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Ore-tachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai – 11 : Sadist VS Masochist. Battle Sex.

Let's do it..

My first time... on the floor?

*huff* *puff*

Continue reading for a full coverage of their uncensored Battle Sex.

The episode started off with Hawk Cyanblue’s tagteam with Princess Asuka, protecting their kingdom from the ones with wings.

Holy Sword! Gureta Caliburning!!!!!

Super Combined Attack: Honey Sweet Night Rendezvous!

Ridiculous name calls for ridiculous power.

And with that, Hawk Cyanblue, having fulfilled his mission in Gureta Garudo, returned to the real world.

You're finally back!

Much to the delight of Asuka chan.


They then had an epic discussion about imouto moe, which I’m not really into. What I do know is that JohnnyYandere has a PHD in this field of research.

Why are you cosplaying as a student Shuusuke?

You look weird Dora.

After school, it was further proven that despite the change in appearance we (the audience) see, the other characters in the anime see Takashi, Shuusuke and Hayato as the same person. Takashi seems to be ignorant about this, and felt that perhaps there are doppelgangers of him in this city.

Ore no otouto konnani kawaii wake ga nai!

Witnessing how people are mistaking Takashi for his counterparts, Asuka brought him home and tell him about her made believe little brother too, whom she created to accompany her, an only child, growing up in a troubled-laden family. Asuka then proceeded to smash Takashi’s made believe world.

Princess Asuka, shattering Hawk Cyanblue's delusion.

Demon mode activated.

Takashi resisted Asuka’s theory, refusing to accept reality, he once again performed the personality swap to Chitose and Hayato, leaving the two to bear this ill fated encounter.

A....SU....KA...... PUNCH!

And the wretched SM play starts…



Even Hayato the hardboiled dood, unable to hit kids and girls, was defeated at the hands of sadist Asuka.

Karura had a 2 second screentime too!

School Dayed.

Despairing enough, Asuka’s plan of hitting continuously until Takashi returned actually succeeded.

Angelic Asuka humping Takashi.

Watarai san... Tadaima..

Takashi is definitely a masochist.

Hayato and Shuusuke's blood and sweat.

The last words from Hayato: Don’t use our savings on prostitute.

Good bye Chitose Shuusuke, good bye Hayato Narita. You guys will be greatly missed.

Next episode… Finale.

  1. xexexe
    July 21, 2011 at 7:14 am

    You were the one who introduced me to Oretsuba, you know?
    I remember reading your posts on the 4th and 5th episodes, and decided to give the series a try. I ended up finishing the series and liking it a lot. lol.

    Dora’s favorite phrase has ingrained in my brain. I find myself telling my friends “Bukkorosu zo kono yarou!” more often than I would like, hahaha.

    And I see you’re still not done with the jokes on Johnny XD

    • defrayal
      July 22, 2011 at 12:31 pm

      I’m honoured. Dora’s catchphrase is really awesome.. I also enjoy Alice’s usual loli seduction phrases a lot. Haha. If you like the series so much, maybe try playing the game too?

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