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R-15 03: nana nanananana na na na Katamari Pantsu-shii


nanana nanana nana nanana nanana nana.

(You cannot believe how long it took to get the separations right. I had to download a track and run it at .33x speed and everything.)


I am forced to reevaluate Raika’s skills. And money-earning potential.

She may not be able to be in every place at the right time, but her ability to get close-in shots at impossible angles is truly high level, and definitely beyond the skills of mere paparazzi.

Genius Mathematicians must be a depraved lot.

Either they spend so much time on their work that they are unable to interpret all social behaviour, or their failure to understand social behaviour drives them to indulge in mathematics.

But either way, anyone who can spend so much time on fundamental discriminants and metrizable theorems and infinite continued fractions clearly has issues.



Oh, Stark-chan. You provide the answers to questions nobody would ever ask. At no point in my life have I contemplated sticking a wrench to the back of a pigeon.

(The above statement should not be used to infer that I have considered sticking other things to wrenches, pigeons or any combination of the aforementioned.)

I was going to make a giga drill whatever joke but it's such an overused cliché.

I would so buy that hentai OVA.

Stark-chan is totally my favourite character in R-15. I used to think that her voice was seriously weird, but it’s grown on me. It’s different from all the other seiyuu out there, and hot in a weird Genius Loli kind of way.

(She’s voiced by Tsukimiya Midori, a newbie seiyuu, who’s also going to voice Eucliwood Hellscythe in Kore wa Zombie S2. Score!)

Fukune's oddly calm about being stuck to an alleged Genius Pervert.

She reminds me of Nagato Yuki. Not the anime/manga Yuki, but the doujinshi Yuki.

The Yuki who’d stare unblinkingly as you guide her to your bed, stroke her thighs, bring your face close to hers, and yet blushes at a kind word…

I’d better stop now before I get carried away. Besides, you’re here for Taketo’s fantasies, not mine.

Unicorn wut.

This was kind of unexpected. In an unexpected way.

I was so expecting a non-erotic fantasy (since Taketo’s got some pure love thing going on with Fukune) that I was expecting an erotic fantasy instead. I reverse-psychology-trolled myself.

Or maybe this is an erotic fantasy, and the unicorn is there for a reason, and once again I’d better stop now or reveal the depths of my own depravity.

They might as well fill in those white strips with Blu-Ray adverts already.

This is more like it. Hot teacher fantasies.

Except that I’m not really all that attracted to Aki-sensei. I was actually going to say that she resembles Garfield’s Liz Wilson, but after some research there really is no comparison.

Yet I cannot unsee, so there goes the fanservice potential.

Cute girl backpack yes please.

It was ludicrously cute how Fukune swung back and forth as Aketo shook himself awake.

I know it would be a violation of several criminal and ethical laws, but I want to stick a cute girl on my back.

That sentence came out wrong. And I can’t figure out how to make it not-wrong.

And now I’m thinking about how inconvenient it would be. I wouldn’t even be able to sit in a chair.

But hey I would be on a moe-high if Fukune-chan was on my back. So there.

Time for this episode's selected reading.

“His breath was like a pair of bellows. It was a cry of lust, swollen with desire and passion. Another beast was furiously rising. It was he, himself, shining with carnal desire.”

Aketo, you’re slipping. Where my senseless metaphors at?

+3 kawaii points to Fukune subconsciously reciting parts of Aketo’s writing.


(Using Katakana to spell English words is amazing.)

But Stark-chan has seriously outdone herself. Yes, a piece of tech that can attract keitai pantsu and burajā (yes that is the Japanese word for brassiere, wtf rite?) is indeed a great invention on its own, but think of the other applications!

Ac-130 flying over Afghanistan picking up terrorists.
Salvage craft picking up irradiated sludge.
Japanese fishing ships trolling China/Korea by constantly transporting fish away from their waters.

I’m not unimaginative. I just don’t want to implicate myself any further ┐( ̄3 ̄)┌


(I am not referring to Ararararagi, by the way. Check the last 30 seconds.)

Setting the Katamari-thingy to attract hot, naked schoolgirls? I would never have thought of that!


For a Genius Clarinetist she seems to only know one tune.

And it’s not like it’s that great a tune either.

I certainly hope my classical music ignorance isn’t working against me and Fukune’s actually playing the Resplendent Imperial Concertante Magnifique for Clarinet in E flat Major or something.

But I’ve been expecting something along the lines of this. But with anime power exaggeration, of course.


Too soon, obviously.

But I wouldn’t mind if the anime ended now and gave me 8 consecutive filler episodes of Stark-chan.

And 1 episode for Fukune (and the other girls). Because I’m all for equality and objectivity and all that PR stuff.


  1. July 27, 2011 at 12:01 am

    Katamari of Pantsu for the lulz.

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