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Hanasaku Iroha – 18: Nako’s hidden assets (This has boobs)

Let’s see, she’s loves swimming, she’s introverted, and she has the biggest boobs in the show.

So let’s turn her into a topless mermaid with a shell bra! That’s the image we need to drive our point!

Nako’s the shy, withdrawn waitress in Kissuisho, but when she gets home, she puts on her battle gear and becomes THE BOSS.

She does nearly everything, as her parents are too absorbed in their work.

Which leads me to ask, which is the real Nako? Will the real Nako please stand up?

Likening Nako to the Little Mermaid who avoids human contact is just a surefire way for fanservice.

You’ve got to give the bustiest character some screentime to show her goods, and what better way than to make her topless save for two shells covering her ample bosom?

And while doing that, you create the image of Nako in conflict with her emotions, whether to remain in her safety zone or muster up some courage. Double win!

She may be shy, but she’s dedicated to her profession. Making sightseeing notes and pointers for patrons is just her way of expressing herself when words fail her.

And she is duly rewarded for her efforts, which do not escape the perceptive eye of Okami-san.

She is, however, still adamant that she needs have a radical change and be more outgoing, just like herself at home.

And the first step would be to have a change of image.

What you see here is an optical illusion. Take a ruler, and you’ll find out that the two dresses are of exactly the same length!

Only that it looks so naughty on the ripe body of Nako. How has she been able to hide all the goods all these while?

Ohana looks cute in it as well, admittedly. Goes to show that whoever designed this dress had GREAT SUCCESS.

Fully decked in her image-changing gear, she looks just stunning.

Ecchi shows can take a page out of this. You don’t need giant flailing breasts to bring all the boys to the yard.

Next would be a change of attitude. Nako decides to act like she’s at home in Kissuisho. To quite an unsatisfactory outcome.

Being overly assertive like she would be at home only causes more trouble.

I do think that it is of general consensus that many prefer the introverted Nako when she’s a waitress. It’s just so much more appealing to have her meekly carry out her orders.

That’s all there is to it, really. As Okami-san rightly said, the Nako that works at Kissuisho is shy and nervous, but is perceptive and caring, which is exactly the type of waitress that Okami-san and the patrons desire.

The time taken to drive this point home shouldn’t have taken that long, but in between we’re treated with tons of Nako fanservice, which is welcome as she hasn’t been getting a lot of screentime. At least she has an episode dedicated to her, just so that she’s able to illuminate her own path, and to find out her true identity.

Sure was better than seeing a wuss and a reverse weeaboo acting all namby-pamby over getting scammed.

Random musings:

Heh. Did you think I’d leave this out? Too bad I don’t have Photoshop, or I’ll be able to stitch the whole closeup of Nako which pans diagonally. Then we’ll get to see her funbags in its full glory.

Nako shower time! When any hot anime chick does some soul-searching or self-contemplation, it is stated by law that it has to be done while naked soaking in a bathtub, or whilst having a hot shower. With the tap on.

mmm Pasties.

This is actually a top-down perspective of Nako looking downwards upon herself. So the two round quarters in the foreground is actually her boobs, and the background is the gap between her thighs. Without any context, it looks like a ghost is walking through a sand dune. Herp Derp.

So far, all my random musings have been about Nako being naked in one way or another. I LOVE THIS EPISODE.

But in true Sankaku style, I must troll for the last picture. Enjoy seeing the withered beauty of the Matriarch of the Glistening Seas.


  1. Tyler Junky
    August 18, 2011 at 2:10 am

    Hey there I’m a follower of your blog and I want to apologies for taking so long to comment. I like to read inserts from episodes I’ve already seen to avoid spoilers. I want to say that your reviews are really something. How you go into the characters and the stories of each episodes. You must have a lot of time on your hands. I only review an anime as a whole on my blog. I admire your perception and devotion. Truely benefiting of an Otaku
    Anyway on to the review. I agree that Nako has some split personality in this episode. And the boobs were a real plus for me. Seeing the manager in a mermaid outfit was…disturbing O_o

    I was glade to see some screen time given to her. I like how this anime’s is actuality trying to go into the background and personality of all the characters unlike what PA WORKS did with Angel Beats.

    Oh and a quick question. Are you going to cover the K-on movie when it come out?

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