out.

  2. VinniV
    January 8, 2014 at 1:41 am

    Um. I’m new here, so I am not sure if I doing something wrongly. Is this the last episode you reviewed for this??

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