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Ore-tachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai – 10 : Breast Paddings & Alex3

LMAO. I’m lazy to stitch her up though =X

For now.. the uncensored fanservice section is gone for good. This episode we have Hayato going to school. Hardboil dood going to school?! How hardboil is that!?

You mustn't skip school!

Kobato will definitely become a super housewifeimouto. I mean.. who the hell prepares 3 DIFFERENT sets of breakfast for her brother? (Shuusuke, Hayato and Takashi are picky eaters)

I wanna smash your head open.

Wow Asuka chan… Smiling and cursing like this.. you’re a perfect candidate for a JohnnyYandere.

You suck my dick. You carass my nipple. And you ride me. Any problems?

Let me be your slave Takashi sama.

But yeah.. it was kinda refreshing seeing Takashi boss everyone around. Even Masako went Doki doki.

I'll seriously rape and cum all over you. Bitch.

I’m not making up the caption. That was what he said.

Triggering Hayato's school swimsuit fetish.

It's the traditional one somemore.

Celebrating the success of finding Naru’s bicycle and her pager inside, Alice treated everyone to a private swimming session.

Girls climb quicker than boys up the stairs to adulthood.

WTF? What did she put inside? Water balloon? Sandbag? How can breast padding achieve such feat.

Typical flat chest meets fat chest.

Is it... caving in?

And of course, the typical zetsuboshita scene.

Aww Alice. Paddingless suits you much better ^_^ DFC FTW!

Help me! You are drowning me with your love <3<3<3

Another LMAO scene.

Oops.. I drop something under the table =D

After having their fun at the pool, Naru and Ai brought Hayato to Alexander, much to the latter’s chagrin, whose only solution was to relieve the control of the vessel to Shuusuke.


They never get tired of this don’t they. Anyway, this time Hiyoko’s dead fish reaction was caused by Shuusuke bringing 2 schooling girlfriends over to show off.

Tamaizumi sensei! AUTOGRAPH PLEASE!! *SHRIEKS*

Being the lightning witted falcon, Shuusuke converted the deadly situation to a pleasant one. What a playboy.

Fuck you bitch! But...


Woah. Yuri scene detected. Tsundere can be applied between girls too. After hearing how many people such as Naru, Ai and Shuusuke are anticipating her new release, Hiyoko finally recovered her lost courage and declared the release of her third book. She then had a heartwarming reconciliation with her sempai, at first blaming her for diluting her courage, then expressing how she wanted to go back to the old times where she was loved and cared greatly. Gosh.. too mushy for me. And with that…

Alex3 was formed!

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