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Hanasaku Iroha – 16: Wet T-Shirt day at the unused pool

Ok her shirt is not wet yet (more of that later), but it seems the series has moved on to focus on Ohana’s uncle Enishi this time round.

It’s sometimes a wonder what a little bit of responsibility can do to a man.

The situation has been brooding for a while now, and it looks like the big player is about to arrive at Yunosagi.

The various innkeepers are being realistic about their chances of survival while a large corporation is drawing in the visitors.

It must be quite stressful for the small inns, even though such lines of work are unique to the country. It’s quite symptomatic of the effects of consumerism, where tourists want to be pampered living in the luxury of a high-class hotel.

While others may be looking for the simple pleasures in life, appreciating the personal touch of small inns, business on this front is undoubtedly dwindling as people seek more lucrative career options.

Enishi, though, has chanced upon quite a novel opportunity to drum up business in Kissuisho and the neighbouring inns: accept a movie proposal.

And, to my and Enishi’s greater surprise, Okami-san is almost readily agreeable to the proposal. I guess at some point of time, she’s gotta cave in to the Takako-Enishi onslaught of business ideas.

However, it may be Okami-san’s way of finally giving Enishi some form of autonomy to run the inn. Enishi is perpetually under his mother’s and sister’s wing, right through his formative years till being an assistant manager in the inn.

I think it did a world of good to Enishi’s confidence when he received approval from Okami-san, and it is an opportunity for us to see what he’s made of.

In some way or another, this also provides Jiromaru the motivation he needs to be a successful writer. After all, this could possibly be his big break, writing a part for a movie!

This is quite a poignant scene possibly depicting the way Enishi views himself. Both his mother and elder sister are able to come up to land, signifying their ability to take care of their own lives, while Enishi is still stuck in the water, unable to fend for himself.

Also, with their silhouetted figures blocking the sun’s rays, it shows somewhat they are still providing shelter for Enishi.

I’m not overly concerned whether the movie is a success or a failure or even a scam, but given the opportunity at long last, we get to see the real Enishi. He may be always looking towards others to evaluate where he stands, but in this case, he is manning up for a change to take control of his own life, and is determined to make a positive contribution to Kissuisho.

With his newfound responsibility, he is able to attend to the proposals of neighbouring innkeepers and make them leave satisfied with his decision. It’s as if Okami-san felt that it was the right time to give Enishi some autonomy and sit back to see how it turns out.

A master of the covert approach, Okami-san lends support to Enishi by participating in the test shoots herself.

This mild gesture is subtle, but in the eyes of her son, I think it’s the best form of encouragement that she can give.

Takako is also looking less and less like the obnoxious bitch that she was a couple of episodes back. Maybe I’ve judged her too early, or maybe it just looks like she’s come up with a viable idea for once. In any case, I do like how she tries not to get in the way of Okami-san, perhaps acceding to the fact that Okami-san is the one that calls the shots.

That being said, I still can’t stand incessant use of horrible Engrish.

The whole movie event has got Kissuisho buzzing, but that final shot of the fading phone ringtone just keeps playing into my head that something might just be wrong.

As always, we’ll have a bridging episode now and then, and this particular episode is just a setup for next week. I like how the spirit of Summer is captured in the actions of the staff, and it’s really good to see episodes that focus on minor characters for a change.


Other random stuff:

Ren-san became an unknowing cockblocker.

Minko enjoys making clothes see-through.

We sadly just one white bra away from seeing Nako’s goods. Will we ever get to see them? Blu-ray? Being optimistic here.

Ohana didn’t have much to do this episode, so she decides to dodge water droplets.

Homage to Harry Potter? I presume shows are animated by the week, so the animators decided to throw in some omake for the lulz?

With a higher quality raw, these shots can easily be my desktop wallpaper. Thank you P.A. Works for making this series so pretty to look at.



  1. July 19, 2011 at 10:55 pm

    Minchi sure looks good in a wet tee.

    I do have to wonder why Ohana and Nakochi were humping their brooms though, it doesn’t look like they have a movie theaters for miles around…yeah, it could be a tribute.

    • July 19, 2011 at 11:49 pm

      I sure do hope it’s a tribute. Else nobody will be able to fathom why Ohana was cringing all over the broom.

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