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Manyuu Hikenchou – 03 : The Art of Nipple Slip.

They are fine!

They are perfect!

Chiefs of villages in Manyuu Hikenchou are already living the ultimate dream life. What am I doing here? ( ̄へ ̄)

Their job is to send their maidens for breast competitions and to keep a look out on their maiden’s breasts conditions. \(--)/

Unfortunately for Nyuuji Village, their no.1 candidate became the latest victim of Boobs slashing, and there goes her only pride and joy. (八、)〜〜〜==3  ヒドイ・・・

Operation: Searching for Swinging Breast Competition Candidate Replacement STARTTTTO!

Meanwhile, our heroines find themselves once again in a very difficult financial situation due to the tardiness of a certain flat chested servant. On a side note, the phrase she rebuked Chifusa with is a favourite of mine.

This is a world where girls with big boobs command the highest paying jobs… regardless of how ridiculous it is the daily warm up exercise is.

and pettankos mass below the standard of living. (´。_。`)ゞぅぅぅ…

The well developed ones are also subjected to frequent molestations. But for this lighthearted anime, the perpetrator is often a female. This goes to say for most anime.

Any girls drawn with glittering stars in their eyes becomes an instant moe. At least for me!


The perverts of this anime knows no limit.

The story of a beautiful swan turning back to an ugly duckling.

Is the arrogant egotistic green hair girl above really the same as the demure gentle looking onee-sama below? Talk about quality control. LMAOed @ the reactions of the male characters in this series whenever they see an eye candy, even if the one causing their uncontrollable urge to release blood from their noses is from the rival camp.

Ok. I missed out some IMPORTANT jobscope of the chiefs in this anime: to fondle breasts and to plot breast assassinations of potential rivals.

Unfortunately for the samurai sword fighting action lovers, this episode’s budget was totally spent on swinging boobs.

Best appealing technique EVER! Who would have thought of such a brilliant idea except the chief of course! The power of water is to be feared by the lightly dressed females.

God-tier reactions triggered.

Weapons of mass destruction indeed. ∑(O_O;)

The sad lives of the flatter chested.

This is where all the budget for the samurai sword fighting scenes in this episode went to.

Chifusa never escapes from her episodic boobs exposure. ヘ(´o`)ヘ

I see 8 streaks of hyper beams. The level of nose bleeding goes beyond the laws of physics. 90 degrees of continuous rapid fire.

When boobs becomes too big for comfort, their demand becomes inversely proportionate with size.


Woohoo Chifusa! You struck the jackpot!! O(≧∇≦)O

Manyū hiken-chō uncensored / Manyuu Hikenchou uncensored 03.

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