How I Met Your Otaku was created in December 2010 by a band of Japanese culture, animation and manga lovers, as an outlet for them to express their opinions and/or fanrage.

The four original founders were archyver, defrayal, doodler and Infinyx. Somehow, they happened to be talking about How I Met Your Mother, and in the course of deciding on a blog title, they decided to replace Mother with Otaku (lolwut).

Since then, there have been multiple casualties to the incessant machinery of life – waning interests, studies, work. But the few who are left continue to plod on, motivated by a tepid mixture of stubbornness, irrationality, and passion for these cultural mediums which are unlike anything else in the world.

Our mascot, as designed by doodler (who is really turning into quite a decent artist, even if he can’t colour yet) and as seen above, is Gokiburi-chan.

She’s a tsundere, a loli goth, wields a hammer constructed of a stick, two toilet paper rolls and two tissue boxes, and apart from telling doodler to draw her on any surface he can find, we don’t really know what to do with her.

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