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Ore-tachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai – 07 : Ejeculation of the Holy Lance.




and viewcounts for our blog.. duh..

What? Our ratings were poor?

Of course! Ever since the 3 frames of uncensored chikubi in the first episode, there was close to nothing but yellow bars here and there. This episode didn’t help much.. except partial colouring differences around the chest area.

She's dazzling..

Wow… I don’t even remember her name… but she’s the real fanservice gal this episode, definitely not Tamaizumi, who happens to be the official fanservice gal.

Bells to cover chikubis... really.. possible.

I dunno who she is and how she did it… but in my opinion.. it was quite entertaining. Meanwhile… the producers tried to troll us by “switching” to another channel…


This is definitely a good way to replicate the number of naked boys. Take note Johnny.

Used and tied away.

Tied away while the others start their session. Because of how sad she is, I went to wikied.. She’s called Miyako Yamashina. Respeck.

Left foot -> Boob.

Loved the pathetic boob drawing. If you think about it… if the gals playing were all on the “undeveloped” side… maybe the one given this condition won’t know what or where to touch =p

That was more of a... Pinch of chikubi.

Luckily for Naru chan.. Tamaizumi makes the condition quite clear and simple to understand… as expected of the official fanservice gal.

Middle Finger to West Virginia.

LOL!!! The state icon looks so innocent… but so erotic when used by the producers of Oretits.

A map panty? Or just another censor tecnique?

Check out Asuka’s determination to video this down. Poor Hiyoko chan… being a fanservice gal sure is tough.

Moving on to the real episode.. apparently, Gretagard’s king aka Garuda aka Itami Karura took over the control of the “vessel” after Hayato limit broke, and this episode, had his fun with it.

Tried to do a Kiraboshi, signalling her presence.

As you know, I’m not too fond of taking screenshot of male characters unless they are doing something hilarious. I’ll rather take screenshot of a woman who is not recognised by her peers as one.

So depress she went to lick the floor too.

To celebrate the debut of Garuda, the gang had a Christmas party in the middle of the metropolis,

Denied of eating her cake for the countless time.

where they threw cakes…


and sang profanities. It was one hell of a scene. Anyway, despite the wig, the main and sub heroines appear to recognise Karura. This brought me to one conclusion. Even though Shuusuke, Hayato, Haneda and Karura look different to us audience, in the anime, they look the same to all the others.

My holy lance is not feeling too well..

When Garuda returned home, he tried to have sexual intercourse with Kobato, whom he refers as princess. The scene will be illustrated below.

I wish to nakadashi.


I'll never take NO for an answer! Commences foreplay!

Proceeded with incestual rape.

Tears of a raped victim.

Watching hentai from the depth of hell.

Nah.. just kidding. Seems like Karura ain’t as crazy as he seemed to be. Upon the tears of Kobato, he decided to forsake his control of the vessel and help her get her real brother back. Passing the control of the vessel back to Hayato and Shuusuke, Karura dived deep into the abyss to search for his father, who is the little boy always watching TV and switching the channels. Poor Karura, another victim of UATA (Used and Thrown Away) scheme employed by the 2D world.

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