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Guilty Crown, Code Geass with a twist..(maybe?)

Well I’m just doing a short first impression on this so I just want to say that Guilty Crown is one of the gems in this Autumn season’s flood of anime with superb animation and soundtrack that is very hard to beat.

Overall the first episode was quite well paced and exciting but I could not shake of the feeling that the first episode was too similar to Code Geass’s first episode with the only difference is that the main character does fight. Story still has to prove itself as it is only the first episode so I’ll give it its time.

The animation for this series is one of the best this season with Production I.G giving its best to bring this show to life. The CG and drawn characters really blend together well which is typical of Production I.G with all their previous works. Furthermore there is tons of mecha in it which makes it exciting to watch.


The animation character designer, Kato Hiromi, really has tried his best to adapt the originals by redjuice into the anime which is quite an effort as redjuice’s art is superb and hard to duplicate.

ED original art gallery= drools*

The music for this anime also is one of the best this season, especially the OP and ED. The music is done as a collaboration Sawano Hiroyuki and Ryo of Supercell. Sawano Hiroyuki to me is currently one of the composers to watch as he really did a superb work with the music of the recently ended Ao no Exorcist. This time, from the initial impression, he also did a great job with the music giving of slight melancholic tones in the normal scenes while going over to slightly cyberpunk in the fight scenes. If you do not know who is Ryo and Supercell, where have you been living…. With Supercell singing the OP and Egoist, and it seems that supercell/ryo is using this show to showcase two new voice talents that they auditioned for. It seems the op, My Dearest. will be sung by a voice talent called Koeda from the supercell website and the vocalist for EGOIST for the ED,Departures,  is this voice talent called Chelly judging from the EGOIST website, the first episode’s song at the start is just an insert song also sung by EGOIST called Euterpe. Their new voices are quite fresh but I still miss Nagi…

Lastly, and my favourite part, is the casting of this series. With so many anime this season, the castings are all over the place, with seiyuus really everywhere. This episode introduces the main few characters with Kaji Yuuki as Ouma Shuu, raising female seiyuu Kayano Ai as Yuzuhira Inori and veteran male seiyuu Nakamura Yuuichi as the blonde bi-shounen Tsutsugami Gai. Even Sakaguchi Daisuke and Mizushima Takahiro are in this show as a supporting characters which make it quite fun to listen to them, and from the casting credits there are more seiyuus to come with Hanazawa Kana, Kotobuki Minako, Endo Aya and Koyasu Takehito casted in this show.

But the most interesting character is that of Tsugumi who is voiced by Taketatsu Ayana.

Kirino cosplaying Kuroneko anyone?

When I saw and heard her I immediately burst out laughing as the vague fusion was hilarious but who can doubt Ayana’s seiyuu abilities so I’m just happy for her to be in the anime.

Overall I have very high hopes for this show due to my love of mecha and Production I.G and hopefully the story does not prove to be a fluke. The music has already got me hooked so I cannot wait to buy a copy of this songs OP and ED and hopefully the OST too.


  1. Tyler Junky
    October 16, 2011 at 2:24 pm

    BANKAI! lol Good, vary vary good. While I agree that it looks to much like Code Geass. I am always in the mood for mecha (If it doesn’t have the word “GUNDUM” in the title that is. ^_^

    I have high hopes for this and I am indeed fascinated by the animation.
    I look forward to more episodes and more of your commentary
    Oh and just curious did you read my Hanasaku Iroha review? It’s on my blog now. I have to admit though it’s not one of my better ones.

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