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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu S2 – 05: Himeji’s bouncing boobs rewrite laws of gravity

This episode is funny, it’s got all the jokes down, all the mischief that the boys can wreck and all the punishment that the girls can deal out.

But it’s one of those episodes where you have really nothing to talk about.

Here we have the much maligned duo of much suffering and pain. Akihisa is blackmailed to stay away from girls lest his crossdressing pictures get released on the internet.

Yuuji’s blackmail case is slightly different though. Let’s recap:

In the 2nd OVA, Akihisa/Yuuji faced off against Shouko/Yuuko. An obvious mismatch. Akihisa knocked Yuuji out cold, and Hideyoshi used his voice impersonation skills to imitate Yuuji’s voice, and ‘professed’ his love for Shouko, who willingly withdraws the team.

And so, somebody had that recording and gave it to Shouko. Seems like it was the same person behind the blackmails. Therefore, they sought for Voyeur’s expertise to root out the culprit.

What? That's all there is to this episode?

Sadly, yes it is.

But at least there are some candid moments in true BakaTest style.

There’s got to be a crossdressing Akihisa/Yuuji/Voyeur/Hideyoshi for every episode. Just like there’s got to be a Special Shouko Shot every week.

And this week, the animators decided that having a static full frontal shot of Himeji just can’t cut it anymore. So they decided to animate only her boobs, which I can’t illustrate because of the limitations of jpeg. And I can’t be arsed to make an animated gif of Himeji’s bouncing boobs. So watch the episode.

Another running gag is Himeji’s ability to create poison out of home-cooked meals.

Of course, they’ve all prepared for this, but one person has got to be the sacrificial lamb. Poor Akihisa, whose impending doom was hastened by Yuuji eating his food.

Ehhhhhhhh?! Better watch your back or I’ll SPARKING you in the face with Himeji’s food!

Heh, Hideyoshi has his own bathing timeslot. I think he’s more or less succumbed to the fact that he’s going to be regarded as a girl in the eyes of both the male and female student population.


And here’s another shot of Himeji’s enormous bouncing boobs. Tell me, does this pink-haired, busty beauty bear a resemblance to the pink-haired busty beauty called Haramura Nodoka from Saki?

Special Shouko Shot #5: Yuki-onna aka Snow Woman. Fit the bill perfectly. As the saying goes, hell have no fury like a woman scorned. I don’t know what’s got into Yuuji to keep rejecting Shouko’s advances and be unfaithful to her (at least in her eyes). I’ve said before that she’s the perfect life companion.

And finally, BATTLES AT LAST.

…sort of. We get just a taste of it. Like the beta testing before the full release. Like the sneak preview before the actual opening. Like the trailer before the game release.


We really do need to write to the directors.

“Dear director,

We get it. Get on with it already.

Yours truly,


And the letters F and U have been brought to you by the ULTIMATE RAGE FACE GUY.



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