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Manyuu Hikenchou – 06 : Boobie Fountain.

You fail big time as a villain in this anime. Now, struggle for the little remaining screen time you have left pathetic pettanko!

Ambush right at the start of this episode, Chifusa finds herself seeing her mother on everyone with the approximate tit size.

No way… they all have the same boob size.  Chifusa is overly obsessed with her mom’s titties.

In this episode, she finally dawn upon the reason why she kept absorbing others tits.

It’s because Chifusa is longing for her mom’s tits, and this feeling grew strong after her encounter with the boob buns kids last episode.

Covering your tits fleeing in terror, you call yourselves assassins? Tits over honor!

I guess the assassins actually fulfilled their mission. Chifusa was sort of taken down in the end, by the sheer weight of her own boobs though. Although from my point of view, she can now sleep anywhere comfortably without a pillow.

WTH… they even brought in nuns in this anime. When did nuns and boobs ever go together?

So they finally ran out of ideas eh… Having a nun grab Chifusa’s tits, telling her there’s bad karma in them. What an interesting plot!

Haft, as a noun, it is defined as a handle or hilt, especially the handle of a tool or weapon. Well I guess it makes sense, since technically all tits are weapons of mass destruction.

And the solution? Repenting and building a boob fountain in a boob shrine in between two boob-like mountains with two boob-obsessed nuns.

LOLWUT? Kagefusa grew back tits?! ∑(O_O;) I thought she lost them since episode 1. I even documented the whole process down! Immortalized in our blog!

Now, how can big tits be a burden when they save your life? Even if they did it in the most embarrassing way.





ギャ━━━━━━Σヾ(゚Д゚)ノ━━━━━━ !!!!

Forget about the sex deprived nun performing nuru gel massage, now we have IYS, Incestual Yuri Skin-ship between mother and daughter.

Wait a minute!? I thought Chifusa’s self illusionary obsession only triggers when she sees people with approximately the same boob size as her mother?!

They are definitely making this a running joke, despite how un-humourous it is.

Super ultra great delicious wonderful facepalm.

Best line this episode. The rest of this episode, too mushy for me to give one liners. So since a picture means a thousand words, let the screen caps with subtitles take you on a magical journey about the bittersweet love hate relationships between sisters.. and tits.

Sorry to disturb your scrolling down journey, I just had to input: _| ̄|○


Summary of this episode? The half sisters reconciled!

I see the main antagonist.

And a new challenger appears!

Quote of the day.

Manyū hiken-chō uncensored / Manyuu Hikenchou uncensored 06.

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