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Infinite Stratos Episode 1

I LOL’ed

Here we have Orimura Ichika, hero, and supposedly the only man in the world that can pilot an IS.


His sister, Chifuyu, is their homeroom teacher. Ichika is speculated to be able to pilot an IS because he is related to Chifuyu, a pilot of the first generation of IS.


Shinonono Houki. That’s alot of ‘no’s, yes? Anyway, she’s voiced by Hiyocchi aka Hikasa Youko. Yay. She has a sterner face for most of the episode thou (like the first two pictures).


In an international school, there’s always a high-n-mighty English-born noblewoman, is there not? So here’s Cecilia Alcott. And obviously, Ichika has no clue who she is.


Out of the masses of girls, these 3 girls ask to sit beside Ichika. Which may be enough to boost them to actual characters with names. Considering one of them is wearing different clothes too… Also, her voice sounds like Toyosaki Aki’s.


That’s that for this episode’s worth of unique characters. Feast your eyes on the horde of (as of now) generic girls.


Next episode will be about the match which decides whether Cecilia or Ichika becomes the class representative, Ichika being voted by some of the girls in class, and Cecilia being none too happy about a male leading their class.


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