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Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai – 5: LEEROY JENKINSSSSS~

This post has Sena at her finest, who has no qualms flaunting her stuff with little more than a sarashi to maintain a bit of decency.

This post also has quite possibly the most comprehensive list of parodies and tributes that has appeared in this episode.

That’s how I’m gonna roll from now onwards. To do justice to an anime that is packed with references and parodies, I shall embark on a quest to spot them all and store them in my ParoDex™!

C wut I did thar? 😀

Now that I’ve established my methodology, I shall now proclaim that Kobato is the cutest imouto that exists in the world that we do not live in! Beneath her facade of being Felicity Sumeragi whatchamacallit lies an insecure little girl who just longs for familial love from her one and only brother.

Without crossing over into the unholy territory of loli imouto fetishism, if I were her brother, I’d damn well give her her daily an-chan fix. Whatever was said just now was completely devoid of sexual innuendo. True story.

So I’d like to question the rationale of this idiot, who prefers to score points with an irritating toddler (as of yet) rather than being nice to the most wonderful imouto that exists in the 2D realm.

This Maria better have something up her voluminous sleeves, cos she’s rapidly sliding down my popularity ladder based on the simple fact that she’s boring. And isn’t capable of self-perception and rational thought.

In what forms the basis of this entire episode, Sena dreams about actually living the eroge life, to which Rika offers her and the club the chance to do exactly that through a beta virtual reality RPG game.

Developed by Largehard. Get it? Large. Micro. Hard. Soft. Microsoft. HERP DERP.

And it’s called Romancing Saga 14. Y’know, an amalgamation of two games, Romancing Saga and Final Fantasy XIV, developed by Square Enix.

I like how they completely did not bother to change the font or modify the name to something that’s phonetically similar.

Nicely done. Rika dresses up as Rikku, determined to be no slouch in terms of skin exposure. Though Rikku came from the tenth iteration of the FF series, you get the point. Right?

I chortled heartily when I saw this. As I peruse the articles in Sankaku Complex quite often, I immediately got the reference.

Legend has it that in the game of life, if you maintain your virginity at 100% for 30 years, you instantly become a powerful wizard.

Though I can’t quite fathom how Kodaka will not lose his, especially in the sexually-charged environment of the Neighbour’s club.

Sena looks absolutely delicious in her blacksmith garb. Evidently she’s still enamoured by the fascinating world of the Sacred Blacksmith. It’s a widely accepted notion that the less clothes a female game character wears, the stronger the armour is. Screw off, physics.

I do hope that Yozora’s Rose Girl costume does not actually reveal her innermost tendencies, which is a Shoujo who love Bara. Leave that to Rika, please.

Yukimura and Maria do not get screentime as of yet, because they are uninteresting. So there.

I’m not sure what this reference is supposed to mean, probably because I haven’t read the manga (and I don’t think I intend to do so unless in some improbable situation that this anime turns out to be a mess).

But these are supposed to be Warasubo, or eel gobies. Despite their grotesque heads, they are supposed to be delicacies in Japanese cuisine. I don’t know about you guys, but If I ever try it, I’d want it to be served headless. Just like how unagi is served, cos it is a well-known fact that eels are born and bred headless.

When facing the last boss, the Wizard unlocks the ultimate skill, aptly named Believe in Tomorrow. Through prayer, his powers of virginity shall embalm you with near-absolute defence, in hope that they can face a better tomorrow, ever one step closer towards losing their virginity.

That’s provided somebody doesn’t go all LEEEEEEEROYYYYYYYYY JEEEEEEENNNNNNNKKKINNNNNSSSSSSSSSS over the team. WoW players should of the legend that is Leeroy Jenkins.

But let us all take a moment to set our eyes upon the chiselled midriff and bountiful bosom of Sena. I can almost feel the legions of virgins directing their eye power straight at the sarashi, hoping to eviscerate it, extricating the womanly treasures in the process.

Players who aggro and rush in aside, there’s the other set of players who occupy the opposite end of the spectrum.

The ones that have the uncanny ability to go AFK at the most crucial moments. Their timely departure from duty are always executed to perfection, never failing to piss the hell out of those place their trust in them for cover.

Could this be a tribute to Demon Souls? Dying and returning in Soul Form, having to travel to the place you died to retrieve items and souls collected, but lose them if killed as a soul?

In shows like these, the possibilities are limitless. Who knows if the producer knowingly put in this reference? And they’re such fun to spot.

It seems that Kobato, whose love for her an-chan are unrivalled, sneaked in to try to help her ailing brother in virtual combat, but ultimately failed.

Nobody could really believe that Kobato was Kodaka’s sister. I agree in fact; Kobato bears more than a little resemblance to Sena instead.

Well played, Sena. I see what you did there.

I wondered how Kodaka didn’t realise he’d been setting up his own death pit. Being nice to Maria to the point of her calling him Onii-chan in front of his real sister? That’s definitely gonna flick the switch in Kobato to go into rage mode.

And, oddly befitting of their age, the fight delved into a petty scuffle consisting of pokes and juvenile names shouted out when an action is executed.

It has to be said that I’m rooting for Kobato though.

Not sure if brocon, or just very possessive, or just in need of some familial love.

On a side note, I noticed when Kobato’s extremely exasperated, she drops her aristocrat accent and uses Kansai-ben. Nandeyanen~?


  1. xexexe
    November 13, 2011 at 10:32 am

    Ohhhhhhhhh!! Too many uncaught references there! I can’t thank you enough for deciphering all the hidden allusions and parodies in this episode >oω< "kukuku…"

    • xexexe
      November 13, 2011 at 10:34 am

      lol the previous message wasn’t posted properly. let me try again:

      Ohhhhhhhhh!! Too many uncaught references there! I can’t thank you enough for deciphering all the hidden allusions and parodies in this episode!

      My mind was totally in the gutter when I saw “LargeHard”, which is actually quite fitting for the show’s ecchi atmosphere, but I totally missed “MicroSoft”. HERP DERP indeed.

      I didn’t notice how much Rika’s costume looked like Rikku’s until you pointed it out. I’m sorry Rikku, I’m sorry FFX, for I have failed you hard ;_;

      Kobato is no doubt my favorite character now. She’s sooooo cute! *ω* “kukuku…”

      • November 13, 2011 at 11:03 am

        Haha they are not so much hidden as they are unintentional.

        Like, I’m sure the producers didn’t mean for Kodaka to spoof Shinji ejaculating on his hand (a few episodes back).

  2. Tyler Junky
    November 18, 2011 at 11:07 am

    Anouther good review, and I could’nr have thought of a better joke to link to this as the legend that is LEROY JENKINS. XD XD XD. Speaking of which I don’t know the full legend. I now that LJ was a playing of World of Warcraft. But nothing more.

    • November 25, 2011 at 10:35 pm

      You’re not alone. My knowledge of WoW is probably less than yours. But I always keep my meme-senses alert and at the ready, eyes peeled for any hint of things to blog about.

  3. enixfire
    November 21, 2011 at 2:11 am

    LATE LATE LATE EVERYWHERE!!!!!! RPS ARE ADDICTING! SLEEP IS NOWHERE TO BE SEEN! AGHHHHHHHH!!!!! (that’s my reasoning for not watching anime in like 2/3 weeks. I’ve been in an RP at deviantart and essentially spending hours upon hours getting hurled at trees by a telekinesis user, nearly mauled by someone’s tiger mount, took hostage a pregnant queen to use as a meat shield, got into a snowball fight with the tiger mount’s owner, cleaned a house, destroyed a restaurant in jolly drunken rage, and also intoxicated 2 people (failed to get the third) one which was a 12 year old, and AHHHHHHHH SO MUCH STUFF!!!)

    Okay that little synopsis should be an adequate explanation for my hiatus. Omg this episode was great as always just more good neighborhood fun! Sena and Yozora bickering like always, Rika ensuing sexuality everywhere, Maria being the stereotypical tiny child character, BUT OH WHEN SHE SAID “ONII-CHAN” MY INSERT BIG SISTER CRAZE FLARED UP AND I WAS JUST GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH~~~~♥♥♥♥♥ SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~ ♥♥♥♥♥! Omg this episode was filled with little sister themes and it just makes me look at my little sister who’ve I’ve nurtured into a tiny Tsuntsun and just melt~ K’HAAA~♥ (>▽<) But when I saw those headsets my mind flared to the .hack headsets and I found myself just spouting COMAS COMAS COMAS! Like some insane person in my mind. That and VIRTUAL BOY VIRTUAL BOY VIRTUAL BOY YOU’LL ALL GO BLIND!!! The outfits for the games were priceless though~ I saw sena and rika and was like THAT’S SO STEREOTYPICAL! Kodaka’s super otaku outfit had my soul crack a little cause I know that due to my own otaku qualities I will be forever alone x’D But I’m beyond caring now. From there everything went neighborhood club style of complete ignoring Kodaka’s opinion Yozora vs Sena, Aniki, etc. But the end’s what made me happy it’s was soooo sweet and completely reminded me of me and my sis’s relationship in which we complete attempt to destroy each other at every turn~ (well actually it’s along the lines of, “(ノ=▽=)ノ give your sister a hug~” “die! I hate you! *kicks* ヽ(-`д´- )ノ” “( ´;д;`) I love you </3")

    • November 25, 2011 at 10:34 pm

      My word…I think that means you have to brace yourself mentally and physically for what you’re about to experience in Episode 8.

      Prepare for a sensory overload of Kobato goodness. The powers of the imouto are strong in this one.

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