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Kami-sama no Memo-chou 07: The game is finally afoot

If only it hadn’t taken 2½ episodes to get here.

Yondaime really lost a lot of points over the course of this arc. He could have contacted Alice to do some light investigation at no cost at all when the first pockets of trouble began to appear, but he didn’t.

Now thanks to his stiff-necked Yakuza pride and some catastrophic direction/scriptwriting we’ve had a 2 episode arc lengthened to 4 episodes.

That’s me being optimistic. For all I know the scriptwriters have run out of licensed material and are desperately padding out each arc to hit 12 episodes.

I’m surprised that the feud was because of a woman. I expected something more along the lines of typical Yakuza feuds like turf battles or a disagreement over leadership of the gang.

Still, two guys going after the same girl can never end well. All the more so when it’s actually three guys and one girl – Renji, Yondaime, the yakuza boss she was being a mistress to, and the yakuza boss’s vengeful wife. This is starting to bear some resemblance to certain long running Taiwan/Hong Kong drama serials.

So obviously the case will be solved when the truth about Hison’s death comes to light.

Possibility 1: Hison is Min-san.

I only considered this because they look so much alike. But I suppose with the absence of identifying marks like moles, eye colour, and maybe the thickness of eyebrows, most anime girls look alike.

Also, there is a large discrepancy in their bust sizes, Min-san did have the father issues, and I doubt you can be an illegal immigrant and study at confectionery school and juggle being a hostess at the same time. Plus, Yondaime should have recognized her if they were really the same person.

But in the name of resolving a plot, you just can’t predict what a desperate writer will concoct.

Possibility 2: Hison is Yoshiki-san.

Again, a most threadbare hypothesis, but it was mentioned that money was paid for a surgery in the wake of Hison’s stabbing. Could it not have been possible that Yoshiki-san’s old ache is from the stabbing, and surgery was done to change genders so as to start a new life?

Also, Yoshiki-san seems to know alot about Yondaime’s past, and Yondaime himself is extremely protective of Yoshiki-san. Not to mention that he specializes in embroidery – when Alice inspected the stitchwork, she was alarmed. Perhaps it was in the same style as that found on Renji’s shirt?

Possible art quality issue here, but when you take away Hison’s ponytail, she’d have almost the hairstyle as Yoshiki-san.

Alternatively, Hison is alive under a new identity and is being employed by Yoshiki-san, and is simply living her life because she doesn’t know about all of the fuss that’s taking place.

Possibility 3: Hison is Alice’s mother.

Hison was pregnant, and the surgery could have been to save the baby. Yondaime has then been paying for Alice’s apartment, her facilities, and also explains why he sews for her and doesn’t want her getting involved.

I’m not sure I like this hypothesis. Mostly because I’ve always thought of Alice having a less screwy past.

But it might explain why the writers are devoting so much attention to this particular story arc.

Possibility 4: Hison died.

End of story, everything else is a red herring, the only thing that matters is that Hison was the true target.

The neatest conclusion with the least implications.

Of course I don’t expect any of my predictions to be right – there’s something about the embroidery that I’m not getting.

But at least the anime’s getting me to think again – and I have something to keep me distracted from Narumi. That’s certainly an improvement over the past episodes.

  1. Tyler Junky
    August 25, 2011 at 6:20 am

    Lets face it. Storys are just more epic and moveing if theres love invovled. I’m amazed that you find the time to review everysingle episdoe. Do you have a life outsidt the world of fandom. If you don’t it’s cool. I don’t either.

    • JohnnyYandere
      August 25, 2011 at 7:30 am

      Not much of a life at the moment, although I’m supposed to be getting a job and starting university this week, so…

  2. xexexe
    August 25, 2011 at 8:50 am

    Half way through the episode, I was almost convinced that Hison = Yoshiki, because of the apparent old injury Yoshiki has on his/her belly. Having read through your other theories, however, has made me not so sure anymore lol.
    Guess we’ll have to find out later! =D

    • JohnnyYandere
      August 25, 2011 at 3:15 pm

      I believe the real answer is going to make me do an epic facepalm. Either because it’ll be extremely convoluted, or because it’ll be extremely simple.

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