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Manyuu Hikenchou – 05 : Boob Buns Don’t Cry.

Dices substituting nipples? I have seen screws playing that role in Star Driver, meat buns doing the same in Amagami SS… but dices? Even Rio: Rainbow Gate didn’t think of this. True story.

Even in her dreams, she wants a share of Chifusa’s boobs, what a strong desire.

Flashback to what caused Kaede to be bedridden.

The yuri couple were arguing about boobs.

They heeard the scream of a breastful one, Osuzu, whom Kaede rushed to the rescue…

Only to end up in a trap, rising 10 metres up the tree before falling 10 metres face down. It’s a miracle she’s just bedridden, thankfully her boobs didn’t add weight to make the fall fatal… unlike a certain school day anime.

Like how? Hiding the dice between them? Oh wait.. that might be it.

Introducing Yasuka, the widower (wow i had to google this) who blames his poor luck on the lack of breasts in his current life.

Flashbacking to Ofuji, the deceased wife with large assets, so large she made a song out of them to calm her children.

Well done Kaede! Most obvious lie ever!

Don’t give me that shag face samurai!

Manyuu Fantasy 9’s boob hunting party.

An ignorant Chifusa treating her boobs as punching bags…

while Osuzu gets raped.

It’s not like I wanted to do it OK? But it was just… so.. comfortable…

I couldn’t….


…orgasming countless times.

The males of this village has a lower hyper blood beam level than the previous villages, thus explaining their nosebleeds as arching beams with no golden streaks of light.

And with that, the villagers decided to hunt the “monsters” who assaulted their favourite pair of boobs. Of course, they engaged the help of the yuri couple.

Someone ought to try this in real life.

I bet Kaede did it to get closer to Chifusa’s boobs.

I think the producers are gonna make the lesbian thing a running gag.

I’ll do the same. Looks like Mie Hatomune is going to play a central role in this anime.

He has been popping out here and there ever since he was introduced 2 episodes ago.

LMAO! Poor Kaede, DENIED!

The plot was too obvious. The “monsters” were essentially Yasuke’s kids who missed their mum’s tits and boob buns.

Flashbacking to Chifusa’s childhood. MILF ALERT!

Well done Chifusa! You grew so strong you sliced her tits off!

Maybe Chifusa can absorb breast this way too?

Relinquishing the fond memories of her past, Chifusa decided to let the kids have a go @ her breasts.

Like an army of hungry anteaters….

they tried to squeeze some breast milk out of these..

Kids – They look so innocent but they are monsters inside. True story.

Even Kaede couldn’t resist the sight of children raping Chifusa.

Ever since this anime broadcasted you couldn’t.

The best pair of eyes… ever.

Meanwhile Osuzu was busying NTRing Yasuke.

TROLOLOLOLOLOLed. So much for all the trouble.

And we have a happily ever after.

When was this anime ever about anything else?

I love Chifusa’s mum permanent troll face.

There’s definitely some resemblance and if she opened her mouth, it will be undoubted.

Another original line from Manyuu Hikenchou. Try saying it with a serious face to your friends.

Manyū hiken-chō uncensored / Manyuu Hikenchou uncensored 05.

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