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Manyuu Hikenchou – 07 : The Boobie Kid.

Never talk about big boobs in front of Kaede or she will try to rip them off. True story.

Boobie fanservice anime always starts the story zooming out from mega tits.

This episode once again tackles another incident of disappearing boobs. Cheerfully showering away and enjoying their Yuru nuru yuri action, they were ambushed by an UHN, Unidentified Hidden Ninja…

and now all the servants have bigger titties than the Okami. Well, IMHO, she is still a DFC.

But please… stop being stupid and demanding the impossible. Go to a plastic surgeon and buy some back instead.

Ouka dono debuts as the cool looking Yu Kanda ripoff.

Since the last episode, Chifusa, with her almighty tits, finally felt the full consequences of having tits that are 1/3 her body weight. She engaged the help of a famous masseuse, Momoha Munamori, renown for curing fictional diseases.

Of course, the town is buzzing with news of the Boobie Boy, a Peter Pan wanna be who steals tits from the rich and distribute them to the poor. How the heck he does that?

The next victim was announced to be this old busu on the right and Chifusa, curious about the Boobie Boy who was rumored to be a fellow tits absorber, signed up to guard this fat pork. She wanted to learn how to control her Chichinagare, the Boob flow technique.

Pettanko Kaede wasn’t welcome though. She got verbally abused by the fat pork.

Ouka, being another pettanko, was rejected at first…

until she sliced Chifusa’s clothes off in a flash and…

brought salvation to the masses. Check out the 3 way nose bleeding alien whose eyes are located too high up on his forehead. Talk about animation quality. Every time I watched the opening anime song, I always asked myself the same old question: Is this even the same anime? The animation quality between the opening song video and the real episode has a world of difference. Meanwhile, Chifusa has grown so used to public exposure she no longer bothers to cover up her tits anymore.

Quote of the day.

Curious about Ouka’s higher level of sword mastery, Chifusa questioned how she was able to do so. She learnt that Ouka had a miserable childhood.

Titty Pan fell for the trap.

She proves to be really able to deflate boobs just with her hand! Chifusa’s boobs are under attack!

But they seemed to have grown bigger? =_=|| I can’t tell the difference anymore. The titties look massive in this screenshot. The animators should really be more consistent and make use of a simple tool called the ruler.

Titty Pan revealed herself as the masseuse earlier, coming from the same family and proud to be able to meet Chifusa.

Chifusa explained her desire to return the tits to the people she taken them from.

But before the pair could catch up, Ouka appeared and revealed her true intention to assassinate Chifusa.

Never thought I’ll actually see a good samurai battle scene from this anime.

Ouka proves to be overwhelming. Without Kaede by her side, Chifusa is nothing but a punching bag.

Is this the first time we see Chifusa’s titties getting sliced? The sliced tits vaporise into thin air. With this evidence, I can pretty much conclude that it’s just air inside those oversize boobs. To be more specific, 66% hydrogen & 33% oxygen.

What a good comeback line, not good enough to save a life though.

Omg, this can’t be happening. Momoha took a backstab from Ouka and begun coughing out blood. I thought this was an ecchi comedy anime! NO ONE IS SUPPOSE TO DIE!! ITS SUPPOSE TO BE ALL FLUFFY AND NICE!!!

T_T  Can’t believe Momoha really died.

You evil mastermind.

Munamori Momoha, you will always be remembered as the first fatality in this boob joke show. Your death reminds us audiences that this show is serious samurai business and that the swords and weapons in this anime can actually cut and inflict fatal wounds instead of just deflating oversize boobs. RIP.

Manyū hiken-chō uncensored / Manyuu Hikenchou uncensored 07.

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