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Fate/Zero 07: I can see the Ending…

Well sorry for the delay which was due to a large factor of circumstances but here is my next post regarding Fate/Zero and boy did they really follow the book for this episode…sadly censoring is an issue here but a must….><

RIder and Waver are the BEST!!!

It starts off with the aftermath of Kayneth’s Hotel collapse and it seems that he did survive that surprise attack inside a ball of mercury. As a worker comes to investigate, he uses some magecraft to hypnotize him to help with their escape.

Next it jumps to the church where the overseer for the Grail War, Kotomine Risei, is making a statement declaring that the Grail War is on a hiatus and that all Masters were to proceed in the task of the elimination of Caster.

Risei also declares that the Master who successfully eliminates Caster would receive a reward from him, which is an extra Command Seal that Risei has collected from the Grail Wars from the past.

Woah! This old man is Inked!

The reason for him having that many Command Seals is because as these Seals are very powerful tools of Magecraft, their use outside the Grail War is very dangerous. Therefore Mages who retire from participation in the Grail War have to pass their remaining Command Seals to the overseer for safe keeping.

To make matters worse, it seems that all of this was a plan initiated my Tokiomi to benefit himself in the long run.

All according to plan....

Jumping to the next scene, it seems that Rider, now used to modern-day amenities, is up to his mischief again. It seems that he has used Waver’s credit card to buy some stuff off the internet much to Waver’s dismay.

Amazon gave me these muscles^^

When Waver discovers what Rider did, an argument ensues with regards to what Rider is supposed to wear ending with Waver promising Rider to get him some pants if he defeats a Servant. It seems that Rider’s obsession with clothes stems from when he met Saber and saw her wearing modern clothes.

It then jumps to the Einzbern camp where they are in the midst of a discussion regarding the events that have passed. They seems to have realized that Lancer has not been defeated and his Master is still alive as Saber’s wound is not healing. As the discussion continues, Saber tries to give suggestions or rebukes but is completely ignored, much to her dismay.

It then moves to a private moment between Kiritsugu and Irisviel who shows his true colours. It seems that he is terribly afraid of the battles to come and wants to escape from the Grail War. This combined with his fear of Kotomine Kirei is pushing him to his breaking point, but before Irisviel could comfort him, she senses intruders in the castles bounded magic field.

It seems that Caster has broken through with some children as hostages to taunt Saber. Seeing this, Irisviel disregards Kiritsugu’s status as Saber’s Master and orders her to confront Caster.

As Saber rushes to meet Caster, he is executing the children one by one in his little game of Oni-gokko but this is not shown sadly due to censorship issues. By the time Saber reaches him, only one child is left.

Caster seems to let the kid go to Saber as an act of kindness but it was actually done to let her guard down as from the inside of the child, monsters burst out and surround Saber.( again there is censorship so it is not so clear) She then proceeds to fight through this hoard to get to Caster.

The scene from the CM....

As the battle rages on outside, Kiritsugu order’s Maiya to retreat and escape with Irisviel as he senses someone will try and attack them while Saber is distracted.

Going back to the battle, Saber is in a pinch as regardless of how many creatures she kills, more takes their place in an unending cycle, as though Caster has an inexhaustible supply of prana. Caster hearing this explains that this was due to his mastery of his Noble Phantasm, the prana furnace Prelati’s Spellbook: The Text of the Spiralled Sunken Citadel.

Prelati's Spellbook: The Text of the Spiralled Sunken Citadel

As the fight goes on, with Caster taunting whilst the creatures fight on his behave, Saber gets overwhelmed.


But before Caster could take advantage of that, two spears rain down from the sky to eliminate the creatures binding Saber down. It seems that Lancer has come to Saber’s aid, saying that only he is allow to take advantage of the injured Saber.

My hero!!!

It seems that Lancer used his master’s vague order to his advantage, as he has the chance to eliminate Caster whilst joining forces with Saber.

Back to back....Army of Two Style!!!

The episode ends with Kayneth launching an attack on the Einzbern Castle with his Mystic Code, Volumen Hydragyrum, showcasing his expert magecraft skill with just a small test tube of mercury.

Kiritsugu also showcases a bit of his magecraft with his use of a reality marble on himself to either speed himself up of slow himself down. The fact is that he uses the reality marble it to modify his metabolism instead of himself outright as it would be too complicated. But this causes a very big drawback as its use causes damage to his body and that multiple uses would kill him in the long run.

It ends with Kiritsugu drawing his beloved Contender, outwitting Kayneth in the first half of thier battle, well you would have to watch the next episode to understand… Oh and prepare to see how awesome Kiritsugu’s Mystic Code is….


Overall, terrific episode with them animating the novel perfectly. Sadly we have to wait for the Blue-rays to watch the uncensored edition to get the fuller experience. Sadly with this episode, I roughly understand the pacing of the episodes, so the ending should be what i predicted and I can’t wait for it><. RIDER/WAVER FTW!!!!


P.S: I’l try and do the next ep asap..maybe in a day or two….Sry again for the delays><

  1. Tyler Junky
    December 5, 2011 at 1:06 pm

    censors piss me off >:P Oh well. Anouther grate review and I have a small quistion. Is there a palce on the internet where I can read the novel?

    • archyver
      December 5, 2011 at 2:27 pm

      Yeah just go to baka-tsuki….they have already translated the whole series… and if possible support the author by getting the original ones if you can…its not that expensive…

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