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Amagami SS Plus – 06 – The Best Christmas Present: Sae’s Meat Buns!

R-R-Raped by Meat Bun Hunter Miya!

Delicious Meat Buns for Christmas!

I know this is Nanasaki Ai’s arc, but seriously, Miya and Sae totally stole the show from her.


Nanasaki’s arc centered around a storyline about her dealing with loneliness from being away from her precious sempai (who was confined in some study camp -.-||). I thought Nanasaki was suppose to be like.. the most independent girl in the series? The producers had nothing better to do but to destroy that respectful image I have of her.

Miya: "NISHISHISHISHISHISHI! All Sae's Meat Buns belongs to me!"

What? Junichi got away so easily? Seriously? So what was the problem in the first place? Why must he wreck her heart last episode?! WTH! I EXPECTED GUNSHOT WOUNDS DUDE!

Welcome to Rock n Roll Night!

Sempai.. I don't mind... Doing it....

This episode would had been MUCH better if they proceeded into the love hotel.


But being a typical romance anime, there’s always a troll cock-blocking our fantasy.

I'm sick of coming up with mushy lines.

Jingle bells~ Jingle bells~ Jingle all the way~

What an uneventful ending.

Junichi:"The sex was great!"

Ai:"Let's do it every minute in our cosy little house!"

It is just me or did Nanasaki grew fatter. Anyway, the ending hinted that they now have an active sex life in their dark cosy apartment. Probably disturbing their neighbors daily thanks to hollow walls and creaky beds. To be honest, I’m quite disappointed with this episode as I felt that it failed to rival season one’s hot spring sex ending. I guess the producers felt it too, that’s why they flashback-ed the legendary scene at the start of the episode.

Who's this?

If I see this anywhere else, I wouldn’t have guess that she is Nanasaki. And I call myself a Nanasaki fan. Guess its time to retire.

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