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R-15 07: The empyrean sanctum of the female dormitory

That hallowed land where only the most courageous, most foolish, or most fortunate of men could enter.

And while it may be true that the true state of things may not live up to the tales and sagas…

… there are still splendiferous treasures to be found.

“Their value is greatly changed depending on whether or not they’ve been washed!”

Right from the start I knew that Taketo was not up to the task. Lesser men would desire only the stealth suit, and use it for its most primitive functions.

But the giants, the true visionaries, would have gone into that absolute territory armed with a full suite of self-powered surveillance equipment. Taketo, such tools are at your disposal and yet you do not think to ask of them. I am disappointed.

Perhaps I was hoping for too much in expecting a no plot, fanservice, all-girls episode. But there was sufficient Stark-chan this time. I am greatly pleased.

I didn’t think I’d end up liking Tsukuru this much. She can design mechanical abominations and yet still has to bring breakfast to Ran to beg her to do some research for her. Sadly, if such a girl existed in real life, I don’t think she’d be interested in guys at all.

Mad props to Ran for hacking into the Pentagon mainframe on a regular basis to mock their security. As well as having a backdoor into NASA.

So it turns out that there can be multiple Geniuses of the same classification but utilizing different methods.

Not that we need additional Narrator Geniuses. But more Idol Geniuses? Multiple Utae-chans? Utae-chans that specialize in Gravure and AV? This is relevant to my interests.

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of this episode is that Ran and Beni Botan have resolved their differences and are now the Onee-samas of the entire student body.

A pair of hot highschooling lesbian sexual predators on the loose.

We can only hope that we will be granted a small peek into their exploits in the remaining episodes.

I actually do feel kind of bad about sexualizing Utae now. Have I mentioned this before? I think I have.

Some vague notion of disrespect about thinking depraved thoughts about a girl who’s so innocent and pure. Such thoughts shore up 20% of Japan’s economy. Perhaps 25%.

Her purity made the Miko curious about all that is impure. Her pure body was the perfect target for a man’s obscene desires. The miko’s heart could no longer fight the pleasure of having her body and soul tainted. She was slipping into ecstasy.

“You haven’t changed your underwear in three days, have you?”
“Captain, what are you saying…”
“I already know. A captain is supposed to know everything about his staff after all.”
“U-Um, I’ve been on one flight after another nonstop recently. I’m sorry.”
“You need not apologize. The scent of sweat that permeates through them shows your true worth as a flight attendant. They are worth far more than a freshly washed pair.”
“Come, let me take a better look.”

It’s deliberate, those sneaky AIC bastards. There seems to be more scenes requiring censorship in the lead up to the final episode. And it’s working. I would pay good money for those uncensored Blu-Rays.

This Porno-kamen-rider thing could go far. Battling the forces of evil with the powers of a fertile imagination and unsurpassed linguistics skills.

No doubt there’s already an AV under this very theme, lingering in the closet of shame next to Hajirai Machine Girl.

This just begs for a spin-off game. I’m thinking of Arkham Asylum, but with girls.

But why stop there? Arham City, with girls! Imouto City!

Truly, Kirino was ahead of her time. While the world was languishing in harem anime and bland eroge, Kirino had already constructed the framework for an action-rpg where the protagonist is an Onee-sama in a dystopia filled with cute imoutos waiting to be rescued.

The ideal cast, wardrobe, and equipment for a zombie survival movie.

“It’s over, half of us are infected. Soon we”ll lose control of ourselves. We have to split up!”
“I’ve figured it out! The virus strengthens the prevailing emotions!”
“The population fell to hunger, but if we focus on lust, we could give each other’s bodies time to fight the infection.”
“We’ll have to work together for this…”
“I-It’s not that I like you or anything, I’m just trying to survive this virus outbreak!”

Ah, these three girls. I’m not so sure about Botan, but she seems to exhibit excellent… team dynamics with Ran.

Two Onee-sans who might need some comforting of their own, and one lovely Tsukuru-chan who’s always been one level above the Onee-san/Imouto hijinks…

Plus their hair colours totally coordinate.

And yet the girl I liked the most by the end of the episode was Raika.

Dammit, I’m too easily won over by the simple contrast of a tsuntsun going full deredere.

Not into tentacles unless they show up in the form of takoyaki or tako-nigiri, but this end card is fine too.

  1. Everyday Otaku
    August 24, 2011 at 6:32 am

    Seriously surprised you didn’t add the blood writing on the mirrors. How could you not add that? Even his nosebleeds are possessed into writing obscene literature.

    • JohnnyYandere
      August 24, 2011 at 4:57 pm

      Oh. That scene. I found it rather disturbing. Like something more along the lines of a horror movie than erotic fiction. It didn’t really sit well with the rest of the post.

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