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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu S2 – 02: Uncensored trap action and Himeji’s awesome cleavage.

The directors must be high on an acid trip. It’s so pink, so pastel, so psychedelic. And there’s still no sign of classroom battles. WHERE ARE MY CLASSROOM BATTLES?

At least we’ve got a dere-mode Minami, who looks pretty good in a kimono.

Kimonos work wonders. Sufficiently conceals the chest so that men can take an objective look at a girl.

The prospect of not wearing anything under the kimono also serves as a great way to mess around with the guys’ minds.

Just a little….bit…more…

I’m wondering if this is her right or left leg? Aspiring artists, I require your expertise!

Minami looks good, but Shouko looks stunning!

Which makes me unable to fathom why Yuuji constantly rejects her advances. I mean, if a girl this hot is unwaveringly devoted to you, just take her.

She’s pretty, she’s slim, she’s slender, she’s stacked, she’s smart! Try saying that 10 times!

Why on earth are you looking for BETTER alternatives, Yuuji?

Accede to her and she won’t go batshit insane on you.

And surprisingly, none of the girls have gone batshit insane on Akihisa and Yuuji.

The girls are giving them the nice treatment…

…and slowly rounding them up like domesticated sheep…

…till they fall into the trap themselves.

And this trap traps them by making them traps. HERP DERP.

Escape is nigh impossible.

You have no chance to survive make your time.

And get ready to eat some MINAMI POWERBOMB.

Or, if you would prefer to enjoy a slow death, try some SHOUKO SHIBARI.

After gender reassignment by the girls, arise Akiko the Demure!

Awaken, Koumi the Reticent!

GTS, Saitama Amazoness.

Unless you’re JohnnyYandere, the ‘beauty’ pageant isn’t going to interest anyone.

JohnnyYandere and the old guy being a judge, I correct myself.

He is unfazed in the presence of an Amazoness.

I truly commend his ability to look past the superficial and appreciate their feminine quality.

I’ll also commend him for actually trying to usurp what is generally agreed to be Shouko’s property.

Such devotion. Even a gay old fogey doesn’t escape from her watertight protection of Yuuji.

Normally this would be a guy thing to do, but 5 girls playing PSPs together?

Ooh let me guess. Are they Hunting for Monsters? No, that’s for 4 players.

Are they Eating Gods? That’s for 4 players as well.

I therefore conclude that they are playing Call of Duty, which can support up to 6 players.

And I like how the camcorder is used as an access point.

If you remove the red miasma, and the context that she’s unknowingly contemplating ways to kill people by cooking, I could actually stare at this picture for upwards to 3 weeks.

What? That’s it? Where’s the classroom? Where’s the cardboard boxes? Where’s the epic inter-class battles? Don’t tell me it’s 2 episodes into a 12-episode series, and we’ve yet to see a single miniaturized avatar (with the exception of chibi-Minami and chibi-Himeji ORZ-ing over Akira’s body)?

While I love the humour and the liveliness of the characters, the place where these Class F stragglers shine is actually the place where they shine the least, at least academically speaking.

Ok I’ll forgive them, cos I get to stare at Himeji’s cleavage, but we’d better get some classroom action next week, or else I’ll shake my fist at them angrily!

  1. NoName
    October 1, 2011 at 7:22 pm

    I think the chapter was pretty disappointing. But cleavage of Himeji worth it ..

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