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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu S2 – 10: He sacrificed but he was none the wiser

We’ve come to a point where we know exactly what to expect and what NOT to expect when Himeji dons her cooking gear.

Being Akihisa is suffering.

I shan’t delve into the battle and politics that is rife in this episode, as it’ll be too much to talk about in so little time. I’d just like to document the melancholy that is Akihisa.

With an IQ of 7, this creature is incapable of understanding the predicament he’s in. All he knows is that the day starts with him suffering, and it ends with him suffering more, hurting from the pain of suffering.

Many girls have taken a liking to this peculiar creature. Their displays of affection are somewhat…unsettling though, to say the least.

Akihisa may not be able to rationalize why he must go through all this, but through repetition, he is aware that food from the pink-haired lady is as unpalatable as it is poisonous.

He is often made to wear silly, frilly clothes at the whim of the people around him.

Akihisa is confused and bewildered, but alas, being Akihisa is suffering.

He must fight! But he does not know why.

But he soldiers on, because he will get food after each successful fight.

He is double-crossed! But he does not know why.

“For the sake of my class, I must appease the twin-tailed one. For that, I must suffer!”

And hearken! For that very fateful day came when Akihisa developed sentience, and became conscious that he does all this for a friend called Minami.

Minami reciprocates as well. At long last, Akihisa has found meaning in his life!

Akihisa is happy.

Being Akihisa…is no longer suffering.

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