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R-15 12 [END]: …No kiss?

Taketo’s pen has the power to pierce the divine firmaments!

But it still can’t get him that good end.

Fukune-chan does not comprehend this kiss that she is supposed to be giving.

But first, let us take a few moments to reflect upon the sacrifices made in the name of happiness.

Mad respect for Utae delivering Taketo’s letter to her rival in love.

Of course, trolling her classmates was full of creamy luscious win too.

Hey, the lady singlehandedly dominated the tournament for you. She did all the work (well, sorta). If she wants to take a rest, it’s not her fault if you guys are too weak to stand alone ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

Sad neko loli hurts my heart though. But only just a bit.

What’s this? What’s this superior, technologically-advanced, wondrously designed piece of engineering coming in to save Fukune-chan?

I’d recognize that armatured rocket anywhere. And this can only mean one thing.

Oh yes. Behold! Our patience has been richly rewarded in a manner most magnifabulously.


Ahem. Right. Back to the main story.

Taketo’s lyrics are twisted genius. I don’t have the full transcription, but here’s what I got.

M: In and out
W: Slick and wet
M: Soft and Round
W: Stroking Hard
A: How wonderful

M: In and out
W: Slick and wet
M: Soft and Round
W: Stroking Hard
A: How wonderful

M: My heart dances towards endless pleasure, reaching the place I love the most. Next thing I know, I’m thinking of the day we met, naked as the day we were born.
W: goddess, blushing at the melody of pleasure, and a pillar standing erect between lithe curves. A voice loud and clear across the stage, a hot and gasping breath. The melody I’m hearing is desire.

M: Cast them off, and let’s go to the other side. The wavering whispering as we moan.
W: Let me feel you, let me take you. A heaven of pleasure.

(At this point I gave up on differentiating the male and female choruses.)

Let us begin the recital. The dancing stanzas and enticing rhythm lead us to love. Let us play a melody of rising love, locking hands and breathing as one. This is the garden of temptation. I’ll bite into the white peaches and wet melons. This is the restaurant of Eros.

A full-course meal of lusty dishes. A full plate of luscious meat and ripe sexual fruit. I don’t need anything else.

Your exposed body is so beautiful, an indescribable happiness. I want it all, from the beginning o the moment it ends. Show me more of your smile. I want to be with you, whereever you are. Let me do you.

The two of us together, a miracle. Brought together by love, here and now, an eternal Eden! I’m by your side forever, I’ve decided in my heart. I want to believe in these feelings with all my soul. An open and honest love (open and honest)

A beautiful flower in a field of lilies. Sharing an endless love a countless number of times. An ephemeral relfection of romantic pictures. Let’s speak to one another, because we swore to the future.

We don’t need anything else. Let’s bare ourselves to one another. A miracle. Brought together by love. Here and now, an eternal Eden!

It’s like, it starts out like typical crap porn fiction on Fanfiction.net, then it gets better, and just as you think Taketo’s finally decided to move past using the porn as a gimmick, he throws in some more sexual imagery.

Dammit Taketo, you’re suppose to be thinking love! Romance!

Not hardcore morally outrageous degrading exploitative superficial filth.

Personally, I never did manage to think of Fukune-chan in a sexual manner. Which is why this segment caused me to engage in repeated facepalms.

But holy crap it worked. Somehow. I’d prefer to think that Fukune-chan was more moved by the melody and the choir than the lyrics.

And she unleashes the fury. Finally we’ve gotten a glimpse of that Clarinet Genius and it is epic.

… if you found Loli Fukune-chan more arousing (I can’t believe I’m typing this) than Teen Fukune-chan, something is seriously wrong with you.

Either that or you’re well on your way along the eightfold path of the otaku.

I am so thankful that AIC didn’t ruin this moment.

Thank you AIC for restraining yourself. We really didn’t need any innuendo or crass visual metaphors to parallel Fukune-chan’s crescendo to that of a Eroge climax scene.

Although this segment was quite jarring.

I mean, it works with young supple musicians, but I don’t think 70+ year old clarinettists would want to imagine themselves nude whenever they feel like they’ve pulled off an excellent performance.

And here we are again. No kiss for Taketo.

“Those lyrics… I didn’t really understand them.”
“Someday I think you’ll understand” -nervous, relieved, forced laugh-

This road isn’t going to be easy, dear boy.

I must say, I never really liked the Sensei in her previous appearances, but drunk teachers always hit the spot.

And that’s how their story ends. They aren’t even sitting in adjacent seats.

So much fanservice and AIC couldn’t even throw in an innocent kiss. Such oversight can only be deliberate.

Sad Utae-chan.

But she really is better off this way. Taketo really isn’t suited to her. Thank goodness she realizes it and moves on with her life.

That’s the cheerful Utae-chan I know and love.

Also, props to Raika.

It’s kind of cute how earnest she is in being part of the choir.

Dat smile.

Of course, no matter how cute Raika can be when she turns on the charm, she can’t beat my beloved Tsukuru-chan.





Ahem. Final impressions.

Objectively speaking, R-15 isn’t a great show. The plot is messy, and the fanservice isn’t consistent. There was even a frightful episode of animation failure halfway through the series.

But it was fun. It may have had its lows, but it definitely had its highs as well. If nothing else, it was a fluffy anime that I could easily enjoy.

Now all that’s left is to wait for the Blu-Ray release. Uncensored Tsukuru-chan, how I pine for you.

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