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Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai – 2: Monster Hunter Semoponume

Smart, pretty, stacked, athletic, hardcore gamer, in need of a friend.

If there’s ever a list petitioning for her to exist in the mortal realm, sign me up for it.

I’m not quite sure how the ragtag trio of the Rinjin-bu decided that playing Monster Hunter 3 would strengthen their bond of friendship.

I’m also not clear how they managed to get away with spoofing MH3 in such a blatant manner. Where’s the fun though, if you have to censor it?

But come to think of it, multiplayer games are how people interact right now. Or at least 2 years ago.

Go back 10 years and you’ll see children toting large keychain bundles of Digimon devices, skulking about the neighbourhood, looking for other kids who have similar devices to engage in battle.

Now it’s 4 people getting together to spend hours on end questing for who knows what on their PSPs, complete with constant connection to a power source.

This is the smug look of a person who had burnt 50+ hours over the weekend just to get to Level 6, otherwise known as the pinnacle of level progression in MH3.

And still manages to look this good.

She’s way out of my league man. And she isn’t even real. At least that’s what I force myself to believe. For sanity’s sake.

Now Episode 1 had a lot of talking and general non-action, but was still amusing. Episode 2 makes an explosive improvement; some of it’s parodies are near Gintama-level. Not quite, as Gintama is famed for taking the piss out of other series and games, but this comes close.

It’s more of paying a homage to the Monster Hunter series, and not mocking it.

It’s all there. The nondescript box you see at the start of all missions with the essential stuff to pick up. The environments, which are arguably prettier than what can be produced on the outdated PSP graphics engine, and the monsters whose names I have no recollection of.

Should have dedicated more time playing MH3 while in the army. But FIFA was all the rage, so fuck it.

The difference between a level 1, level 3 and level 6. I shan’t tell you who is what level, but you ought to make an educated guess.

Ahh, the friendly fire that cannot be disabled. Simultaneously proving to be a bane to a pro when a noob accidentally knocks him down, and a source of endless hilarity when your friend fucking meant it.

I like how Sena charges up her attack all Ninja Gaiden-style. I bet the developers didn’t think of it that way. Blame the way my mind perceives things.

I laughed when Yozora produced a barrel of explosives out of nowhere.

We get that a lot in games. Games fail to explain how the main character doesn’t carry anything, but has an ‘inventory’ of stuff that cannot possibly fit in his pocket, nor do they explain how a character can lower his weapon out of view and produce another weapon instantaneously while bringing it back up into view.

EDIT: I just realised Sena got shot in the ass. There. I’ve pointed it out.

Didn’t work out in the end. Somehow playing this game in the anime world enables the characters to fight each other.

Then they’d wouldn’t have to go the roundabout way of exploiting the friendly fire.

So I guess eroge or galge is the way to go then. I mean making friends is as easy as picking the right option out of 3 or 4 given choices, right?

…actually I shall not bore you with what went on about the second part of the episode. The trio are still in the formative stages of establishing a friendly relationship with each other, so it’s a bit pointless talking about how well they’re interacting with each other and stuff like that.

I think I’ll be better off spotting all the one-liner-worthy scenes. Onwards to random musings.

Well played, Haganai, well played. Trying to distance yourself from comparisons to similarly-themed school club anime Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu by spoofing one of their characters in an in-your-face manner, naming her Nagata Yukiko, in effect reminding viewers who’ve watched The Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi about a certain Yuki Nagato with emotions. That was one sentence.

That’s taking a right dig at Suzumiya Haruhi. I like their style.

I wonder why Kodaka, who unlike me is from the same dimension and in close proximity, and will probably get kissed by either or both of them, is completely apathetic to their reclined postures.

I, on the other hand, am aroused by what I would term The Schrodinger Pantsu Theory. As we cannot see their pantsu, we can conclude that Yozora and Sena are simultaneously wearing and not wearing any panties, until the point Kodaka helps us to confirm the result.

So living by this theory, these two pictures are full of WIN.

I like to stitch pictures, so indulge me by taking a look at Sena, who’s crossdressing as a guy who like to show his cleavage, and Yozora dressed as a sultry teacher, who apparently has no qualms sitting on top of a shoe locker rack that probably hasn’t been cleaned since it was installed at that location. Not to mention the height of the locker that would render it impossible to sit upon without the aid of an object to stand upon.

Sena must also have her own Shouko’s corner. I am beginning to think Kodaka is gay. To have no reaction to Sena, who looks capable of making girls fall for her, one has to be gay.

To wrap up, I must say that I watched this episode with a stupidly wide grin plastered across my face, while sitting on a train in London bound for Oxford, and with people facing me in the seat across. But Haganai really pulled out all the stops in the second episode with a torrent of blatant references, parodies and spoofs. Of games, no less. This series really catches my eye, unlike Denpa Onna, which took 3 episodes to do so, and exactly 3 more for me to lose it.

  1. enixfire
    October 18, 2011 at 11:18 am

    This episode really got to me a.) cause I’m a big monster hunter fan (although I haven’t ever played the games, fail on my part b.) I don’t know any activity that’s more fun than goofing about with my best friend/lord/master/god kitface in a videogame. Oh btw as for people to exist that are “smart, pretty, stacked, athletic, and a hardcore gamer” that would be kitface. She has easily surpassed the 53 hour mark on a game and good lordy I swear it’s her Korean bloodline but she’s also god at whatever she plays, and she’s versed in the martial arts (like 5 or 6 of them) plus a bit of pro wrestling so ya kitface is the ultimate super awesome can-kick-your-ass bishoujo gamer pro ever………. K, I think I’ve spouted far to long about kitface….. back on topic with the episode >.>; Sena and Yozora really need to give people a chance or I’m to naive for my own good. The way they instantly shot down the pink haired girl in the galge made me first think (I wish people like this existed irl where I live) and secondly gave me the impression that they’d do that to real people they’d meet for the first time. *watches more of episode as I write* Gah~ Sena’s obsession over Yukiko is like my obsession over kit, and that I approve greatly of =w=. In addition it also reminds me of how stupidly immersed I can get into say an rpg and hold onto obsessions forever. This game is like really well done, wish galges were this awesome over in the states, really I only get exposed to galge’s through very primative linear path galges and anime so that there’s are galges which have the other girls spread rumors about you is like really fancy (plus I get the feeling that girls would really do that around here….). But god, I really REALLY like this anime if not that it’s just so freakin’ relatable to *does recall time kit shared my flying mount in an mmo and I landed in front of guards of the faction kit was against and she ran and quickly summoned her own flying mount to flee before she got aggroed* good times~ good times~ can’t wait for the next episode.

    • October 19, 2011 at 7:13 am

      I feel like a noob compared to you. I’ve played monster hunter 3 with my friends, but only because everybody was playing it and I sort of rode the wave. Got to Level 3, didn’t get what was so fun about it other than running around and getting in people’s way of hitting monsters, and stopped henceforth. Perhaps I didn’t give myself enough time to fully immerse myself in the game. Not sure whether it’s richly rewarding the more you play, but my friends just can’t seem to get enough of it. They can play for hours and hours on end.

      I don’t play galge as well =.= but I do play RPGs. I’m a semi-completionist, in the sense that I try to explore every nook and cranny in the game to look for hidden spots and secrets, and try to complete every quest available, but I won’t force myself to complete inane trophy tasks like “Jump 100 times across this gap to win a Silver Trophy” that kind of shit.

      So technically speaking, I can’t relate to this anime in terms of the games they play, but I do appreciate their dogged determination to be utterly precise and thorough in their quest to be the very best, like no one ever was.

      • enixfire
        October 19, 2011 at 7:49 am

        God trust me, ANYONE can be more pro than me if it’s a game in which you have to invest point into to make you character stronger, I’m the kinda person that can reach max lvl not like the way I did something delete my character and start from scratch to make it better…. even if it took like months….. or years to build my my character the first time around (oh how kitfaced raged when I deleted my poorly made lvl 500+ character).

        As for rpgs I play mainly for story, but that being said, I’m the kinda to play something once and not comes back to it until like months to years later. So in order to get the fullest experience I play like one time and like never finish it cause either for the same reason I’m always a newb or I’ll like miss this one side quest in like the last town I was in and I’ll have to restart my last save game to go back to do it.

        Got to say though that by far my favorite genres are horror games, action rpgs that are skill based rather than lvl based and are stupid hard, and rouge-likes, god do I LOVE rouge-likes, I want a game in which I walk into the first room at lvl 1 and there’s a lvl 10 monster like only a few meters from my face, ah~ best thing in the world. Btw pokémon died for me after second gen.

  2. Tyler Junky
    October 18, 2011 at 1:07 pm

    I’m gloade i stuck with this this is startign to get really good. Thnaks for posting. I would’ve given it up at after the first episdoes but your reviews kept it intresting.

    • October 19, 2011 at 7:15 am

      Well thanks! Judging from the way it’s progressing, I feel like we’re gonna reap massive rewards watching this show. I need more meat.

  3. xexexe
    October 19, 2011 at 11:32 am

    This episode made me really really want to get a PSP or PS Vita soon, but unfortunately I’ll only have enough money for a PS3 ;_;

    Oh and, mind = BLOWN! If you hadn’t pointed out, I’d never have noticed the Suzumiya Haruhi reference there!!!! I can’t believe I missed the conspicuous similarities between Nagata Yukiko and Yuki Nagato. I should just shoot myself for failing at being a good otaku.

    • October 19, 2011 at 6:44 pm

      Actually I’ve read that there’s a smart little tribute to Steve Jobs in this episode. On the back of the galge game cover, there’s a section in English that comes from a quote in Steve Job’s speech at Stanford University some years back about how to live before you die.

      I missed that, and probably tons more as well. I love these small little easter eggs that are interspersed throughout the episode. It makes me want to pore over every detail of the anime, but I keep getting distracted by the lovely Sena Kashiwazaki. = =

  1. June 11, 2012 at 11:27 pm

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