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Fate/Zero 09 and 10: I am so disappointed…

With such an amazing novel to be based on….Fate/Zero had an excellent start but these two episode really spoilt the whole experience….to the extent that even the awesomeness of Rider in episode 09 could not cover for it….due to the fact that they spent one whole episode, 10, doing a complete and unnecessary partial filler….

Even Rider and Waver's awesomeness cannot sate my disappointment...><

To cut it short, I am quite angry at what has been done….They had the cheek to dilute Lancer’s backstory to a short intro sequence which may leave people confused due to the half-baked story and used the time they had leftover, due to the said summary, and just had to do a whole episode on Tohsaka Rin…

My face when watching Episode 10

Well I cannot argue that there are many Rin fans in the audience, I too am one slightly, but sad to say she only has a small part to play in this Grail War so this episode is quite unnecessary. Of course it gives more impact of the deeds done by Ryuunosuke and gives Rin a bigger role but it was done at the cost of important character development. Only the last 1/3 of the episode is from the novel and I would recommend just watching that as the front is just nonsense…

Even Lancer is emo....

Lancer’s story in this Grail War is supposed to be the most tragic of the lot, and his history is supposed to contribute much more to it if they did not just skim through it. Just go and read up on Diarmuid Ua Duibhne’s legend and you would understand or just read Fate/Zero volume 2. This combined with Sola-Ui’s behavior was supposed to give more impact to us, the audience, when we symphatize with Lancer.

I would have thrown my shoe if not for episode 11....

Putting that aside I would like to do a short explanation on the part where Waver cries and vomits in Caster’s atelier. Due to the censorship, they could only show just the loose shoe and some blood which is acceptable as it would be hard to stomach for the underaged. Caster’s little hideout contained many of his and Ryuunosuke’s creations which were ‘works of art’ created directly from humans, such as furniture and appliances which were made by sewing their bodies together and moulding them using magecraft. Seeing these abominations, Waver is of course unable to keep his bowels and emotions intact when faced with such gore…. want to find our or see more of this… buy the Blue-ray with the uncut scenes or read the novel.

Overall these two episodes are really the low points in this superb series but I would like to think that they had a real good reason in doing it but part of me just cannot…thats why I am doing this short Rage post… I know that Urobuchi Gen would try not and do this to his own series after reading his interviews so the main reasons could be due the Producers, which Fate/Zero has a few of them, contributing to this change… SADLY ONLY EPISODE 11 CAN SAVE FATE/ZERO AND MAKE ME HAPPY TOO…OMG I CAN’T WAIT FOR IT!!!>< RIDER FTW!!!!!


P.S: sorry for not doing a complete post for ep 9 and 10 but i felt it was really not worth it especially episode 10…but i promise you guys that episode 11 would be a full post..DEFINITELY!!!

  1. January 9, 2012 at 5:03 pm

    Hmmm well seeing as how I haven’t read any materiel relating to Fate Zero I don’t quite grasp your rageings. But if I HAD read the novel prior to watching the anime. I would probably feel the same type of rage. I mean anime adaptations like this should stay true to the original content. I felt the same way when they destroyed the Elfen Lied and Gantz anime’s with those peace of shit filler endings.

    (Fuck you ARMS !!! DX)

    But as for the episode with Rin. Seeing as how I’m a lolicon I couldn’t help but find that one awesome. ^_^

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