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Sekai-Ichi S2 07: Masamune, Shiny Hero Tsundere Bishounen!

"I-Idiot, it's not that I wanted to take my shirt off for you..."

“…It’s part of my transformation sequence! So don’t get the wrong idea, o-okay?!”

(Disclaimer: Gross misinterpretation of this episode’s events to follow. I blame my procrastination, part-time job woes, and the sugar rush from eating Pocky non-stop. ^^;)

What's this? Do mine eyes spy a citizen in need of assistance?

Shiny Hero Tsundere Bishounen! It’s showtime!


Never fear – Shiny Hero Tsundere Bishounen is ready to repulse all evildoers!

Or just to brighten one obasan's day.

Truly, Shiny Hero Tsundere Bishounen extends a helping hand to all. No task is too trivial for our beloved Leading Man!

Dramatic reveal! In the shadows, evil conspires!

But how could we doubt our Hero’s chances of victory?

Especially when he's got his fellow Shiny Heroes backing him up?

Yield, villainesses! For you cannot withstand the combined Shiny Shine of the Shiny Heroes!

"He's too fantabulous! They all are! squeeeEEEEEEE!"

Still, all is not yet well for our Leading Man.

A challenger appears!

At his core, Shiny Hero Tsundere Bishounen is a lover, not a fighter.

So he flees! For he who fights and runs away, lives to love another day~

And soon enough, it's already 'another day'.

The strongest of Shiny Hero Tsundere Bishounen’s techniques: The 5-point Luscious Kiss. So named for the minimum of 5 points that his Shiny Tongue will make contact with (*´Д`)ハァハァ

No man or woman can resist this deadly move.

But it just so happens that Shiny Hero Tsundere Bishounen prefers men.

Do not despair, ladies. Because while his powers are great, the powers of fanfiction are even greater (´ー`)

Zounds! Another obasan emergency!

Truly the work of a Shiny Hero Tsundere Bishounen is never done.

And now we can go back to your regularly scheduled Sekai-Ichi commentary.

I have no idea who these guys are.

Seriously, I don’t know, and I’m not going to bother to find out. I’m guessing they’re just more cameos from Junjou. At this point I’m pretty much convinced that every character in Junjou is worse than Chiaki.

Oh and I deeply enjoyed the fact that the Junjou sparkles weren’t as sparkly as the Marukawa boys’. Heh.

While Masamune and Co get the sweet young things, Ritsu gets the Christmas Cakes.

Not that there’s anything wrong with Christmas Cakes, mind you. I think I actually have a preference for them, judging from the history of my past infatuations.

But really since when are mangaka so hot and stylish? I bet if you Google Image-d “female mangaka” you wouldn’t find any who looked like Sekai-Ichi’s ladies.

Although maybe it’s a well-kept secret. Maybe female mangaka are really all that hot and fashionable and you have to be a member of the publishing inner circle to glimpse their beauty. Tarnation! I knew I picked the wrong choice of studies T__T

Ritsu gets trolled by his mom repeatedly. It'll be funny if it wasn't so easily relatable.

I have endeavoured to ensure that my phone calls to my own mom never last more than 30 seconds. And if I were to reach 25 years of age and my mom was still calling me about marriage prospects, I would have to undertake a serious revaluation of my life.

Man this was totally like a Silent Hill 'in happier times' flashback.

Where did it all go wrong? A childhood friend route! That’s like the Holy Grail of the Japanese male romance fantasy!

Legally and morally speaking, at any rate. I’m pretty sure if it weren’t for societal disapproval, wincest would be the true True Route. Maybe. It’s best not to delve too deep into the psyche of the Japanese Male. Thar be dragons and all manner of strange and hideous tentacled beasts.

My Yandere Sense is tingling.

… it’s a distinct possibility that the majority of the 548 stored messages were sent from An-chan. Remember, there’s probably a reason why Ritsu turned homosexual in the first place~

I usually love Yanderes, by the way. It’s just that in this case, any Yandere behaviour could result in a severe disruption of the Ritsu-Masamune relationship. And I want my Masamune to be happy (:

"Don't worry Ritsu, I'll keep you safe from the big bad Yandere."

Hug or be hugged. The age-old conundrum.

But it looks like Ritsu is finally being honest with himself. That he actually loves Masamune and is going to take the plunge and come out to his family.

… who am I kidding. It’s only episode 07 =___=

Next Episode

"What's that? JohnnyYandere has finally posted episode 07's review?"

“And after all those declarations that he loves my arc the most, he decides to procrastinate as it starts and is now 2 weeks behind?”


Tsk, such a sexist statement ( ̄3 ̄)

  1. Benihime
    December 5, 2011 at 7:22 am

    Yep, finally, I’ve been waiting for it! Sparkling party!

    I have no idea who these guys are.

    Okay, the brunette is Ijuuin sensei, mangaka from Junjou Romantica, but the light-brown haired guy is simply him, the Ultimate Seme that will turn Yokozawa into a purring kitten soon, fabulous Kirishima Zen!

    Our beloved Yukina will show up next two episodes, but so much drama… gimme my pr0n already, stop angsting over relashionships! (but Deen will never give us smut anyway ;_;)

    • JohnnyYandere
      December 5, 2011 at 9:32 pm

      Actually, I think it’s better that the sex is left to our imaginations ;D

  2. gloomybear
    December 5, 2011 at 8:18 am

    Yeah! Sparkly party~!

    Ah, Kirishima Zen! He is only Yokozawa’s future husband! And then Yokozawa unleashes his inner housewife and there is cuteness with Zen’s daughter, and aaaah, that novel was good!

    And Yukina! His manga bonus came out today, and it makes him much more human then what we’ve been seeing! He’s insecure, struggling with his art, and he can get pretty mopey as well! :O Ah, Yukina’s & Shouta’s arc is indeed my favorite~

    • JohnnyYandere
      December 5, 2011 at 9:36 pm

      … I can’t believe Yokozawa’s future husband looks so feminine. Ish.


  3. xexexe
    December 8, 2011 at 9:18 pm

    I feel like…I don’t belong here anymore lol, since it seems like I’m the only one not well-conversed in the world of Sekaiichi/Junjou. I had no idea it was Kirishima Zen until the 2 kind souls above me pointed it out, and then I didn’t remember who he was until they also pointed that out~

    And if I were to reach 25 years of age and my mom was still calling me about marriage prospects, I would have to undertake a serious revaluation of my life.
    Gahhhh, I’m getting dangerously close to 25, and my mom already talks to me about marriage at least once every month or two, (which is part of the reason why I dread going home.) My dad’s even worse though: he wants me married by 26…O.O yea…not gonna happen.

    • gloomybear
      December 9, 2011 at 2:32 pm

      Honestly, the only reason I know it’s Zen is because the translations for the Yokozawa no Baii novel came out & Zen was on the cover. Don’t even remember seeing Zen & that other guy next to him in Junjou…actually, I don’t even remember that much of Junjou b/c I only liked the side pairings…

      And marriage at 25? I dunno, I think marriage would be around late 20’s or early 30’s…my brother is 27 and marriage is not in his plans anytime soon…

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