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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu S2 – 07: FIRST BLOOD to Minami (+200 gold)

It is Day 3 of the inaugural Defense of the Bathhouse competition! The Dire team, comprising of Akihisa, Yuuji, Tsuchiya and Hideyoshi (along with the rest of the boys in the school), face off against The Radiant team, namely the girls and the teachers.

The Dire are in the ascendancy, and today, they shall make their final push towards the Throne!

Akihisa fires the first salvo to launch the attack, but he misfires and accidentally talks in all chat! Minami takes the bait and agrees to face off with Akihisa 1v1 at the river!

Himeji the Venomancer ghosts in unnoticed into The Dire’s lair and delivers her ultimate, Poison Nova! Though she may be oblivious to the fact that her cooking is poisonous, the boys were unprepared for her attack! Thankfully her attack didn’t kill off any of them.

Minami uses Dismember! AHHHHHHHH……..FRESH MEAT.

Shouko, the Naga Siren, Ensnares Yuuji and enchants him with Song of the Siren, leaving him stunned and immobile! Tides have turned towards The Radiant’s side!

The Dire have regathered their forces, preparing to attack the top and bottom lanes simultaneously! This will split the defending team’s forces, allowing some of the boys to break through!

Kubo, the Broodmother, takes down the first tower of defense, comprising of Himeji and Shouko, with the help of his Class A broodlings!

Yuuji takes down the second tower of defense by casting Global Silence! The summoning field is broken and The Dire can pass!

Down at the bottom lane, Tsuchiya the Stealth Assassin free farms until he levels up sufficiently to defeat the bottom lane’s first tower of defense!

Akihisa, the Phantom Lancer, uses guile and trickery to fool Iron Man! Feigning to attack Iron Man in the crotch, he Doppelwalks to confuse him and attacks from both sides! The second tower of defense is down!

The end is nigh; the boys can almost taste the sweet scent of victory! However, Miharu zaps in like a ball of lightning to form the final line of defense! She’s the one that started all this, from provoking the boys to blackmailing them into submission.

HOWEVER. She used up all her mana and is unable to escape! A paper hero like Storm is useless without mana! A swift chop to the head takes her out of the picture. GREAT SUCCESS.

IT’S HEREEEEEEEE —————————————(・∀・)———————————————!!!!

OH BLISTERING BARNACLES! It’s the haggy old Principal!


Dohohohohoho..... -_-"

Damn. What were the boys even fighting for?

Meanwhile though, Akihisa and Himeji were having a 1v1. There were misunderstandings aplenty, and Himeji found the courage to apologize.

However, Minami ghosts in from nowhere to kiss Akihisa. Minami has just dealt FIRST BLOOD. WHAT a kill steal!

I’m sorry, the past week of watching Dota 2 has got to me. I was watching this episode and I couldn’t help draw the many references to it. Nonetheless, this is FINALLY what we’re looking for in this show. Cleverly thought-out battles, the students using the terrain advantage to beat higher levels and even teachers. And with the romance going SOMEWHERE for a change. This episode has been a blast from start to finish, including the fake trailer at the start. Is it too much to ask that we were expecting this from the get go? It’s gonna be hard to top this, but I hope BakaTest continues blowing us away with these kinds of episodes in the coming weeks.



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