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Anohana 02 -Naruko-Nokemon flag getto..!!-

Hey guys.. I’m back with ep 2 of anohana, where everyone is still sad and hurt over Menma’s death.. And it seems like the only one who is still in a happy-go-lucky mood is.. Poppo..!! Apparently he’s skipped high school and is now traveling around the world with money he’s saved.. and he gives his preference.. ‘Vietnamese chicks are hot..!!’ LOL

Seems like Poppo is the only who believed him so easily when Jintan tells him about his hallucination of Menma and her ‘wish’..

Jinta points out to Poppo on how much he’s changed..

Yep.. he’s changed all right. In places we CAN imagine.. XD

Naruko hanging out with her friends at Wcdonalds had Jinta the ‘hikikomori’ a subject of their conversation.. and ended up with her friends talking bad about him.. and Tsuruko who was sitting right beside them overhears..

And Menma just so happens to run into them as they started to quarrel..

Tsuruko brings up Menma in a passing statement and Naruko flares up at her using a dead person’s name lightly..

Tsuruko: ‘You still get upset when you say her name.. You’re so hopeless.. Just like Yukiatsu.’

Seems that Naruko is shouldering most of the blame of Menma’s death on herself..

Poppo suggested that the wish Menma wanted could have been the rare ‘Nokemon’ that she couldn’t find.. And so Jinta goes to the store Naruko works at to get his ‘Nokemon’ Gold..

Naruko probably wanted to tell Jinta to go to school again.. but couldn’t bring herself to say it in the end..

And Jinta goes home.. hard at ‘work’. Menma makes it back home..!!

The following day..

Poppo meets Yukiatsu..!!

And woah.. Yukiatsu sniffes Menma’s clothes. That’s some crazy fetish there.




 Poppo stops by suggesting that he could get the rare ‘Nokemon’ by trading.. and so they set off to find Naruko..


Makes you wonder why the only things Menma can touch are solid stuff like food and the bath towel, but not liquid like water…

And once again, another scene of Naruko feeling upset..

'she really is..


Naruko's flashback..

Menma sticks this sticker on Naruko’s ‘gamestyle advent’ so that they both share the same sticker..

..back home, she tries to tear off the sticker..

..she really is blaming Menma's death on herself..

Later.. As she does her household chores..



After Poppo brought up Menma’s ‘wish’.. Naruko agrees to play..

Seeing this, Menma realises Naruko hasn’t changed at all.. She’s still kind, and  has lots of video games and manga. She’s the same as she was back then..

After a long period of grinding.. They finally got the rare ‘Nokemon’..!!

Naruko: ‘Do I get something for helping you?’

Jinta: ‘Like, money?’


..Come to school.

And Poppo wakes up from his nap.. Stopping the conversation then.


Good for you, Jintan..!

Menma realises that wasn’t her wish after that.. But at least Jinta was friends with Naruko and Poppo again..

It was the first time he had fun after awhile all day..

As long as there’s a tomorrow.. Jinta feels like he can take his time.. to apologize.

Check back next week for another post of Anohana..!! Bittersweet stories rule..!!

back to doodling..

Tsuruko brings up Menma in a passing statement and Naruko flares up at her using a dead person’s name lightly..

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