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Hanasaku Iroha – 21: Minko RAAAAGE

That cold, piercing stare chills you to the very core of your being.

And poor Ohana was there to bear the full brunt of Minko’s wrath. Whatever did she do to deserve that?

It’s their fault, really. The series’ most useless couple suddenly decides to get married, amidst the bleak financial outlook of Kissuisho.

Okami-san isn’t supportive nor against that idea. To put it succinctly, she couldn’t give less of a damn, cos apparently she had discussions with Denroku, possibly over the future of the inn.

That led to the idea being brought up that the marriage should be held at Kissuisho to cut costs. And Ren, who was unusually supportive of the idea, delegated the task of sourcing for the wedding menu to Tohru.

Time for Tohru and Minko to spend some quality time together?

…apparently not. Not counting the part where he says he wants a noisy family with lots of kids (which did startle Minko), he alluded to comparisons between Ohana and Minko.

Not good to talk about other girls in front of your eternally adoring apprentice.

And that led to the eventual confrontation. Minko was overcome by her jealousy of Ohana and lashed out at her, asking her to date Tohru.

Of course, Takako and Enishing (Ugh, did I cringe when I heard that) weren’t directly responsible for this. It’s been boiling within Minko for some time, ever since Ohana began to exert her inexorable influence on Kissuisho.

Why is Ohana, the polar opposite of Minko, the one to steal Tohru’s attention away from her? I felt that Minko’s ranting at Ohana was fueled by her hate for herself, rather than being envious of Ohana. Her cold and aloof demeanour didn’t give Tohru any indication that she may be interested in him. Not that Ohana actively sought to seduce Tohru, but her bubbly attitude and positive outlook, coupled with her indefatigable determination to right the wrongs probably caught Tohru’s eye, and Minko must have been smacking herself sore over that.

I reckon Minko doesn’t even harbour true romantic feelings for Tohru. What she feels is probably a mixture of puppy love and respect to a slightly older male figure whom she learns her trade from. Note that she’s just happy looking at him from a distance, and she’s hesitant to show her feelings towards him.

On top of that, she gets startled over Tohru’s wish to have many kids in a busy, bustling family. Is she really ready to be the one for him?

Not to mention she has the emotional quotient of a potato. Wait. Scratch that. A potato fueled GlaDoS, supplying her enough energy for sentient thought. But I digress. She has the emotional quotient of a brick. Is she really to handle having a romantic interest ahead of being genial with her own friends?

Back to the Engrish-Enishing marriage though, Takako had always been aware of Okami-san’s apparent distaste for her being around the inn. She proposed to call off the wedding as it wasn’t the right time and she still hadn’t got Okami-san’s approval.

Okami-san did a 180 on her, surprisingly. She was supportive of their marriage, as she most likely felt that Takako, with her strong character, could bring happiness and stability to the weak and dependent Enishi. But it looked as if she had other plans for them.

I’m really wondering, with a handful of episodes left, what the fate of Kissuisho is going to be. Okami-san seemed so wrapped in thought after her discussion with Denroku, and judging by what has been said this episode, there might be radical changes to the inn.

Okay, this has been a really trash-worthy post from me. I really didn’t know what to write about it, apart from the Minko part. I guess that’s what happens when the episode is focused on THE ENGRISH RANGUAGE and PUSSY WUSSY.


  1. Tyler Junky
    August 27, 2011 at 3:28 pm

    This may seem heartless and inconceivable. But I’m somewhat glad Minko got what she had coming to her. It’s about time that Tsundere got some blows.

    And Ummmm….You don’t think Okami-sans going to let Ohana Succeed the inn do you? It just feels like a firm possibility you know. I mean…she IS the protagonist of the anime.

    And what is a “GlaDoS?” O_o

    • August 28, 2011 at 12:54 pm

      Minko just doesn’t know how to express herself. The stick she receives is kinda unwarranted.

      Maybe Kissuisho might go out of business altogether? It seems like a possibility, so Okami-san was preparing Takako and Enishi not to expect that they’ll take over the inn.

      And search for the game Portal. GlaDoS will be there to greet you.

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