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Hanasaku Iroha – 23: Ohana’s mom and Kou big NTR explosion

Night after night living in solitude, wrapped in the hustle and bustle of the city, she yearns for the touch of a man to satisfy her building and insatiable lust. The enticing scent of a male is just within her grasp, but she is painfully aware that his heart is unwaveringly bound to her daughter, sent far and away to the countryside.

Unable to resist any longer, she stalks his workplace like a cougar, putting together her years of experience and womanly charm to slowly lure him into her carefully spun web, ready to ensnare him. He had never been in a relationship, and the mere thought that a much older woman is interested in him set the fire in his heart ablazing. His rational mind did all it could to veer him away from the cliff of no return, but it is inevitable that once a cougar has marked its prey, there is not a chance of escape.

She opens the door to her apartment, and beckons seductively at him to follow in her trail. At last, she can nearly taste the forbidden fruit…

…but her internet connection suddenly tripped, and all her NTR manga downloads were interrupted. Ahh, gotta curb that craving with a joint.

Sorry, couldn’t help it.

The mood was morose and sombre after Okami-san announced that she intended to close down the inn.

Usually the shocking news takes time to settle, and the staff are moping around the inn contemplating on what to do with everything they’ve got.

I can sort of empathize with them. The thought of losing something that has been a firm establishment often makes you not want to do anything at all, and you’ve got your mind full with resentment and confusion.

To those who don’t dwell on the past, it signals an opportune time to do something radical.

Despite the random fail Engrish moments and general incompetence at coming up with advertising ideas, Takako does share the same spirit with Ohana, of taking matters into their own hands.

If something goes wrong, it won’t right itself, and thus we need these kinds of people to take the problem on the jugular.

It is no wonder that Takako and Ohana click well after spending some time with each other. Both are thrust into the situation where they suddenly realize that they are aunt and niece by law of marriage, and the only way to break the ice between them is to communicate.

They are both going to Tokyo for very different reasons, but they have been spurred on by recent events at Kissuisho, and they are not going to mope around like the rest of the staff.

When it comes to the crunch, Takako is surprisingly reliable. She may spout fail Engrish, but she lives by it. Not being fail at Engrish, but stuff like “Never give up” and “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”.

Whether you like it or not, Takako is slowly coming out of the shadow of being just a minor character. She’s now related to Ohana, and she has even tied up with her sister-in-law to round up the dastardly dishonest director. 1-up for alliteration!

I’m not sure what to think about the minor character that is Kou. Yeah I said it, Kou’s a minor character in my book.

His name gets thrown around by Ohana every now and then like a ragdoll being flung around by a rabid dog.

Person: “So you have a boyfriend in Tokyo?”

Ohana: “oh no kou chan and i are just friends but i don’t really know if he still likes me or does he like that igarashi girl but why did i even mention his name when you don’t need to know who i’m actually talking about i mean you already said he’s in tokyo so you have nothing to do with kou chan omg i just said his name again kou chan pls help me i have a one-sided crush on you”

And apart from Episode 1 and one random episode halfway into the series, he has nothing at all to do with anything that goes on in this anime. He’s just supposed to be known as Ohana’s love interest. And now he comes back in the last few episodes and try to steal the show by firming up his resolve to pursue Ohana?

Give me a break. I’m not a shipper of Tohru x Ohana, but given the amount of screentime and development Tohru had, I’d almost want him to be with Ohana instead of Kou.

Naturally, this is a bit unfair to Kou, but I can’t help but feel he’s only significant because Ohana has to return to Tokyo one day and he is the strongest case to make her come back.

And then he spouts some lame-ass crap about not drinking coffee because he wants to remember the day he drank coffee when he met Ohana. If you miss her so much, freaking go and visit her, and not just give up cos you made one failed trip. Or at least try to make one girl jealous enough to fight the other girl over you.

No wonder Satsuki checked up on him. She’s probably like, “U SRSLY wanna date my daughter? Or did not drinking coffee make your balls shrink?”

If he was a major character, he’d be made to be a bit more proactive in his chase. And we still haven’t heard a word about Igarashi.

I seriously hope in the next few episodes, Ohana gets over Kou and moves on. But it’s not going to happen because BREAKING NEWS, Kou has just been upgraded to major character, cos his total screentime can’t even make up a single episode.

Other musings:

This is what I call a waste. Such a lovely character design, tons more screentime than Kou, but in the end she’s just a side character. She got this scene because the producers felt bad for her. HOW DOES THIS FIGURE?

Alas, Takako’s Engrish fails, and it fails her. Shouting ‘KILLER’ rather than “MOLESTER” in a crowd is likely to cause mass panic rather than creating the desired effect of singling out that one person.

Poor old Tomoe. She needs to get married, cos getting married instantly guarantees you at least 4 solid episodes of screentime.

That means Yuina should get married as well. And Kou should just cease to exist.

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