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Fall 2011 Slice-of-Life Roundup 02

Tamayura ~hitotose~

“Dougou-sensei, why don’t you take a seat over there?

I love Dougou-sensei. He’s flamboyant, he’s spontaneous, and he’s terrible around women.

Which is sad, personally, because I’m probably headed in that direction – ending up single and alone, stuck in a dead-end job, and trying in vain to charm the female proprietor of an okonomiyaki joint.

Of course, that’s my negativity talking. Dougou’s probably happier than I’d ever be.

Also, I love Potte-tan’s friends. They’re stupidly cute. It’s the art style, yes, but those googly, occasionally unfocused eyes get me every time.

I especially love Maon-chan, on the left. She’s elegant, polite, and communicates mostly through whistling. Omg. She’s adorable.

I’m starting to get that K-On! feeling again. But not the commercialized, aggressively promoted K-On! that came about in season 2; but the carefree, girls-being-girls sleeper hit that made up the bulk of season 1.

Again, absolutely fantastic background art. These screencaps really deserve their own postcards, at a bare minimum.

Overall, episode 2 has stepped up the pace from episode 1 – as big of a slice-of-life fan as I am, the first episode did bore me at several points. But this episode was a thorough pleasure to watch, and is quickly becoming my anime alternative to rainymood.com.

Kimi to Boku

“omg lolwut Taiga wannabe”
– a certain magical  girl

I can’t actually give her name because I haven’t actually gotten her permission to quote her~

Nevertheless it is somewhat bizarre that out of the four guys it is Shun, “the red head Shun [who] is sooooooooooo girly”, who gets a female stalker first.

And might I say that Taiga-wannabe-chan is a keeper.

Resourceful, quick-thinking, inventive, not afraid to humiliate the object of her affection; these are fine traits in a woman. I heartily approve.

I’m not sure why I included this screencap. Maybe it’s a sort of ‘take that’ against K-On!, who seems to think that preschool children are only capable of poking turtles’ faces.

Actually, it was only Yui who did it, so I supposed it was to be expected.

Unashamedly raising a girl’s skirt to peer at the secrets hidden within? This can only happen in anime.

In the real world, Yuta would only need to tap a girl on the shoulder to have his face plastered on police notifications, brutally arrested and sentenced to 20 years’ hard labour.

All’s well that ends well.

I do hope that Taiga-wannabe-chan joins the cast. I would love to see how the other 3 guys deal with Shun having a girlfriend.

(I doubt it’ll happen, but hilarious it would be, even temporarily~)

Moar cats (and one very terrifying one in particular).

Extrapolating the increased number of cats from the first episode, I’m expecting that the final episode will contain no less than 78 felines.

I’m starting to think that more effort goes into the cats than into the main characters themselves.


Must resist the urge to ship. They’re children.

Arata is classy. And here I was thinking he’d hit some parent in the face.

Way to show the haters -brofist-

While Chihaya plays the troll game.

I like how the rules even seem to encourage trolling. “As long as the correct card is removed from the field of play” is oh-so-exploitable.

Fourth wall breaking in my slice-of-life? Why, Madhouse, why? T___T

This particular arc was rather clumsily resolved, I think.

It’s quite a stretch to believe that Taichi and Arata start getting along in school just because of Chihaya. Taichi was more than ready to ignore Chihaya because of Arata and it’s more than likely that he’ll rejoin his clique and ignore Arata the next day.

But hey, you never know. Maybe these kids have precocious grasps of honour and stuff and actually start being friends with Arata. Although if that were the case Arata wouldn’t be estranged from Chihaya and Taichi in the present day, would he?

Still, now we have some decent background into Chihaya and her love for karuta. Can’t wait for the modern day reconciliation between Arata and Chihaya ^____^

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