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R-15 02: These lens glares are really starting to vex me

Case in point.

I don’t actually want to be fan-serviced (and if I did I wouldn’t be watching anime).

It’s just that such egregious censorship annoys the crap out of me. Just my two cents.

Incriminating evidence!

This is just further proof that the two sisters are secret wincest lesbians. They’re spazzing out over a girl idol, while the straight Fukune is acting like any normal girl would.

Alternatively Utae’s living up to her Genius Idol abilities and she’s just that good. And Fukune’s…

… oh right. She’s still freaking out over nearly being violated by our Porn-writing Protagonist. Her behaviour is definitely justified.

I'd be more worried about hearing loss than up-skirting.

‘Sonokoe Utae’ roughly translates to ‘That voice sings’.

I’m mentioning it because I’m feeling irrationally proud about figuring out the pun in her name. Don’t judge me.

From right: Genius Paper Filer, Genius Toenail Clipper, Genius Fanboy.

I’m so proud of you AIC. You didn’t neglect the Geniuses who work behind the scenes.

The unmentioned, hidden, virtuous, hardworking few who form the support crew of any successful figure.

Stark-chan is so awesome.

Invariably, comparisons will be drawn between Stark-chan and Nichijou’s Professor-chan. They’re both blonde lolis who come up with the most advanced tech and yet act irresponsibly.

Wild mass guessing: Stark-chan is Professor-chan grown up. Stark-chan appeals to me more though.


Likon sounds more perverted than it ought to be.

I have misjudged Raika’s prowess. And have determined that she could never be a porn director unless she’s planting spycams on college students.

She can determine if someone’s ‘faking’ just from taking a few photographs. I see a lucrative government contract in suspect interrogation.

Then again there’s probably some Genius Interrogator and Genius Torturer studying in the academy somewhere. The less said about these two the better.


Sad Utae is sad. It’s like some sort of infectious depression.

When I look at her face I can’t even think of anything I can do to cheer her up.

I bet I could use that face as a Gravatar and depress people on comment threads everywhere.

Because Genius Mathematicians consider Pi to be very sexy.

I never did understand why anime male characters seem to undergo body contortion when they’re aroused.

Maybe the clenched thighs is some hilariously inept attempt at hiding the erection.

Or the erection is so strong that the blood is diverted from the other muscles resulting in the awkward-tiptoe-zombie-walk.


In brightest day, in blackest night,
No girl shall escape my blight
Let those who meet my heart’s delight,
Beware my power… Porno Sight!

I spent more time on that than I intended to and it still sucks.

Incidentally Green Lantern’s power ring probably has the greatest Power Perversion Potential out there. Anything you imagine – the ring makes real. But green. Bright, luminescent neon green.

Okay that sucks too.


This is why Taketo is the undisputed Genius on top of his game.

Have you successfully convinced a girl to strip by reading her a self-written erotic story about a poet and a songstress and a chrysalis metaphor?

I didn’t think so.

The wings are a metaphor too far.

So in the end Utae’s self-doubts were resolved by simply wearing a skimpier outfit.

Wouldn’t it be nice it this sort of therapy worked for everyone?


Ah, Stark-chan. She’s already invented the anime version of the Jericho Missile.

Kagaku Industries: Beautifying modern warfare since 2011.

A wretched hive of scum and villany.

Time for this episode’s selected reading.

“The man’s thick arms stripped away her everything, leaving her as free and innocent as the day of her birth. Naked, garbed but by pure eros…”

‘Tis a pity he stopped. This could have been something truly legendary.


I’m having difficulty watching this anime now because of real-life issues involving the girl I like and her more than passing resemblance to Fukune what with her shyness and shortness of height and her ability to play the clarinet and other musical instruments besides and my discovery that she’s been attached since June last year and I thought she was unattached but turns out she was and I’m now struck by crippling grief angst depression moodswings needsahug.


The above passage should not be interpreted as an overindulgent excuse for why this review is a week late.


  1. musicalcroc
    July 30, 2011 at 7:28 pm

    Caught up on the second episode. You’re right, the lens flare looks blatantly out of place.

    Maybe Taketo is a sub-genius in hypnotizing or whatever about playing with the mind. I laugh so hard during that storytelling sequence. Power perversion potential indeed.

    • JohnnyYandere
      July 30, 2011 at 9:08 pm

      But only because it’s lazy censorship. Manyuu Hikenchou style censorship for the win. R-15 would be vastly improved by the addition of luminescent neon green lingerie.

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