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Kami-sama no Memo-chou 12 [END]: Alice was kind of useless after all, huh

Dear Alice,

Don’t be sad. People still love you, even though it’s more for your loli appearance and goth fashion rather than your investigational skills.

You still have a future in the manga adaptation, as delayed as it may be.

I do appreciate you gathering the gang together again. What with the fancy posing shot and all, making it seem as if Narumi was the clumsy fool who’s always 3 steps behind.

I did use the word ‘again’, didn’t I? Perhaps that was a little ambiguous. I should be saying, “I do appreciate you gathering the gang together for the first time since the first episode to make it seem as if this was an actual detective team and not just a girl and her 3 stereotypical misfits.”

The first time. Since the first episode. If you’re only coming off as a detective agency in the first and last episodes, perhaps you should consider the possibility that you’re doing something wrong.

It was simultaneously vindicating – that you did perform the mobile phone trace after all, in accordance to my expectations; and depressing – that it was Narumi who had to get you to do it.

Just imagine, my dear.

If you had performed the mobile phone trace earlier, you would have established Shirou’s location before he could have deployed it as a taunting decoy.

I didn’t actually expect him to be smart enough to lose the phone, since this is the last episode, and I was anticipating a rushed resolution to this investigation.

One point to Shirou, none to you.

Also, because of this late development, we’re now forced to watch Narumi manifest the Internet Tough Guy and beat up a helpless drug junkie.

His expression does carry that distinct aura of “U mad, bro?”

And yes Alice, after being forced to endure that scene of faux masculinity that stemmed as a direct consequence of your failure to act, I am indeed mad.

Let’s take a breather from detailing your failings.

Speaking of breathers, notice that Ayaka has been tracheotomized.

Let’s set aside the negativity, the rage that I feel at Ayaka having an surgical procedure being performed on her  – as far as I know, air can be supplied via a face mask, or tracheal intubation at worst; her injuries from her impact did not produce fractures, or an inflammation of the neck, that would justify cutting a hole in her throat, but then again I’m not a medical student so I guess I’m not qualified to comment on this – and let’s concentrate on the discomfort she might feel when she wakes up, with a tube in her throat and all.

Suffice to say that Ayaka’s pain is roughly approximate to the pain I feel when I realized that I’ve wasted at least 2 months of my life covering this anime, hoping that it would get better despite suspicions to the contrary, and being proven right in the end.

Let’s move on.

In last episode’s review I compared Shirou to Professor Moriarty. I realize that this was an error – it implied that you were anywhere near Sherlock Holmes’ level, which you’re not.

Holmes would have scrutinized every piece of evidence that he had gotten his hands on, including the Angel Fix packaging. He wouldn’t have needed to rely on some self-obsessed whiny school student to find this clue for him.

You’re not really a detective, aren’t you, dear girl?

You’re just a hacker. A hacker who spends her time linking her computer to arcade machines to play baseball games.

And even gamers in real life recently managed to replicate the structure of a retrovirus enzyme – a puzzle that had stumped scientists for more than a decade. What have you done lately?

I do have to applaud you for one thing: through your actions, directly or indirectly, you managed to get Narumi to take the Angel Fix.

I’m sure there would have been other ways of tracing the drugs to their source, such as tailing other drug addicts.

But I’m in favour of this plan. Any action that could reduce Narumi into a drug junkie is a win in my book. One point to you, Alice.

Plus, we did get a strange vision of Ayaka with angel wings.

If anything else, it proves that Shirou’s a dirty rotten liar. Those wings aren’t pink.

This drug distribution system was doomed to fail, wasn’t it? It relied on drug addicts wandering through the alleys of Shibuya until they found a dealer, who would only be marked by that tattoo that could only be seen when they were on the drugs.

Which implies that drug addicts could finish their stock of Angel Fix and never be able to find a dealer again.

Not to mention that if they were wandering through the streets while high on the drug, police officers would have tackled him in seconds. Not that there are police officers in this anime.

Which brings me to the next point, which would be the final nail in the coffin.

And that is this: Shirou had no endgame at all.

There was no master plan that involved getting rich on a new drug that had no substitute, no attempt at impressing pharmaceutical companies, no social agenda he was trying to promote or enforce.

He was just screwing around and getting high for shits and giggles. And would probably have died from overdosing or withdrawal or malnutrition or infection or poisoning or even blunt trauma from falling over while seeing visions of pink angel wings.

Alice, this does seem like you were completely redundant and unnecessary, doesn’t it?

The source of the drug would have offed himself sooner or later. The drug addicts could finish their stock of Angel Fix and never be able to find a dealer again.

Seems like a self-solving problem to me.

I liked how you invoked a bit of Jewish/Christian theology to mess with Shirou in his final moments. Spoken like a spiteful little girl who desperately needed to retain her image of relevance and superiority.

Alice, about the only thing that you did right in this episode was bringing Narumi to the rooftop so that Ayaka’s efforts wouldn’t have gone to waste.

But I can find no data to support your claim that the long-headed poppy “blooms at dawn and wilts within the day”. Perhaps you confused it with the Venice Mallow, or the Jamaican Fever Plant?

At best, it was a possible misinterpretation of the fact that the long-headed poppy wilts within a few days of flowering.

I sincerely hope that this wasn’t another attempt at trying to appear mysterious or dramatic.

Thank goodness for Ayaka waking up.

The last time I felt such enjoyment in this anime, Ayaka’s awakening notwithstanding, was way back in episode 1.

Alice, you yourself clearly defined your own limitations and made yourself a liability.

“I am a NEET Detective. A speaker for the dead. I’m here to dig up words that were lost.”

Which is all fine and good, but you constantly take on cases which involve the living. You are outside your realm of expertise, and it shows.

I don’t actually hate you. I’m not at the point where if there was a season 2, I’d refuse to watch it.

It’s just that all the irritations, all the pacing, direction and scriptwriting issues just kept building up. I had to forcibly stimulate my own interest in this anime, to make an effort to watch each episode and find redeeming qualities when it should have been done for me. And the further into the series, the more effort I needed to expend to get through each successive episode – let’s not even talk about reviewing them.

And now that the series has ended, I have no energy left to feign affection for you, or any character, with the exception of Min-san and Ayaka. I have a feeling that if they had been given greater screentime, I might have ended up not caring for them either.

Perhaps in the future, when I have a working knowledge of the Japanese language, I’ll read the light novels and be pleasantly surprised by the story, the characterization, the deductive ingenuity that you were supposed to exhibit. But until then, I’m just pleased to be able to set this series aside and not think about it anymore.

Here’s hoping that you dump Narumi sooner or later.


P.S. The sooner the better.

  1. xexexe
    September 26, 2011 at 9:41 am

    LOL go easy on the bashing, ’cause the screenwriters/directors probably messed up big-time.

    Alice just never caught my attention, since she failed to convey to me her greatness since episode one. Don’t get my wrong, though. I think she’s a good character; she just fails epically at showing me how a NEET detective would get her job down in a more professional and cool fashion.

    Narumi…meh, you already know I share with you an aversion towards him, and this episode is no different. I like how he “manned up” in the final episode to beat up a guy who could barely move. Real nice, Narumi, real nice. Once again, you have made me cringe. Watching Narumi “high” was fun, though, as the normal Narumi is just too boring.

    And I did not realize there were so many holes, big holes, in the storyline, until you pointed them out…O.O;; (especially the fact that the drug addicts would never be able to find any dealers once they run out of their pills.) Like I said, the producers of the show had some brainfarts, apparently.

    A side note for long-headed poppy, I looked up some Japanese websites, and they say that long-headed poppies, or “nagamihinageshi” in Japanese, are indeed one-day flowers (ichinichibana), and that most people don’t realize they only last for one day because not all of them bloom and wilt at the same time, so people would get the false perception that they last longer than a day, while in fact the wilted ones are just constantly being replaced by newly blooming ones. Whether this is only true in Japan/Japanese culture, I don’t know, but at least Alice wasn’t lying. XD

    • JohnnyYandere
      September 26, 2011 at 4:36 pm

      Well, in the scriptwriter’s/author’s defence, it’s not possible to write a perfect detective story without sacrificing realism and vice versa. I’m sure if I decided to examine Arthur Conan Doyle’s or Agatha Christie’s work I could find errata as well.

      But I really do not want to go through the series again to look for more plot holes. Ugh.

      About the flowers – perhaps I may have gone overboard with my RAEG. But then it brings up another plothole – as you mentioned, the Nagamihinageshi are unlikely to all bloom at once. And at sunrise too.

      I’d rather blame Alice for misidentifying the flower than Ayaka for growing flowers unsuited to her ornamental display~

  2. jon2435
    September 26, 2011 at 11:20 am

    Ayaka is on a ventilator. That means she can’t breath on her own at all. People put on breathing masks can, but just need a richer oxygen percentage to keep their blood oxygen percent above 85%. The reason doctors go with the tracheotomy over the endotracheal tubes for long term (greater than 2 weeks or so) use with the ventilator is patient comfort and simplicity. It’s hard on the patients to use tubes that go down the throat through the mouth. Yeah, it’s hard to have a hole in the neck, but for the long term it’s a good option.

    I would’ve commented if I had no experience with life support. I’ve had to deal with the endotracheal tubes.

    • jon2435
      September 26, 2011 at 11:34 am

      Haha I was so busy with the life support thing… The review is great. I hate it when they get simple so wrong. My personal favorite is disabling a gun by cleanly cutting the barrel off. If your not at all familiar with guns. This would at best effect the weapon accuracy, at worse, with automatic pistols, cause the weapon to only be able to fire once more.

      • JohnnyYandere
        September 26, 2011 at 5:26 pm

        Heh. I stand corrected. Although I should have made it clearer that while the tracheotomy annoyed me, it was the pain that Ayaka had to go through that irked me more.

        It’s not entirely Alice’s fault, but it rubs me the wrong way that Alice is so set on being neutral that she won’t bother looking into her own friends’ circumstances.

        If Alice had started looking into the Angel Fix back when Yondaime first brought it up, perhaps events might never had led to Ayaka jumping off the building.

        Thanks for the comments though, and I hear you on the gun disabling thing. Although I can’t actually remember the last time I watched an anime that featured such gun-slicing techniques (” ´_ゝ`)

  3. Tyler Junky
    September 29, 2011 at 4:00 am

    I agree with most of what you said. But in the end I really REALLY loved this anime. It’s like a present time Gosick, Which in my opinion makes more entertaining then Gosick. Grate reviews. Keep them coming I’ll be reviewing this and Hanasaku Iroh soon so I hope you’ll give it a read.

  4. Jae
    March 10, 2012 at 12:55 am

    Nice review. I agree with the long-headed poppy part. Also, I think the part where Alice spoke “like a spiteful little girl who desperately needed to retain her image of relevance and superiority” is more like Alice’s way of getting back at the Shirou for what happened to Ayaka. I don’t think Alice is really neutral about the case with the drug… she’s just socially awkward to express it properly.

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