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Amagami SS Plus – 06 – The Best Christmas Present: Sae’s Meat Buns!

February 23, 2012 Leave a comment

R-R-Raped by Meat Bun Hunter Miya!

Delicious Meat Buns for Christmas!

I know this is Nanasaki Ai’s arc, but seriously, Miya and Sae totally stole the show from her.
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Amagami SS Plus – 05 – Taming the monster within.

February 6, 2012 Leave a comment

Junichi you lucky bastard.

Finally, the highly anticipated Nanasaki Ai’s after-story arc descend upon us…

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Amagami SS Plus – 02 – Where’s my mini Tsukasa-chan?

January 13, 2012 1 comment

Nobody and I mean NOBODY, NTRs Ayatsuji Tsukasa. Watch out Junichi, you are in for a p-u-n-i-s-h-m-e-n-t.

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Baby Princess 3D Paradise Love – OVA : Uncensored Nipples FTW!

July 29, 2011 5 comments


Ahh.. I've come for you..

I got sunburnt badly today...

I want to be through the night with you my prince!

Can you do us both together~ Chuuuu

Woah… This OVA is GODLY. I watched it together with JohnnyYandere and we LOLed so freaking hard. Uncensored nipples right after the jump.

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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu S2 – 01: Cutting straight to the chase

How nice is it to review two beach episodes in a week? Usually it’s placed midway through a series, but BakaTest S2 has chosen to treat us with a beach episode from the get go! It’s an awesome way to get re-acquainted with the colourful cast. It’s not the classroom setting that most of us are used to watching, but there’s no lack of the same kind of humour that made the first season so interesting to watch.

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Quick Hit on Infinite Stratos 09

March 6, 2011 4 comments

With a beach-centric episode, there’s NO WAY that this week’s post will be devoid of pictures.

Which also means I will never be able to finish a full post by this weekend.

Hence I will leave you guys with a couple of images to drool over before diving head first into Chifuyu’s breasts the actual post.


Oniichan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara Ne – 08 : Uncensored Nipples Action~!

February 28, 2011 Leave a comment

No effort required to win over Shuusuke's attention.

Shuusuke failed all his subjects in school (No thanks to MISTER X) and it is time for Kondou Sensei to give him a private lesson in . . .  his . . . Room!

No rival, no competition from Peta-Nao and Peta-Iroha.

Iroha and Nao were no match for this weapon of mass destruction.

Do I see a Tomoki look alike?

Even Ero Grandmaster Shuusuke succumbed to its unrivaled presence.

( ̄ヘ ̄) ヽ(`Д´)ノ

Much to the distaste of the “side characters” this week. I assure you plenty of nipples action after the jump.

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