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Ore-tachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai – 09 : Sexy Animal Cosplay and Hot Idol Debut.

First time I've seen one.. erotic tortoise cosplay?




Haha. Argh… I didn’t want to post this… but as a reward for our most hardworking author… here you go Johnny.

Meanwhile, the real uncensored fanservice for the normal folks comes after the jump.

Trolled. Another episode without the fanservice section… BAWWWWWWWWWWWW.

Alex2 debuts!

Well.. more storyline though.

First things first, last episode ended with Asuka Watarai suspecting Haneda Takashi having multiple personalities, which in this episode, Chitose Shuusuke blatantly admitted, believing that Asuka might be able to help their precious Takashi.

Confession scene!

Who the fuck let you confess to my girl.

It seems that both Shuusuke and Hayato are personalities born to help Haneda Takashi. Both of them had been working for his sake, to save up enough money to cure his “disease.”

Galactic love prevails.

As Takashi, unable to face reality, went to hide in his dreamworld, Shuusuke had to take over the control of the vessel during school. It seems that the 3 personalities have no memories of each others’ partial daily life. Yamashina Miyako seems to recall the “fun” they had the last episode, much to the chagrin of Shuusuke.

It was my first time~

Bunny cosplay -> Animal cosplay.

After school, Shuusuke resumed his normal life @ Alexander, where they had the Alex2 debut.

I'm the official fanservice gal.. screw off Yamashina.

Tamaizumi also overheard the badmouthing and criticism of her latest work by her fellow colleagues, while Shuusuke tried to defend her work. She also seemed very bothered by the fact that she wasn’t included in Alex2. Awww.

Masako Takauchi eroero eyecatch!


After 9 episodes… they FINALLY found her bike. Turned out that the city council (affiliated with Alice’s Dad) usually cleans up parked bike infested areas.

The precious treasure.

And Naru elaborated that what was important wasn’t the bike but what she kept inside the box.. the pager.

Waited 9 episodes for the pager..

But she refuse to tell even Hayato what was the message left on the pager which made her so happy though. Erm… cliffhanger?

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