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Hanasaku Iroha – 22: Ka-ka-ka ka-ka-ta Omoi!

I stitched this tantalizing shot of Nako in a wedding dress that barely fits her just so that it can be worthy of the title picture of this post.

And also because only two things of note happened in this episode, and it was in the second part, not that it was a bad thing.

For now, just enjoy the bareback Nako.

I still don’t see what Enishi saw in Takako to make him decide that she would be his wife. Waking the entire inn up and introducing her tiresome new regimes early in the morning isn’t the best way to endear yourself into the Kissuisho family.

It does help that she is the polar opposite of Enishi, and opposites do attract. Enishi is a sucker for getting controlled, and Takako loves being at the helm of everything. They’re made for each other.

The only reason I can think of them marrying is that Enishi will get his act together, and Takako will mellow down and return to being a Japanese.

Ohana then suddenly remembers about Kou or something. I kind of dislike the way they treat Kou. He’s there for the sake of being there as Ohana’s love interest whom she never talks about until she looks at her phone or gets occasionally lost in thought.

Till now, Kou has seen very little action, so I’m wondering why the producers are adamant on making Ohana harp on Kou every once in a while, like he’s an important part of the series but nobody apparently gives a shit.

And that Igarashi-san, who challenged Ohana to see who’ll win Kou’s heart only started talking in one episode late in the series. With just a few episodes left, I’m not sure whether this tiresome loveline between Ohana and Kou can come to a satisfactory conclusion.

And now she decides to have a so-called ‘one-sided’ love for Kou, when she clearly put her thoughts about him away just a few episodes back.

It’s not wholly Minko’s fault for being socially challenged; somehow Ohana has the uncanny ability to irritate the hell out of Minko as well.

Minko knows that Tohru is interested in Ohana and asks her to date him, but Ohana flat-out refuses and claims that she has a one-sided love for Kou.

To Ohana, she’s just being clueless, but to Minko, she’s being an absolute bitch. Cue bitchfight.

Thankfully Tohru makes a perfectly wrong appearance at the right time. It’s really time to clear up the misunderstanding that has been simmering for so long.

He likes Ohana because of her effervescent attitude, and not because she’s a romantic interest. And he never took notice of Minko’s affection for him, mistaking it for respect from an adoring apprentice.

It did clear up the situation somewhat. Tohru’s happy to see Ohana around as she brightens up the place, but he’s not exactly ready to look at Minko as a romantic interest.

And that gave Minko the impetus to have a one-sided love for Tohru *rolls eyes*, following Ohana’s example.

I really do think it could’ve been handled better. Tohru, Minko and Ohana should have sorted out this conflict in front of each other. What transpired was really an unspoken truce between Ohana and Minko. Just glazing it over like that isn’t really going to cut it when they face larger problems.

At least the threat level has been reduced from DefCon “DIE!!!” to DefCon “BALUT!!!”.

After the wedding, though, Okami-san finally decides to drop the bomb, that she intends to close Kissuisho down after forty years of business.

How will it turn out? If I had to guess, I’d say Ohana might be the one to stand up in protest as usual. She might follow in her grandmother’s footsteps of breaking off to create her own inn. Or she’ll go back to Tokyo and find Kou. I really don’t know. As I said earlier, there are only a few episodes left to tie up the fate of Kissuisho, and the fate of Ohana’s love life. I hope that with the stories of the minor characters *ahemEnishi&Takakoahem* out of the way, this series can go full throttle and give us a satisfactory ending to what has been a great show to just sit back and watch in relaxation.

Other random musings:

Actually Tomoe does look pretty with her hair down. But she turns into beast-mode when her man-radar is on the prowl, so maybe that’s what’s keeping her single.

I don’t really have to say who this is right? Right from episode 1, I could already see her fabulous potential. Gosh I’m speaking like one of those horny old men in Manyuu Hikenchou.

The producers really like to showcase Nako wearing the same outfit in comparison to other girls right? Anything Nako wears looks positively sexy, but take nothing away from Minko, who does have her own charms when she’s not displaying her pissed-off face.

That’s Denroku being manhandled by Jiromaru, who has become the most useless character in the series to have such longevity throughout the episodes. I mean, Jiromaru’s arc was done by episode 3, and you still see him goofing around in episode 22. At least try to make it interesting?

And this is supposedly Kimiko from nano.RIPE in anime form. Her performance at the wedding was a lead-in to the ED, which was quite a nice touch. I can’t say I’m a fan of nano.RIPE’s songs but her character design puts Takako to shame.



  1. Tyler Junky
    September 12, 2011 at 9:03 pm

    Well all I can say is “good luck to the newly weds!” I wonder how long there relantionship is going to last. LOL

    I’m glade that Tohru now knows that Minko loves him now. Mabie he’ll come ot like her soon.

    I’m thinking about reviewing this once it ends. I hope you’ll read and comment it when I post it.

    And your “DefCon DIE!!! to DefCon BALUT!!!” statement made me giggle. X)

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