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Sekai-Ichi S2 05: Tsundere Masamune SQUEEEEE

You're an uke in disguise (oh yes you are)

Oh dear oh dear. Benihime’s exposé (refer to the last episode’s comments section) have led me to view Masamune in a whole new light. A whole new carnal, fluffy bunny, depraved light.

But first, let’s get the rest of the episode out of the way.

Kisa Shouta, Private Dick -giggity-

Shouta in a bad mood + trenchcoat = suspicions of infidelity

Without a doubt, Shouta must be stalking Kou like a hard boiled detective straight out of 1930’s pulp fiction. There will be skulduggery, secret rendezvous under flickering streetlamps, dramatic confrontations and confessions.

And there will be hot steamy sex. With mournful trumpet accompaniment.

Ichinose Erika managed to turn me heterosexual again for those 5 seconds.

Since when do mangaka look so attractive? And since when do mangaka dress like 1970s glitterati?

Just think of the women you could have hooked, Yoshiyuki. Gaze upon Chiaki and despair.


It’s not just me, right? Isaka seems to have changed from lovable eccentric in season 1 to creepy douchebag in season 2.

I can’t believe he just screwed with Ritsu like that. What an arse.

While I would give Yokozawa some tender loving care.

Continuing on from Benihime’s scandalous revelations, I now have a whole new mental picture of Yokozawa and Masamune’s past relationship.

Previously, I imagined rough sex every night. Maybe they’d take turns to be the Seme, or maybe it was a constant Jiu Jitsu battle for positioning. Still, rough sex.

Now, all I can imagine is the two of them curled up on the sofa, snuggling, eating chocolate ice cream while watching Oprah. Maybe they’d take a scented bath together with champagne and rose petals. Then they’d cuddle up in bed with their vast teddy bear plushie collection and kiss each other goodnight.

Omg. The idea of two Ukes living together. Especially two well built, suave, aggressive on the outside, pliant on the inside Ukes. Omg omg omg.

Not that Masamune shows his Uke side very often.

Much as I may have wanted Masamune to start groping Ritsu, I realize that Masamune’s actually moved on from wanting a purely physical relationship. He’s more sensitive to Ritsu’s fears and anxieties now.

Or maybe Masamune knows that throwing himself on Ritsu on a public train might severely affect the chances of any future physical encounters and he’s just trolling again.

If I were Ritsu I'd be distraught.

Your lover kisses you and immediately yawns. I’d break down right there.

… I’m starting to think that I may not cope very well if I were ever to be in a relationship with someone like Masamune.


It’s ridiculous how emotional the simple act of holding hands is. Kissing is so much more intimate and physical and yet it’s the hands that cause my pulse to race.

Or maybe it's just Masamune's damn face.

Gah. That expression. THAT EXPRESSION.

That’s the kind of look that parents hope to see in their daughter’s boyfriends. That’s the kind of look that you’d want to see in your partner whenever he’s looking at you.

If Masamune had uttered anything along the lines of “Your hand’s so warm” or “I’m glad I’m with you” I swear I would have just melted and died.

Kohinata An desu!


Okay, she’s probably a nice girl. But I still resent her for ruining that Masamune groove.

"Is this your girlfriend?"


Masamune was definitely dying on the inside. Grievous bodily harm to his tender heart. And yet he takes the hit with such dignity and poise. Truly, a man after my own heart.

What's this? Ritsu barging into Masamune's apartment for a change?

So here we are again. I must admit I didn’t expect Ritsu to turn all aggressive, since I thought he’d end up sulking in his apartment so as to prolong the angst to pad out the rest of the season.

"I'm sorry, but it looks like you two get along great."

Oh my goodness. Tsundere Masamune is killing me.

The whole “going over to Yokozawa’s” thing? I didn’t believe it for a minute, but it’s unintentionally hilarious how Masamune’s just being spiteful because of jealousy and not for the lulz, for a change.

"Please don't go over to Yokozawa's!"

Could this be the beginning of new dynamics in their relationship? Where their roles are reversed in the privacy of the bedroom? (‘0’)

Dat coat grab.

Go on Ritsu, tear Masamune’s clothes off and ravish him!

Aww. Ritsu blew it.

I can’t get the idea of an Uke Masamune out of my head.

Teasing him, making him beg, omg omg. That well sculpted body and that devilish face, but with desperation in his eyes? Omg.

I flipped the image because it was giving me a headache.

D’awww. Masamune just wants somebody to love (and to love him back).

It was really sweet and touching that this ended with cuddling on the bed rather than more sex. Hopefully this means that their relationship has finally advanced to the next level.


Or not.

Damn it Masamune, you’re such a tease. And a troll.

You’re just asking to be punished. You’re just begging to be restrained and have candle wax dripped on your body.

… my Masamune fantasies are spiralling into depravity way too fast =____=

Next Episode:

Wait. Who is this newcomer. Why is he kissing Yoshiyuki and hitting on that other grey-haired newcomer.

Jealous Chiaki? Oh hell yes. Rock on, unknown newcomer guy!

Well yes. That's kind of why it's called 'love', isn't it?

  1. xexexe
    November 7, 2011 at 10:51 pm

    I’m glad Ritsu is finally starting to face his feelings more honestly now; He’s also growing up, just like Chiaki *sniffs* and don’t be hatin’ on An-chan, T_T she’s so nice, and I absolutely loved her voice (being the voice-phile that I am lol). And I don’t know how you can do it, but I still have a hard time picturing Masamune being timid and obedient in the bedroom. lol Yokozawa, fine, but not Masamune D: Even when you have two uke living together, at least one of them has got to play the seme at some point, right? XD

    As for the preview, I don’t think the left guy in the first picture is Yoshiyuki, as Yoshiyuki has blue eyes, while this guy red. As for the kisser, isn’t he Isaka-san? (since in the preview they are talking about Isaka-san). I’m also gonna take a wide guess and say the greenish grey haired guy is Usami Akihiko, Takano Masamune’s counterpart in Junjou Romantica (Sekaiichi Hatsukoi’s predecessor by the same author). So unfortunately, you won’t be able to rejoice in the idea of having Chiaki being cheated on in the next episode, lol

    • JohnnyYandere
      November 8, 2011 at 12:08 am

      Oh, it’s easy. I imagine Masamune and Yokozawa to be not unlike a pair of kittens, or bunny rabbits. After that, the fantasies pretty much take on lives of their own~

      And curses! Your eagle eyes win this round. Although he does look alot like Yoshiyuki. But newcomer guy doesn’t really look like Isaka, at least not S2’s Isaka. Studio DEEN really screwed his facial proportions there.

      New couple then? I hope they’re at least somewhat connected to the main cast. Half the fun of the Chiaki-Yoshiyuki arc and 10% of the fun of the Shouta-Kou arc is seeing those un-Masamune Masamune cameos.

  2. enixfire
    November 9, 2011 at 10:59 am

    Hahaha! That L.A. Noire reference is lolz~ Actually you’ve gone pretty fangirl this episode I’m impressed yes there is NOTHING better than seeing a character that’s stereotypically seme being dominated by another seme it’s by far better than an uke x seme thing that’s been there done that pretty much everywhere. As for how the relationship between Yokuzowa and Masamune went, my mind draws the conclusion that after having his heart broken and Masamune beings on his wide streak becoming an alcoholic and ravishing women left and right I assume that Yokozawa totally pushed down Masamune told him to get a grip while Masamune was in his depressed/drunken/delusional state and taking this chance Yokozawa ravished Masamune telling him that he should move on and that he’d take care of him and that all he need do was depend on him as he made sweet love to him. That’s like totally how it went until I’m proven otherwise by Nakamura Shungiku, yes, most defiantly hehehe~♥. Ah~ Snarky Masamune I have missed that greatly these past… What was it now 4 weeks? 3? I can’t remember all I know is that there’s been a lot of chiaki lately. That aside I just noticed that Shota snickers when he makes fun of Ristu ah~ it’s the small things that get ya amused~. I always saw Isaka as a creepy eccentric personally, he’s always given me that feeling anyway, I’m sure he means no harm and probably has good intentions, but still I still like Isaka as much as I did before. Oh heeheehee~ I get the idea that Takano likes having drunk Ritsu around~. And if I had to uke-tize it or tsundere translate it what Takano totally said was, “I’ll listen to your worries and help you get through them, also it’s not a bad thing to rely on others onodera” yup that’s exactly what I got from that, yes, most defiantly hehehe~. God I LOVE trollin’ Takano! The way the stole that kiss in the train, BRILLIANT! Though I would have loved it if the light turned back on while he was still kissing Onodera that would have been even better~♥. AH! Once again just like in my previous comment it’s done EVERYWHERE once the significant other see that their partner is with a woman they INSTANTLY assume the other is cheating/in love with them! Dear god I’d have loved to see Masamune just go up to An and be like, “NAH BITCH HE MINE!” that would have made my day unfortunately I don’t thing many dudes have the balls to say that. LOL! This amuses me more than it should but for a frame when Ristu is explaining everything to Takano, Takano’s got a second of emo hair that covers his left eye lolz~. Also I told you this before! If there every seems to be a part where it would make sense that they’d have sex THEY DID! THE CUDDLING IS A LIE! Takano must have totally got a boner for Ristu after he got all assertive and seme-like xD. If it’s not apparent I’ve commenting while watching~ maybe I should do this more often to produce these larger than normal blocks of text. Also that’s TOTALLY Isaka! That’s got to be Isaka! That looks exactly like him! and the Grey haired one is Usagi! I know my characters well enough to point them out and I have to say that the one that looks like Hatori is probably him too! OH THIS IS GONNA BE SCANDALOUS~♥ (≧∇≦)/
    Also if it wasn’t apparent I wrote this while watching, do ya think this might have been too long?

    • JohnnyYandere
      November 9, 2011 at 11:54 am

      … yes it was apparent, and yes this might have been too long 😀

      Also, the cuddling CAN’T BE A LIE. My Masamune cannot be that exploitative!

      • enixfire
        November 9, 2011 at 1:15 pm

        ALL LIES! BITCH IT IS ON! PROOF! http://www.mangafox.com/manga/sekaiichi_hatsukoi/v04/c007/48.html READ FROM THERE AND YOU’LL ARRIVE AT GLORIOUS MAN SEX! You messed with the wrong fujoshi saying that I lie! Plus this is a good excuse to begin raving about the novel that I just finished reading. I LOVE THE SEME KIRISHIMA! ♥♥♥ He’s totally my type and to get together with like my favorite character ah! BRILLIANT! Kirishima is a manipulative assertive sexy man! (plus from the manga he’s tall!) As soon as he said “I love taking prideful guys like you down a peg or two.” He had me by my heartstrings and OH I JUST ADORE HIM! DEAR GOD HE’S AMAZING! I’m actually jealous and increasingly happy for Yokozawa for snagging Kirishima. He’s by far won out over all the characters so far in 5 short chapters. He’s complete gar it’s astonishing! He COMPLETELY DOMINATED Yokozawa like it was a cake walk! AND I LOVE IT! INTENSIVE FANGIRL RANT IS INTENSIVE! (I just felt like throwing that in there) Gah I wanna like list some of the stuff he says here out of pure love for his choice in words, but I’ve spouted far more than needed already. But let me tell you that I’m oh so tempted to~♥.

      • JohnnyYandere
        November 9, 2011 at 4:34 pm

        … that was explicit.

    • xexexe
      November 9, 2011 at 12:36 pm

      *stares speechlessly at the length of enixfire’s post O_O

      • enixfire
        November 9, 2011 at 12:38 pm

        Haha xD you’ve been hounding my posts as of late and it amuses me greatly I like having a semi-fan! Yes writing monster sized comments is something I normally do, hell if you go back into the archives of Johnny’s posts you’ll see I have pretty much posted my life story in there.

  3. Benihime
    November 13, 2011 at 10:48 pm

    OMG what refreshing news can do to someone’s vision… but watching Oprah made me lol hard!

    About cuddling is perfectly normal see it as a sweet innocent end of night if you only watch the anime. It’s ok think this way. People that read the manga know it’d been sex, but the cuddling is still there, right after it, no clothes but still a cuddling.

    On novel, when Yokozawa asked why not go after Takano for example, if Kirishima likes messing with prideful guys, he said, “He may be prideful, but he’s more sensitive than he looks; feels like he’d go down with one hit. He probably wouldn’t be able to give much of a challenge if I really went after him.” Kirishima is a good judger of character after all.

    Yep, Junjou Mistake, Asahina x Isaka. I’m waiting your review about this couple!

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