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R-15 05: Genius Sexual Predators ahoy

“[Little sisters] look so pure, you just want to protect them, or hold them tight!”
– Kousaka Kirino, OreImo

Unfortunately Kirino, these are the big leagues. Ran and Botan don’t mess with no imouto eroge, they go for the real thing.

Who's your Onee-sama now?

I’m starting to think that as awesome as Stark-chan is, Ran is probably going to be placed way higher on the pay scale.

She hacked into 45 satellites, both military and civilian from various superpowers, in less than an hour. And was at one point responsible for a virus that shut down the Japanese Ministry of Defense.

This is why there’s no Japanese adaptation of Independence Day. Because Ran would have hacked into the alien ships, made the alien OS her new imouto and sent them veering into the sun. All before lunch.

Tsukuru is not amused.

And while it’s not as impressive as hacking governmental organizations, Ran did take over Stark-chan’s tech for a bit.

Ah, Stark-chan. Why are you so cute.

I, for one, welcome more Tsukuru oppression if it means I’ll get to see more of her cute sadface. Oh yes, it will pain my heart, but it would be so worth it.

I was disgusted. But I couldn't look away.

There comes a time in every anime-viewer’s life when he/she sees a certain scene, feels embarrassed /ashamed that he/she is watching such content, but continues to watch anyway – starting a slow conscious recognition of his/her own personal corruption and subsequent acceptance.

No, I haven’t gotten to that stage yet.

I watched this episode for Botan's skimpy minimalist artwork.

This, by the way, doesn’t mean that I’ll be watching Highschool of the Dead or Manyuu Hikenchou anytime soon.

I mean I’m still digusted with myself, but I’m pushing on because I started reviewing this anime and I’m darn well going to finish it.

O-Oh? Botan’s got a really hot body? I-I never noticed!

Genius Analyst Mei Choushi and Genius Narrator Kiya Star

I have my doubts about Choushi’s abilities.

If she was a real Genius Analyst she’d either be living the life as a filthy rich stockbroker, or solving crimes as the world’s top 3 super detectives. Certainly not wasting her time watching a girl-on-girl bikini wrestling match.

Wait. She’s undercover! It all makes sense!

Aspiring Onee-samas and Onii-chans out there, sit up and take notes.

This is how a master does it.

It's super effective.

I don’t know which is more intriguing: that at least half the female student population have been seduced into Ran’s harem; or that Ran hasn’t appeared to have done anything with her harem yet.

One thing we can probably all agree on is that if Ran was a male, we’d be looking at a very different story.

So disgusted.

Ah, the harsh, critical eye of the artist.

Poor Ran – with her pale skin, well-proportioned body, slender thighs, modest bra hiding her bountiful assets, an old-fashioned ribbon holding her hair back in a simple ponytail – had no chance at all.

This deserves further investigation.

I mean, I can’t very well comment on this with those white bars in the way, can I?

Really! We’re all at a certain level of maturity that the mere sight of bared skin couldn’t possibly offend us. AIC should really just drop the censorship.

I-It’s for the sake of doing justice to the original story.

This is one of those screencaps you simply cannot explain your way out of.

There was a dangerous contagion. That spreads through clothing, which is why the two girls are in their underwear and they’re inspecting the other girl for infection. And they happened to be in a wrestling ring, which is not improbable at all.

I'm going to scrutinize the Blu-Ray version for any changes. Even minor changes can greatly impact the story, you know.

“First, she tastes the ripe, swelling oranges. Her body stiffened at the thought of glistening strawberries plucked by their tips. And at the heart of this fruit is a spring of hot, flowing turpentine. She draws and is drawn on – a never ending creation. Surrendering herself to a state of ecstasy she never knew existed, the artist forgets all other things.”

Now that is a mighty fine piece of writing.

The joy of eating fruit. Mmm. Don’t you feel like gently squeezing some luscious, round oranges now, or licking some whipped cream off the tip of a strawberry? Fruit are a vital part of a healthy diet, after all.

I wonder what else you could do with fingers that were as fast and dexterous as Ran’s.

Making a girl feel good, rubbing her in all the right spots, building the pressure until all her tension is released in one carthartic moment.

Why yes, I was talking about sex.

Whipped cream off a strawberry.

Okay so I enjoyed this episode alot.


  1. tachi himura
    August 16, 2011 at 2:36 am

    when you have the cap 6, of r-15?

    • JohnnyYandere
      August 16, 2011 at 4:00 am

      Err. Are you asking when I’ll be posting the episode review? It’ll be out Wednesday or Thursday, depending on our posting schedule.

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