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Manyuu Hikenchou – 08 : Why Do We Human Beings Have To Be Born With Breasts?

Nuff said. Kaede is win.

Mie Hatomune is suppose to be the emperor!? The peasants are getting more than plenty and the emperor is not getting any? Ridiculous.

We are once again reminded that this series means serious business and will not hesitate to kill off calafares by excessive blood loss.

This episode is a dialogue centric one debating the existence of boobs.

Mie Hatomune had obtained PHDs in Oppailogy, Boobsophy and Bullshiting.

We all know it is redundant to screenshot what happens to Mie Hatomune after this statement.

The challenger for this episode appears!

Defeating Kaede in 4 frames.

And Chifusa in 2 frames.

The scroll was snatched away from her and rape ensues.

Meanwhile, Kaede had a one night stand with Mie Hatomune.

While the mastermind of this episode enjoys himself, once again making the reason for Mie Hatomune’s withdrawal syndromes a joke.

Chifusa was bondaged and fucked so mindlessly she lost her sight.

And her boobs started bleeding.

Triggering the wrath of the emperor.

Well, Wikipedia stated it is spelled Hatomune..

No way you can make such a stupid assumption.

Henceforth, Mie Hatomune assumed the role of a Dynasty Warrior Hero, cutting through the plagues of samurais like weeds.

While chanting his cheat code of course.

Well… He ain’t emperor for nothing.

In the mean time, Chifusa took less than 5 frames to finish off this week’s challenger.

Chifusa’s blushing moe face never sighted before.

Instant KyunShin (Death By Moe) Mie Hatomune.

I guess… Mie Hatomune might be a main character after all.

Manyū hiken-chō uncensored / Manyuu Hikenchou uncensored 08.

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