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Kami-sama no Memo-chou 09: Three loaded bases short of a grand slam

I think this is KamiMemo’s idea of a beach episode.

The rigid, uptight, upstanding moral defender side of me is pleased that the writers didn’t cave in.

The non-hypocritical, debased side of me is upset at not being able to see Min-san in a bikini.

Profoundly upset.

So I always considered Sumo Wrestling to be the national sport of Japan, but as it turns out there isn’t actually an official national sport, and if there was, it probably ought to be baseball.

I knew that baseball was serious business, but I didn’t think it was serious business.

Pretty idiosyncratic for a country that seems to thrive off a love-hate relationship with the country that introduced baseball to them in the first place.

Also, if it weren’t for MoshiDora, I’d probably have no idea how baseball worked, and this episode might have been more painful than usual. Nice to know that my time spent watching and thinking about MoshiDora was only partly wasted, rather than completely.

Ugh, Yakuza Lite. Real Yakuza wouldn’t have bothered with silly games, they’d have risen the rent, then offed the arcade owner anyway. There’s no way the rent could match the earnings of a pachinko parlour.

Of course, if the owner could still turn a profit, they ought to drag him into banking and high finance.

Also I wished Nemo had meant the arcade baseball game rather than an actual match. It would have been funnier to see Yakuza thumping away at arcade machines rather than Narumi on a baseball pitch, but oh well.

Meo’s still around? And apparently only has one set of clothes.

Still, Meo is infinitely preferable to Narumi, faux-Thai and all.

And more Min-san.

This makes me long for that beach episode all the more. Min-san, Ayaka, Meo, and Alice.

Such a wasted opportunity, J.C. Staff, such a waste.

Have I mentioned that I hate it when Alice smiles? Correction, that I hate it when Alice smiles so often?

She’s supposed to be this unemotional analytic supercomputer in the form of a young girl. Then when she dazzles everyone with supreme intelligence once again she can give a little smile of superiority. I’m totally down with that.

But when she smiles so frequently Alice becomes less of a genius and more of a little girl. Which, I guess is completely normal and expected, but also rather boring.

I didn’t think I’d be missing Gosick’s Victorique this much.

So the instant Min-san’s oppai were given screentime I knew they would contribute to their eventual victory.

If one of my guy friends went through a gender op, I would be surprised, then resigned, then accepting. Then I’d probably try to troll him her any chance I get.

Conversely, if a girl I liked went through a gender op, I don’t think I’d be able to have a proper conversation with her him ever again.

Props to Yoshiki trolling Yondaime for all it’s worth.

It’s the little details that make things so much better.

This episode was honestly quite the letdown, but at least Narumi got flung into a vending machine.

So I heard Alice likes Pokémon #320.

Surprise! Predictions were right on the mark once again.

Excellent trade though. I’d have taken two fastballs to the face to have Min-san run at me again with those generous assets on display.

This is the smile that I’m talking about.

Of course, I’m surprised Alice didn’t attempt some trolling by turning up in a gothic lolita outfit to bat, but she probably knew in advance she’d only get it dirty.

Speaking of her gothic lolita outfit, she’s only worn it once. A crying shame, that. If I were her, I’d wear those elaborate ensembles 24/7. She lives in a permanently air-conditioned apartment, after all.

Narumi saves the day again.

I am no closer to figuring out the precise characteristic that makes me hate him. Probably because I spend much of each KamiMemo episode trying to not think about him.

See how much better this episode would have been if it was all about the arcade machines? Alice hacking into the arcade to ensure the victory.

It would have been like Nagato and The Day of Sagittarius 3 all over again, except with more Narumi getting smashed by Yakuza when Alice screws up for personal amusement.

All in all, an average episode with occasional highs. At least it didn’t drag onto the next.

KamiMemo’s making me miss Shinrei Tantei Yakumo. Mysteries that took place over two episodes – the first to introduce, the second to resolve – while still advancing the overarching storyline.

Maybe someday we’d have a mystery anime that resolves mysteries in the first half of the episode and introduce a new mystery in the second half while advancing the grand story arc. There would actually be something to look forward to each episode. In the meantime I’ll have to find a replacement for Sherlock Holmes for my mystery fix.

  1. xexexe
    September 5, 2011 at 12:42 pm

    I guess you reviewed Shinrei Tantei Yakumo, too? The show was on air quite a while ago, so I guess I hadn’t started commenting on this blog regularly back then. It’s funny because I was just thinking about STY today, too, mainly because its ending theme, “missing you”, came up on my iPod, and I put it on repeat for the next 30 minutes XP The only problem I had with STY was that I didn’t (and still don’t) understand how and from where Yakumo’s real father (dude with two red eyes) came into play. He just suddenly appeared, and the show didn’t explain to me at all his reason of wanting to torment Yakumo. (Or maybe somehow I missed that crucial explanation part, but I was too lazy to rewatch the whole thing.)

    Anyway, back to KamiMemo. I feel like the show has become severely sidetracked and lost sight of its original theme and purpose. There are so many cool things/ideas they should be able to do with a NEET team composed of a girl genius/hikikomori/tech savvy, an ex-boxer/gambler/info-gatherer, a baby-faced univ student who’s into military and spying, and a gigolo. Instead, what do we get? Narumi–that’s right–your average high-schooler whose sole purpose in the show is to suppress the great potential the show encases. (Like you suggested as an example, this episode could be a lot more interesting if it mainly involved arcade, Alice, and hacking.) I guess I wouldn’t be complaining so much if they hadn’t done such a good job with the first episode. Oh well, to me, at least the show isn’t horrendous, either, unlike A Dark Rabbit Has Seven Lives some other shows this season that have failed to impress me by a big margin.

    • JohnnyYandere
      September 5, 2011 at 1:46 pm

      Nah, I didn’t review Yakumo. Only started blogging last season. But I enjoyed it because it was kind of like xxxHOLiC with a stronger mystery. Although I’d still say xxxHOLiC was superior.

      Spoilers: IIRC Yakumo’s dad was actually a spirit and was trying to make Yakumo give in to hate/anger/despair/etc so he could possess him. A rather weak ending to the anime, I’d say.

      With regards to Yakumo music, I loved the short music that played during the new episode previews, with the drums and the chanting. Too bad it never got a full track treatment.

      Back to KamiMemo. I really don’t know if the adaptation is bad, or if the original story itself was bad, since I can’t read the light novels I bought yet (due to Japanese proficiency not quite hitting 5th grade levels at the moment). Maybe in a year or so I’ll consider doing a light novel summary and comparison if the light novels aren’t complete crap.

  2. Tyler Junky
    September 17, 2011 at 10:01 am

    Refresh my memory. Shinrei Tantei Yakumo is the one anime about the guy with the red eye that could see ghosts right? If so yeah that guy was quite amusing with his emotionallessness. But I feel if ??? was to much like that it would take away from the cute moe tendencies the anime has.

    • JohnnyYandere
      September 17, 2011 at 3:29 pm

      Yeah, Yakumo was a cool character in a cool setting – like Natsume Yuujinchou minus the lightheartedness – but was let down by some pacing issues and a terrible conclusion.

      The thing is that KamiMemo isn’t supposed to be moe oriented at all. It’s a mystery anime, not a comedy/ecchi anime. And J.C. Staff can’t even get their comedy or ecchi right.

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