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Kami-sama no Memo-chou 06: I cannot stand Narumi any more

I hate him. It’s that simple.

Every moment watching him is agony.

I was taken aback when Renji actually decided to spend time with him. I was even more alarmed at the fact that he was so into it. Who could possibly sit through a conversation with Narumi and actually enjoy it? It was cause to reevaluate Renji’s mental faculties.

Then we find out that Renji’s actually the antagonist of this story arc and I breathed a sigh of relief. He was faking it all this while.

But really, Fujishima Narumi is possibly the worst character I’ve encountered in a very long time. I hate to have to expound on storytelling devices, but this time I cannot hold it in.

imminent tl;dr

Whatever assessment I may have previously made of Narumi, it’s now evident that he is supposed to be a foil.

A foil is a character who contrasts with another character in order to highlight various features of that other character’s personality, throwing these characteristics into sharper focus.

Just like how Kyon indulges Haruhi’s antics, and how Kyousuke draws out Kirino’s otaku nature, Narumi is supposed to enable the audience to learn about the NEET gang. What J.C. Staff doesn’t seem to understand is that turning the spotlight on the foil is a very bad idea. Especially since it’s Narumi.

Foils need to have a defining trait so they can carry out their roles properly. Kyon has his trademark cynicism and general laziness that clashes with Haruhi’s eccentricity and hyperactivity. Likewise, Kyousuke’s submissiveness and desire to please Kirino reveals more about her otaku nature.

But Narumi has no defining traits whatsoever. He has no personality beyond that of dull surprise and occasional bouts of mild moodiness. He isn’t smart, he isn’t a pervert, he doesn’t even get trolled by the camera. He is about as effective as a foil as a block of wood. And the block of wood would be less irritating.

It seems that if Narumi had a defining trait, it would be that of plot device.

There is no logical reason I can think of for Renji to do that ritual thing with Narumi, except to mirror the same ritual that Narumi did with Yondaime. And I can’t think of any reason for that either.

It certainly doesn’t help that Narumi seems to develop powers as the plot demands. He manages to notice Renji’s accent, even though he’s usually as perceptive as a rusty spoon. He manages to think up a plan before Alice does. Even his computer skills are suspect – there was no mention made of him messing with computers before.

I wouldn’t have minded Narumi’s power-levelling if it was consistent. But no, right after one story arc is completed, Narumi is back to his useless, pathetic, brainless, emo self.

In an anime where fistfights and brawls occur once an episode, the most physical thing Narumi has done is to stop a 12-year old girl from throwing an empty soda can at him.

I’m speechless.

So many interesting characters, and it just takes one flake to ruin the whole thing.

Is it just me? Is it like how I can’t appreciate Tiger & Bunny even though everyone is singing its praises?

Or is it intentional? Does J.C. Staff have something planned? Am I to hope that by series’ end my frustration will have been replaced by bliss?

When I was looking for screencaps, I observed that I enjoyed the anime alot more when I blanked Narumi out and imagined that everyone was hallucinating or otherwise speaking their thoughts aloud.

I do apologize for not doing a proper commentary and just venting. But I really can’t focus on the plot. As much as I’d like to ponder the connection between Min-san, Yondaime and Renji, or the cause of their falling out, or why Renji wants to sabotage Yondaime, I can’t.

I know I’m supposed to be wondering what Narumi is going to say super ability is going to manifest next, but all I can think about is Renji’s kicks reducing Narumi’s face to pulp.

In high definition and in slow motion. Over and over again.

  1. xexexe
    August 19, 2011 at 3:18 am

    I’m soooooo relieved that I’m not the only one holding a negative view of Narumi. =D Narumi? block of wood? Chiaki? irritaing? I wonder if this is a resemblance. lol

    Anyway, on a more serious note, I think Narumi is just too…mundane and annoyingly predictable for me. Like, when Youdaime sent out two men to body-guard Narumi, he purposely slipped away (as I had expected), and then only to find himself in a pinch (as I had expected). He sucks at listening to others.

    • JohnnyYandere
      August 19, 2011 at 4:06 am

      I noticed that similarity myself. And the first Sekai-Ichi OVA is about Chiaki GRAAGH

      Narumi’s mundane, but not like other slice-of-life mundane characters. I still can’t put my finger on why.

      I’m not sure if I consider Narumi predictable but I’m rather biased against him regardless. I expected him to buy the normal capybara because he was lame. Then he bought the troll capybara and I thought he was lame anyway.

  2. Tyler Junky
    August 22, 2011 at 11:40 am

    I agree Narumi needs to develop more as a character. He’s to blurred.

    I finished my Infinite Stratos review. I’d love it if you could read and comment: http://tylerjunkysblog.wordpress.com/

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