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Amagami SS Plus – 05 – Taming the monster within.

Junichi you lucky bastard.

Finally, the highly anticipated Nanasaki Ai’s after-story arc descend upon us…

Careful Ai-chan... you don't want to wake up the monster...

Snapped up and Raped.

After the hot spring trip last season, Nanasaki seems to have accepted the sort of monster Junichi is, who acted all sleepy as a trap to lure Nanasaki in for the kill. Nanasaki has found responsibility in monster-taming every morning.

All flustered up after the morning "exercise".

As they walk to school, they discussed their plan to tame the monster within Junichi during Christmas Eve.

Junichi attempting to make a harem out of the swim team.

Unable to kill the peeking habit of his, Junichi gets caught on purpose to have a front stage VIP view of potential preys.

"If you insist on me wearing a swimsuit while doing it... I'll do it you know..."

Nanasaki is willing to sacrifice more behind the scenes if it means curing that peeking habit of her sempai.

"Ai-chan you look-alike imposter!"

Miya wants to join in the fun but is bounded by the rationality of Amagami’s producers, to not let this end up like a Yosuga no Sora.

"My ears are cold... warm them up with you thighs!"

Junichi makes yet another out of this world request. Nanasaki tried to reject it, but could not resist the temptation of a big ass vibrator.

"I think the skirt is in the way!"

Junichi the legendary playboy no longer blushes at this kind of low level foreplay.

"Can I rotate my head?"

Nanasaki covered his eyes in an attempt to increase the level of excitement.

The head will be rotated behind the scenes.

Sheldon Cooper’s soft kitty lullaby owned Nanasaki hands down. Yukana fails at singly softly.

Washing up after TWO intensive "sessions".

Nanasaki definitely has a little-brother-complex.

Mini Junichi at home waiting to be served.

This Junichi look-alike is the reason why Junichi managed to hook Nanasaki.

"Shoganai desu~"

Ready to repeat her lullaby session for her beloved little brother.

HOTD : Hell-school Of The Deadly-Ayatsuji-Tsukasa.

I’ll gladly watch a spin-off adaptation based on this.

Emoing over sexless Christmas eve. 😥

After spending an entire episode studying more than having sex, Junichi actually flunked his prep exams by missing one role of answers. Epic Fail. Then he let himself be captured by his cramp school, missing his Christmas eve shagging rights? Facepalm.jpg. I expected more from Junichi.

How she reacted to Junichi's public beach sex request.

Although the plot is fail, watching Nanasaki’s moe moments still makes this arc relatively interesting.

Emoing over sexless Christmas eve. 😥

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