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Amagami SS Plus – 07 – Cuteness Overload.

Is that really Kaoru?!

Are you sure she's not a FABULOUS NEW CHARACTER?

Who is this?! Take off your mask!! Are you really the boring Kaoru who emo-ed and whined about family affairs in season one?! Why are you so… DAMN…. CUTE!!!

Ladies(If any left) & Gentlemen… I present you, SEX hair MK II.

Let's try all sorts of positions tonight~

This sex goddess is a hybrid between Morishima Haruka’s loveliness combined with your ideal childhood friend.

I need some "washing" down there~

At first glance, I really thought this sex bomb was Morishima with wavy hair, how did she become so irresistibly cute, bubbly and playful?!

Catering to the BDSM fans out there!

Why aren't you wearing WHITE?


Although the starting scenes were kinda lame, with the superheroes play and Junichi’s sudden rebellious stance (Seriously, WHO THE HECK would do that during a job?! How old are you dude?!)…



Doing it in the classroom~

All new level of dry humping.

The episode gradually picked up and we see how close our couple became. Not caring about the world and their classmates around them, Kaoru grind-ed Junichi at his seat in the classroom LIKE A BOSS.

Share this please.

Turns out our lovebirds are planning a holiday trip in their last summer holiday in high school. The action hero skit before was their ministry of finance. Thanks to Junichi screwing around, it was downgraded from a high class hot spring trip to a backpacking bus trip.

Foreplay in public bus.

And in the bus, Junichi just had to accomplish another of his weird fetish. Disguising it as a punishment game for Kaoru for losing the race onto the bus, she was suppose to bite a chocolate treat into two with just her lips off his.

Intensive kissing ensues.

The producers were cunning enough to make this innocent act look like some censored hardcore scene.


I’m so gonna buy this treat and try it with my… nvm, I take that back.


Hilarity ensues when everyone in the bus realised that our lovebirds weren’t doing what they thought and wanted them to do.


As usual, shit tries to happen to implement some sort of “development/climax” before the 2nd part of the arc. For this part of the arc, they missed their bus while overdosing on treats and ramen. Left without the mountains of limited edition treats Kaoru bought (literally mountains) to fend for themselves, Junichi called a sleepy Miya for NO HELP AT ALL (Just look at dat face). So basically, the trip just became alot more, wild & adventurous. The preview look promising.


Kaoru just became my 2nd favorite girl in Amagami.

  1. Jon
    May 8, 2012 at 3:18 pm

    Love the site. Amagami SS Plus is a good anime that’s fairly true to the original. It ended awhile ago, still plan on posting more reviews?

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