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Ore-tachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai – 12 : The Best Ending, Harem Ending! (Finale)

Paneda kun~

The ending marks a new beginning, in which the beginning is actually the ending. WTF am I talking about? WTF is this anime about?

Incestual relationship. Approved!

Turns out that Kobato is actually the daughter or Youji’s Mama’s brother. In other words, his cousin. Therefore, the taboo status of their relationship has been lifted. Oh.. Who is Haneda Youji? He is the “real” personality, the boy hiding deep in the abyss of their dream world, watching and switching the channels on the mini TV, in other words, the creator of Takashi, Shuusuke, Hayato and Karura.

Youji's deceased mama.

Why has Youji created so many personalities? Why was he hiding deep in the abyss? I shall try to answer the following questions.

Youji’s mama adopted Kobato, but when she saw how close Kobato and Youji became, she turned all mental and jealous and tried to harm Kobato. At this moment, Youji apparently stabbed his mother. Believing that he committed a grave murder, he trapped himself in his made believe world.

It's alright oniichan, we're not blood related.. I'll take all your desires.

Takashi decided that it was time to give Kobato her real brother back, and with the help of Ohtori, revisited the places where his memories were sealed away. At the church, where he was taught his trademark phrase: “Let peace prevail in the world,” he finally recalled the grievous crime he committed, resulting in a mental state of shock and remorse.

Oniichan protected Kobato... Now that Kobato is all grown up, Kobato will fulfill Oniichan's desire.

However, Kobato showed the evidence that Youji didn’t kill Mama. Mama had recovered from the wounds Youji inflicted, but chose to suicide via consuming poison.

Wait... is this a Key production?

Showering her brother with love and thanks…

I'll be your wings.

Kobato pulled Youji out of the abyss… and back to reality.

We all have wings!

So with that, the story is actually about a guy with multiple personality disorder, interacting with the main heroines who in one way or another, saved him from despair. The reason why Youji, the creator of the different personalities, name them as birds, signifies his desire to have wings.. or to have winged beings save him from despair. This can be seen @ the opening animation and the picture above, where they pulled each of the wingless hero up into the sky.

Stalker reviewed!

Haneda Youji, the real personality with the merged and combined memories of all his counterparts.. DAZZLING THE STAGE! The 2nd part of the finale shows how Youji tied up loose knots, letting everyone he knows understand his situation and getting comical results shown by the screenshots below.

Cosplaying as Tamaizumi Hiyoko!

Becoming a lolicon?

or a JohnnyYandere?

and a Masochist!

Now, one significant problem remains, WHICH HEROINE GETS HANEDA YOUJI?!

Youji is MINE!!

Hardworking official fanservice girl Tamaizumi Hiyoko....

.. gets her hardearned result..


Alternatively, you can be the main character and choose the ending you want in the game, completed with Hentai scenes. Or you can watch the uncensored OVA that is already circulating in the internet for another portrayal of a harem ending. This concludes my gallery style coverage of Ore-tachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai, albeit late but still, at last completed. Have fun fapping guys.

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