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Fate/Zero 08: Woot! I did not expect her to appear so early o.O

By far the most action packed episode of the series yet, Fate/Zero did not disappoint with its superb animation sequences and the music proved to be the best yet with some tunes being played for the first time. BUT for me the best part of this episode was that of a cameo of a certain character which I really did not expect to have such an early debut and that really made my day…^^

キャアアアア!OMG ^^

The episode starts of continuing immediately from the previous one with Irisviel and Maiya making their escape from the Einzbern Castle.

As they are escaping, Irisviel detects another intruder, who is roughly on an intercept course. Maiya advises another route to dodge that intruder but with Irisviel revealing the intruder’s identity to be that of Kotomine Kirei, it causes her to hesitate.

Instead, Irisviel convinces Maiya that their best cause of action is to fight him head on in order to prevent him from getting to Kiritsugu, going so far as that to protect the man they both love.

Jumping back to the next scene, Kiritsugu demonstrates his cunning by outwitting Kayneth in their little skirmish, injuring him with a shot from his Contender. As Kiritsugu was mainly using the Calico to attack Kayneth, the 9mm bullets being shot at him were easily stopped by Volumen Hydragyrum’s barrier. But as Kayneth’s Mystic Code adapts to whichever threat it receives, at that moment in time it was spread quite thin to cover him but just thick enough to deflect the Calico’s attack. This was where Kiritsugu’s switch to the Contender proves to be Kayneth’s folly as at that moment, Volumen Hydragyrum was configured to deflect 9mm bullets not the .30-06 Springfield of the Contender. That reason coupled with the short amount of time and distance between them, led to Kayneth getting shot as his Mystic Code could not adapt as fast enough.

Ouch! > <

Kayneth flies into a rage, intent on getting his revenge and chasing after Kiritsugu who coolly reloads his Contender with his true Mystic Code, with everything going according to his plan.

It then jumps to Kotomine Kirei who, on his way to the castle, gets ambushed by Maiya and is seemingly incapacitated.

As Maiya goes in to finish him off, Kirei gets up unscathed and proceeds to attack Maiya. Little did they know that all garments of the Executors from the Church were actually made from Kevlar so he was technically bulletproof. After closing the distance between them, he engages in close combat with Maiya and proceeds to overpower her.


Irisviel then jumps in to Maiya’s aid, ignoring Maiya’s protests, and using her Einzbern magic and what Kiritsugu taught her to attack Kirei.

Go Pigeot!

As the battle goes on, Irisviel seems to get the upper hand, binding Kirei to a tree using the mage treads.

But this victory is short lived as Kirei uses his superior martial skills to make use of his internal body strength to break the tree in half.

The 1cm punch...

Now free from his bondage, Kirei proceeds to continue his dominance over the two women.

Jumping to the Servant Battle, Lancer and Saber are still surrounded by Casters unending swarm.

In the midst of the battle, Saber devises a one-shot plan in which she require’s Lancer to “run with the wind” . Lancer accepts that plan, showing a clear understanding of Saber’s abilities even though they had only one skirmish to date, each having the other’s skill etched in their respective memories.

After allowing Caster to have his monologue moment, Saber initiates the plan, pointing her sword at Caster and releasing her Invisible Air around her sword in the modified attack called Strike Air.

Strike Air!!!

At that point, the super compressed air is released in a line directly toward Caster, obliterating all the creatures in that path. Also as object move quickly in atmosphere, they tear open the air in their path, creating a slight vacuum  in that area that would draw in the surrounding air. Lancer made use of this and rode the gale of air rushing in the close the distance between him and Caster quickly, managing to damage Caster’s spellbook with his Gae Dearg.

With the effects of his Gae Dearg, the prana supply from the spell book is cut off, reducing the creatures summoned by Caster in to pools of blood and also enraging Caster.


Jumping back to the Einzbern Castle, Kayneth is still trying to hunt down Kiritsugu and is getting fatigued from his blood loss. In his rage he destroys everything in his path.

He then chances upon Kiritsugu, thinking that he had cornered him with his hunting but little did he know that is was all part of Kiritsugu’s plan.

Kiritsugu again attacks with his Calico but this time around, Kayneth changed his Volumen Hydragyrum’s response to the attack. Instead of becoming a thin membrane, it became pillars which deflected the bullets. This was also done as he could react faster is Kiritsugu used his Contender again as the many pillars could move and combine together to deflect the higher caliber bullet.

As part of the same sequence, Kiritsugu did fire the Contender and thus Kayneth controlled his Mystic Code to deflect it accordingly, but little did he know the consequences of his actions would lead to his downfall.

Jumping back to the Servants, just at that point where the Contender bullet was in the process of being blocked by Kayneth, Lancer suspects something was amiss. Before Saber could land a blow on Caster, he disappears in a cloud of smoke, leaving Lancer and Saber. 

Saber then queries Lancer regarding his troubled look, in which Lancer responds that he feels his Master is in trouble. In an Act of Chivalry among Knights, Saber allows Lancer to get his Master, promising to finish the fight that they started at another time. As Lancer moves off, Saber is left to herself, silently cursing that all that had happened was according to Kiritsugu’s plan.

Immediately after that there is a short flash back scene in which they explain Kiritsugu’s Mystic Code which is his Contender’s special Origin Bullets. This scene was completely unexpected as they had the appearance of Kiritsugu’s old Master, Natalia Kaminski, who is a major figure in his old life and one who brought him on his current path.

Natalia Kaminski

With the flashback, she explains the specialty of Kiritsugu’s Origin and elements. He posseses the attributes of Fire and Earth or in mage terms Servering and Binding. And he is quite a special case, as these attributes gave him the ability in which simple things where easily fixed by him, but as they got more complicated, however hard he tries to fix it, it would not get fixed and it would become even worse. It is like cutting a string in two and tying a knot at the cut points, the string is technically whole again but is much weaker as a result. By using his special Origin, it seems that Natalia uses it to the fullest extent when creating Kiritsugu’s Mystic Code. By cutting two ribs from his body and grinding them into powder, Natalia created 66 special “Origin Bullets” from the powder made from his bones. These bullets, when fired, would enforce his Origin on the target that they hit. And these bullets are even more effective when used against mages due to their complex magical circuits that are inside their body. Using the Origin bullets would be like dripping water on a thickly-placed electrical circuit.

And thats what was happening to Kayneth after the Bullet contacted his Volumen Hydargyrum. At that point in time, Kayneth’s magical circuits were operating at full capacity to support his Mystic Code, releasing huge amounts of Prana, and that was what Kiritsugu was waiting for. Suddenly at that point of contact, all his magical circuits went berserk, destroying his body from the inside out.As Kayneth lays in a pool of his blood and mercury, Kiritsugu strolls over to deliver the finishing blow.

Finish Him!!

But before he could do it, he is interuppted by the appearance of Lancer who escapes with his Master, but not before warning him that the reason he spared Kiritsugu was due to the nobility of Saber.

Going back to the Kirei fight, he is in the midst of interrogating the two women who he has defeated as he does not understand why would they fight so hard to protect someone and if they were ordered to do it.

But his little interrogation is interrupted by Assassin who reports the departure of Lancer and Caster. Seeing that Saber is now unoccupied, he beats a hasty retreat but not before revealing a short truth regarding Irisviel and mortally wounding her.

FF7 style but from the front...

The episode ends with Saber panicking over Irisviel’s wounds but miraculously they have already healed. It seems that her impressive healing was mainly due to the fact that Avalon was placed inside her and that Saber’s proximity to her triggered its healing effect. This was all part of Kiritsugu’s plan, with Saber following Irisviel instead of him, as this way Saber could protect Irisviel indirectly with just her presence. There is also another reason but it would be explained again later in the series.

It ends with Irisviel promising to succeed in protecting Kiritsugu the next time, before going to heal Maiya.

Overall this was a terrific episode, the fights were superbly animated and were very detailed. Music was Kajiura Yuki at her best with her. Natalia’s appearance was quite a shocker as I really did not expect them to use her to explain Kiritsugu’s Mystic Code and that she had such an early appearance. I was squealing in delight when she was on screen and these casting of Watanabe Akeno as her seiyuu seems quite ok but i would have enjoyed them using Takako Honda( a.k.a Aozaki Touko) as her. But well this season of Fate/Zero is coming to an end sadly and if they are really sticking to the book, the next episode would be Lancer’s history and legend and the start of his sad story in this Grail War. Rider and Waver would also appear a lot next episode but this is all just a lead up to the epic last few episodes which would be a blast to watch……damn can’t wait for it><


  1. January 9, 2012 at 3:42 pm

    Hello there. Sorry It has been VAAAAARY long time since I commented on anything. I had to buy a new computer because my other one went tits up. But I got a new one and it’s BANGIN!!

    I to am enamored by the animation. Animation so extravagant that it puts its Fate/Stay Night predecessor to shame. But saying that makes me weepy. What if by watching this other fans of the Fate franchise loose love for the previous Anime. Such a thought is blasphemous.

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