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Manyuu Hikenchou – 04 : Breasts VS Tentacles.

The rain won’t deter me.
The wind won’t stop me.
If there are big breasts in the east, I shall admire their splendor.
If there are sagging breasts in the west, I shall love their humbleness.
If there are unbalanced breasts in the north, I shall understand their uniqueness.
If there are hanging bell-shaped breasts in the south, I shall devote myself to their strangeness.

– Mie Hatomune

Octopus food.  ( ̄(エ) ̄)

To enjoy good food and the luxury of eating them by the sea, you must have the financial power to back up your demand.

For two episodes and counting, Kaede proves to be more incapable than Chifusa in managing financial affairs. (#`皿´)<怒怒怒怒怒怒!!!

But it seems to me that the blunders she makes are actually blessings in disguise, plotted by the conspicuous anime producers to milk the benefits of consumer’s welfare. (^_-)☆

We are introduced to Oiso, the big breasted maiden that Mie Hatomune traveled to the edge of the land searching for.

Although we don’t get flashy delicious bikinis for a seaside episode in this anime, white clothed rags served as a decent enough replacement.

Oiso was once the ace veteran of diving for this seaside village that reaps the benefits of having oyster breeding grounds in close proximity. However, as she grew, her breast grew more than proportionately with her and before she knew it, her village became more well known for having big breasted divers than big delicious oysters. The physics lesson taught in this episode is that having big boobs deters diving because in the world of Manyuu Hikenchou, the boobs stubbornly becomes impregnable floating devices. In order for the well developed to dive potentially, they have to weigh themselves down with additional weights, which may result in unfavourable circumstances observed in the screenshot above. Oiso is officially the FIRST female character in this anime that is displeased with having super ultra great delicious wonderful boobs and wished that they will disappear for good. Unlike most side characters in this anime, diving is her life and her boobs are just getting in the way.

While Oiso’s backstory is uncovered, her sidekick, Mizuki was ambushed by the same stray beast that gave Mie Hatomune skin cancer syndrome.

Obviously, between the first scene and this, the results varied vastly and over here instead of a disgusted defrayal you get one grinning with pleasure creepily. Seems like Chifusa, Oiso and Kaede had the same sentiments I had as they watched the scene evolved into an erotic one without even lifting a finger till the end.

We then had the mysterious back story of the one eye scarred chief uncovered…

And what a GAR looking one…

But deep down inside, he is one GAR pervert…

deserving a GAR ending.

The chief’s back story was EPIC and TOTALLY relevant to the octopus hunting planning. Reason the anime came up with?

Both are suckers.

She’s just jealous she don’t get to fondle them this episode.

The villain of this episode enjoying its screen time. After fondling Oiso, it used her as a shield against Chifusa.

But luck was not on the brute’s side as the strategy it came up with was actually a “one stone two birds” affair for Chifusa and Oiso. A delicious wonderfully well camouflaged nipple slip is detected by my invincible radar.

A scene some of us may miss due to its absence in the last episode. A submerged moaning Chifusa with her boobs ballooning up is quite a visual and aural pleasure.

The poor creature salvaging its last few touches on the now deliciously flatten chest before the fire of its life extinguishes from Oiso’s re-found superior diving agility.

The floatation device mounted on Chifusa’s chest obtained an overwhelming upgrade this episode.

Gar chief is Gar.

Manly tears were shedded.

Traveled to the edge of the land in vain.

Mie Hatomune will soon view Chifusa as a deadly threat to his goal of uniting and creating the world’s best boobs harem.

Mark my words.

Manyū hiken-chō uncensored / Manyuu Hikenchou uncensored 04.

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