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Sekai-Ichi S2 03: New and improved Chiaki is new and awesome

"Do you think I get excited about men other than you?!"

Our little Chiaki has finally grown up.

-sniff- I’m so proud of him -breaks down while fanning himself dramatically-

There were really too many screencaps that could be so easily taken out of context and turned into front page trolls.

Such as daterape Yoshiyuki.

"Do you think I get excited about men other than you?!"

Or no-longer-rare image of Masamune smiling.

I was going to edit that caption but I realized it was too good to be true.

"Do you think I get excited about men other than you?!"

Oh God. This caption is priceless. I’m going to keep it for as many screencaps as possible.

Also, Ritsu cameo is still tsundere. Seriously now, keep your delicious little relationship issues to the privacy of your own episodes~

But my favourite unused out of context troll screencap set is this last one.

"Do you think I get excited about men other than you?!"

Sex beast Yanase Yuu is on the prowl, baby.

The aftermath of Yuu's rampage.

Yuu can satisfy a man and three women at the same time.

Because he’s just that badass.

If all mangaka were this trendy Doodler would have gotten hitched ages ago.

Studio DEEN does better scenes of girls being girls than J.C. Staff does of boys being boys. This one scene in Sekai-Ichi pretty much outdoes 3 episodes of Kimi to Boku.

Spin-off of the three mangaka girls onegaishimasu, Studio DEEN. This could totally be your K-On! killer.

Is it just me or has Yoshiyuki's bedroom gotten bigger?

I commented on the bed sometime in my review of season 1, but I’m only just noticing the rest of the furnishings.

Classy painting, classy wooden cabinets, classy massive bed. But isn’t it strange that there is absolutely nothing else? No alarm clock, no vase, no books?

There can only be one explanation. This bedroom exists only to facilitate hot wild sex with Chiaki, and nothing else.

-raises eyebrows-

Oh God everybody’s doing the significant eyebrows thing in anime nowadays. But I don’t think I’ve seen any character do it as well as Yoshiyuki.

That pleading, slightly doubtful expression of a strong, silent man who has been hurt but desperately wants to be comforted -swoon-

That girl's a total Yandere.

I can tell from those eyes and from seeing quite a few Yanderes in my time.

... why are there two separate exits out of Chiaki's apartment?

I laughed more at this scene than I should have. Yes, meaningful parallels and all, maybe even up to Yoshiyuki’s dropping off a bag contrasting with Yuu’s taking a bag. Yes, it was a tense moment with Yuu confronting Chiaki with his feelings.

But it was priceless to see both Yoshiyuki and Yuu turning their backs on Chiaki and leaving within seconds of each other. I am easily amused.

"... why yes, I did want you to drink all my booze and pass out on my dining table."

Really, Chiaki. Providing temptation for Yoshiyuki is one thing, but there’s a world of difference between flighty flirty and dead drunk.

Also this alcohol thing only works on Masamune. And then it was only because he would have jumped Ritsu anyway.

Chiaki has levelled up, +4 endurance, +3 agility, + 4 style, + 9001 awesomeness

So awesome. I never thought this day would actually come. But it did. Yoshiyuki is understandably shocked.

Also, Seme Chiaki and Uke Yoshiyuki is another amusing notion.

Mogu mogu.

All’s well that ends well, with a restrengthening of their relationship and Chiaki finally admitting to himself that he really does like Yoshiyuki.

That is, until the next day when Yuu is flirting with Chiaki again…

"Do you think I get excited about men other than you?!"

Oh shi-

Yandere Yoshiyuki mode activate. All is right in the world.

Next Episode:

I probably should have picked preview screencaps that didn’t contain inane smiling, huh.

Still, preview pics (that I did not screencap) did include some sort of physical interaction between Yuu and Chiaki, and moonlit Yoshiyuki in the mood.

I’m still surprised and a little wary that a Chiaki arc is filling me with anticipation. Of the good kind, not the usual trainwreck kind. Sekai-Ichi is back on form.

Delay is dangerous, the lay is dangerous~ -rimshot-

Okay apologies!

I could say that I haven’t been blogging because of school and studying for my Japanese promotional examination and getting my part-time job, but it wouldn’t really be all that true, because those things didn’t really take that much time.

The truth is that I’ve been playing Persona 3 Portable like a crack addict. I humbly beg your forgiveness and understanding.

Also I may need forgiveness and understanding for this week as well. And possibly up to next month.

These JRPGs and their replay values, man~

  1. musicalcroc
    October 25, 2011 at 7:05 pm

    Little Chiaki grows a spine. Let’s hope he doesn’t forget to feed it 😛

    • JohnnyYandere
      October 25, 2011 at 11:17 pm

      Feed it, heck, he oughta pump it full of steroids and growth formula ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

      • musicalcroc
        October 25, 2011 at 11:34 pm

        Lol yeah. I’m cautiously optimistic because in the first season, Chiaki fretted about what he thought a kiss between Yoshiyuki and Yuu, burst out not unlike this episode asking Yoshiyuki to stay by him, then reverted to not understanding what Yoshiyuki wanted from him in the very next episode. So let’s wait and see how he rolls this time.

      • musicalcroc
        October 25, 2011 at 11:49 pm

        Also from what I heard, there is a detail that isn’t mentioned in the anime: time in Chiaki’s arc flows differently from the other two, namely there is a one year time skip between the two seasons. Events in Chiaki’s arcs are already quite ahead too. The party in second Chiaki’s episode of season 1 doesn’t take place in Ritsu’s arc until like two more episodes this season.

      • JohnnyYandere
        October 26, 2011 at 1:29 am

        … wut. So like, the Chiaki/Yoshiyuki arc take place chronologically after the Ritsu/Masamune and Shouta/Kou arcs are completed?

        >> One year on and Ritsu is still tsuntsun around Masamune. Guess some things never change.

      • musicalcroc
        October 26, 2011 at 2:09 am

        Yes, something like that if I understand it correctly.

        Tsun-ness is in the eyes of the beholder, I guess.

  2. enixfire
    October 26, 2011 at 8:30 am

    Ahahahaha! Oh god P3P xD! That explains the lateness completely! I am much amused!

    Haha, I need sleep… This episode was really good and surprisingly I remember reading it but it’s like vanished from the manga o-o; ugh- I should not be writing when I’m pissed off it drastically reduces my ability to write sensible sentences. Man I’m really happy that the author has now made every pair enjoyable to watch. Now I can’t even get mad at Chiaki for being as dense as a doorknob cause I know the feeling (I give Chiaki a run for his money when it comes to being dense and slow). Although Chiaki’s far from being exactly the best male in the cast he’s at least able to get his head on straight when he wants to, eventually… I just realized that both Yuu and Yokozawa are single now… That would make an interesting crack pairing =-=……….I am not fit to be writing a comment.. Though that does bring up a point I wonder what the author will do with Yuu and Yokozawa. This may lead to separate arcs later down the road which is something I’ve seen Shungiku Nakamura do before. I can see Yokozawa being paired with another seme man and Yuu’s most defiantly a dominant-uke. Ah~♥ that fills my head with fujoshi thoughts (I need to step away from the keyboard), but damn that would be great.

    • JohnnyYandere
      October 26, 2011 at 4:23 pm

      I can’t imagine what was going through your head when you thought up that Yuu/Yokozawa pairing.

      But personally I’d rather have my Mino-san OVA above all else 😀

  3. xexexe
    October 26, 2011 at 10:33 am

    Whatever comment I write will pale in comparison to the fujoshi summary above me lol, so I’m scared to write anything now. But, I’m gonna attempt to write something anyway, ehe. Don’t beat me up now, because I still had a facepalming moment when Chiaki was wondering who Yuu liked…like, seriously? O.O I’ll give you that Chiaki seems to have grown a pair, now if only he can do something about his cluelessness. Nevertheless, he does have everything sorted out when it comes to his relationship with Yoshiyuki, so I guess I’ll forgive him for being clueless about other things. 🙂

    And don’t feel bad, I myself have been playing Persona 3 FES. *high five*

    • JohnnyYandere
      October 26, 2011 at 4:25 pm

      Oh yeah, Chiaki’s got a long way to go. But at least he’s tolerable now, yes?

      *high five* and I haven’t even finished my first playthrough yet. I don’t think grinding in an RPG has ever been this addictive.

  4. Maggie
    November 3, 2011 at 4:19 pm

    Chiaki has some serious issues! Hatori needs to kick his flat ass and tell him, “Wake up and open your eyes you lil’ naive bastard!”
    Sorry to be blunt but Chiaki needs to “look” like really look at Hatori. Like the title says, “Delay in Love is Dangerous”
    Anyways, loved the ep; my friend had a laugh attack for a whole 5 minutes (non-stop)

    • JohnnyYandere
      November 4, 2011 at 2:22 am

      I don’t know. Yoshiyuki’s sort of at fault as well for being so forgiving of Chiaki. But then again I’ve always thought of Yoshiyuki being strangled by the red string so.

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