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OMFG….Match made in Heaven! Suzu Ken and Sakamoto Maaya Wed!!!

Well I think this news is kinda late but this news just has to go out before i explode with joy….(sry i used a old poster but there is really rarely any pics of them together). I got this news quite late due to my busy workweek last week….so it seems that they got married on the 8th of August…..Maaya posted this on her blog news page talking about her decision to do it and stuff. Suzu Ken also did a similar post but i cannot seem to find it.

OMG i'm so happy for them....

Well more on why I think that this is really a match made in heaven.  Both of them are almost household names in the Anime fraternity and have been around for ages.

Suzu Ken does have his detractors saying his voice is to nasal or highly pitched but that does not stop his fans from praising his voice and acting ability. Who can forget the ever cheerful/cheeky Lavi from D.Grayman or the incredibly sadistic Okita from Gintama, not to mention one of the mecha fraternities most interesting/hated ‘protagonist’ Shinn Asuka from Gundam Seed Destiny. Not to forget the female fans, his role as Shirou Kamui in X, and even the small role he had in Kuroshitsuji 2 as the Canterbury triplets. He also has many supporting roles in tons of other anime such as Soul Eater, Ouran High School Host Club, Star Driver, most recently Uta Prince and many more.He also had been casted for some game seiyuu roles but none that major a character other than one which is one of the two most notable roles to me, but I’m going to save for that later in the post.

The same goes for Maaya as some people do not like her husky low voice which is her trademark but all of the characters that have been portrayed by her have become defined by her skill and ability which does not even phase her when she has to do male characters too. Well Sakamoto Maaya’s CV is immense with tons of roles in many great anime with a lot as supporting characters, but when she does a main character, the anime is sure to be a hit. Her supporting roles consist of many interesting characters such as the ever menacing Alphard from Canaan, the strong willed Lunamaria Hawke from Gundam Seed Destiny, the eccentric Endou Sarina from Star Driver and the emotional Chrona from Soul Eater just to name a few. For title roles who can forget Fujioka Haruhi from Ouran High School, the imposing Ciel Phantomhive from Kuroshitsuji and the ever whimsical and eccentric Venusian Nino from Arakawa Under the Bridge.She was even casted for game characters with one major character being Final Fantasy XIII’s Lightning/Claire Farron, with is one of my favorite FF characters and Sakamoto Maaya VOs, and another FF series but I’ll refrain from naming a few characters again just like I have done for Suzu Ken for later use. Oh and not to forget that she has a terrific singing voice, churning out tons of albums and singles these past few years too.

This coupling seems to me like a perfect match as they sound great together. Even before they worked together in the two series that defined them as a great couple, it seems that they  already had a short history of working together in some shows.They did do a few same shows but indirectly meeting as they were just supporting characters such as in Soul Eater, Star Driver and D.Grayman just to name a few. A few of the major links between them is from Ouran High School and Gundam Seed Destiny( which may have started the whole thing going on between them).

Now for the good part, for me the two major animes/games that they have worked on that may have started their relationship is the Final Fantasy VII movie/game and of course the Kara no Kyoukai Movie series. In the FF series Suzu Ken voices Zack Fair and Maaya does Aerith Gainsborough.

Their characters’ relationship is not that apparent when they debuted in the Advent Children Movie due to their support role but all that changed when Crisis Core was released and we were all given a deeper look into the relationship between Zack and Aerith. From there it was evident that Zack was meant for Aerith and that was mainly due to the chemistry between them as seiyuus. After playing the game, I was saying like’ To hell with Cloud and Aerith, He should just stick to Tifa.’ and so on. That showed how much I liked them together. This work together may have been the true spark that started it.

And then comes another incredible project in which they worked together again, the seven movies of the Kara no Kyoukai series by Type-Moon.

Maaya was perfect for the title role of Ryougi Shiki as her character needed a slightly boyish voice but also the ability to be more feminine due to the multiple personalities of her character. Suzu Ken’s casting came as a slight surprise and a bit of an expected role mainly due to the link of his character to another character he did in another Type-Moon anime adaptation,Tohno Shiki, whose character design was adapted from Kokutou Mikiya from Kara no Kyoukai. His calm and cool demeanor complemented Shiki’s rough and tough behaviour and their chemistry really shone through the characters in the movies. As you watch the movie, you would really admire Mikiya’s devotion to Shiki and sort of appreciate how Shiki struggles at some instances to reciprocate those feelings. As the story goes on, many things happen to strengthen their bond, with the final encounter with Shirazumi Rio cementing the relationship. After the end of the whole series, you would roughly get the feeling that Shiki and Mikiya were really meant for each other, contrary to the feelings you get when watching other series were you get the feeling like” hmm…I still don’t think that she deserves him(or the reverse)….something is not right…..” or for some hardcore fans ” Hmmp…She/he is MINE Still!!!” or something like that. Well this also may have been attributed to Nasu Kinoko’s superb writing skills too.

Well for me those two pairs of roles really defined them and hearing the news that they got married really startled me but after the initial shock, I really felt that it was meant to be as they really are good together. Maybe it would not have came as such sudden news if I had kept up with the Seiyuu tabloids but regardless, to me its really a match made in heaven( or in anime LOL) and if they did end up with anyone else, I think it would have felt strange.

So my most sincerest Congratulation to Suzumura Kenichi and Sakamoto Maaya on their wedding. Best wishes to them and may they have a great life together( and hopefully more amazing anime too^^)!!! Oh and come to think of it we may have to call her Suzumura Maaya….OMG sounds so weird….LMAOZ


P.S: Oh and a short translation of what Maaya said on her blog can be found here

  1. xexexe
    August 19, 2011 at 3:10 am

    Fans have been speculating for ages, and the two have been dodging and denying the “accusations”, but finally it’s official!!!!1! I’m happy for both of them, since I like both of them as voice actors! =)

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