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Stuff that I think are great (Another rant from doodler)

Hey otakus, let me introduce you to the world of manga. Yes, manga is often misunderstood in its general audience, because close to NONE of them understand about the skills underneath it. of course, i’m not saying i’m able to achieve that level of greatness in drawing manga, but im here to rant so that otakus can finally understand the true art behind the whole thing they’ve been almost blindly chasing.

yes, human anatomy is a skill, and being able to draw moe and revealing stuff is also considered a skill.. but those are the most superficial layer of manga. there is the INKING part which only people dedicated to craft really pay attention to.


do click the image for better detail, or even better, go down personally to visit the artist’s website as listed above.

1) THIN and THICK lines.

2) hatching for muscle contours and /or anything to portray lighting whatsoever (note that there are other ways of portraying it, and screentoning is a simple yet efficient way to get the best results)

3) cross hatching for depth and graduation of tones

4) pointillism (this is the hardest skill of all to master, and the most time consuming)

5) level of detail

and of course, there are people who use brushes instead of nibs, and does it quite well. in the next share, i’ll bring it up to your attention.


there. so next time when you see an inked artwork and a coloured artwork, make sure to thoroughly compare the skill before jumping to a ‘hey, i’d prefer color anyday’ conclusion. cheers.

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