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Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai Animated Commentary 07

He's not harbouring plans of global destruction.


We architects of evil gotta stick together.

I didn’t actually expect the Meruru cast to get their share of the commentary screentime, but here we are.

And I was right all along! I knew that Comet-kun was always hiding some bitter, manipulative, Lex-Luthor-if-he-were-an-alcoholic persona behind all those rainbows and starshine.

Thanatos Eros is cuter than expected though. But more on her later.

"Meruru is the biggest idiot in the whole damn universe!"

It’s not that far a stretch, is it? The greater the naivete/innocence, the greater the magical potential. Like how kids believe in imaginary friends and stuff.

Or could it be that kids have the magical ability to see these imaginary magical beings, and adults simply dismiss this as naivete?

Whatever it is, Comet-kun thinks less of Meruru as innocent and more of idiotic. Soul-crushingly idiotic.

Not that I’m feeling sorry for him, but I’d probably go crazy having to deal with a girl like Meruru for more than a month.

Might be a fun first month though.

Gaze upon your works, mighty conqueror, and despair!


Look what your hands floppy ears have wrought. This is a magical abomination that cannot be unmade.

"I think I've just seen something I wasn't meant to see."

Don’t feel sorry for him, Thanatos-tan. He deserves everything he gets.

You're a cute world destroyer in your own right, aren't you, Thanatos-tan?

Obviously, the anime version of her is Ayase with magic. If it wasn’t obvious enough in the anime, the parallels are made very clear in the animated commentary.

I’m perfectly fine with that. I just wish AIC had given her the original Thanatos Eros outfit.

Which wasn’t really an outfit. More of a set of stickers that covered those vital areas. But I’m perfectly fine with that too.

"That perverted sis-con!"

Dat familiar outrageface.

Considering the physical strength that Ayase possesses (she launched Kyousuke at least 3 metres with a roundhouse kick), it would not surprise me to find out that she was Thanatos Eros all along.

A happy Meruru makes for a happy ending.

It’s just a pity that Kirino didn’t make a cameo to glomp Meruru in person.

But cute Meruru, chibi Thanatos-tan and pussywhipped Comet-kun dost greatly sufficeth as well. Verily.

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